5 Great Tips to Increase Amazon Sales in Q3 2021


Make the most out of Q3 2021 on Amazon with these top 5 tips

Selling on Amazon is a great way to take your eCommerce business to a next level. Throwing light on its net profit, Amazon reported an 84% increase with sales reaching up to $386 Billion (Forbes, 2021). Speaking of sellers’ profitability, 85% of entrepreneurs selling on Amazon are profitable, while 44% of them shared better business performance in 2020 despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Last year, Amazon’s Prime Day sales performance alone recorded more than $3.5 billion in sales for third-party sellers.

Though selling on Amazon is undoubtedly a profitable deal, however, due to the huge number of products listed by millions of sellers, Amazon presents a big challenge for both new & existing sellers to show up on the search result page and get grossing sales on your products. If you are selling on Amazon, leveraging Amazon support services and having a proper plan of action is the only way to boost your sales and stay competitive. So, in this blog, we have come forward with a set of 5 best tips for sellers to increase sales on Amazon in 2021.

Why should you plan your Amazon sales quarterly?

As an eCommerce seller, setting up a plan for the next whole year with one goal is not an ideal way and might not work. As eCommerce trends and customer behavior is changing every now and then, to make the most out of the dynamic marketplace, it is better to bifurcate the sales goals and marketing strategy into quarters and plan accordingly.

As an Amazon Seller, you must know that there is a huge hype in sales in the third quarter every year. Now that we have hit the Q3 (July, August & September), it’s time to prepare for this quarter! For this quarter, you must be prepared for the big sales to come. This is mainly because of the big events such as Amazon Prime Day Sale & Amazon Freedom Sale (8th to 11th August 2021).

How can you boost your Amazon sales in Q3 2021?

While planning on boosting your sales in Q3 (July, August, and September)2021, simply listing your products on the Amazon marketplace is not enough! Unless you have a solid Amazon marketing plan, you won’t be able to get on the top results of the marketplace and be visible to your potential customers. And thus, to overcome your competitor and increase sales on Amazon, here are solid tips, to begin with:

  • Maximize your SEO efforts: To ensure that the visitors and potential customers find your products on such a competitive marketplace, you must ensure that you follow the best Amazon SEO practices. As you will face strong competition and a continuously developing A10 search engine algorithm, taking help from Amazon SEO experts seems to be the best option. Leveraging Amazon SEO services can help you optimize your listings and fetch great traffic on your store.

    Few ways to make the most out of your Amazon SEO is:

    • Add relevant keywords to your product title, bullet points, and descriptions.
    • Pay attention to producing quality content and descriptions, with relevance to what a user is looking for
    • Earn customer reviews by encouraging your audience to share their experience
    • Use only high-quality product images for your Amazon listing optimization
    • Optimize the price, as your price can influence your product ranking.
    • Drive sales by using keyword-optimized URLs
  • Start with Amazon sponsored products: As sellers experience greater purchases during this quarter of the year, it’s essential to attract shoppers. Amazon PPC is the easiest way! Amazon PPC is an important marketing tool to make your products shine in front of the customers and make notable sales. Whether you are launching a new product or willing to boost the sales of your existing products, sponsored ads & placements on Amazon can be of great help. You must effectively utilize bids on your target keywords, and be aggressive with your ad spend at first.
  • Expand & adopt video capabilities: High-quality and professional product images are a must for every listing which inspires sales. Having quality photographs of the products, customers understand the products better and make a purchase decision. However, today, customers are more inclined towards videos. And so, now is the time to adopt video capabilities. If you upload products on Amazon with professional and high-quality videos, you are likely to generate more sales, attract more users and stand out among your competitors. By leveraging video content, you can show your products in action. Try showing why people like your products and how to use them.
  • Focus on providing great customer support: Amazon is known for providing a great customer experience and keeps their customer first. Hence, to be successful on Amazon, you must also be customer-centric. This implies that you should instantly address and respond to every query or concern coming from customers. For any eCommerce business to get great returns, customer satisfaction is one of the key metrics. Be it on a call, on an email, or through chat, you should be prompt and efficient in responding to their queries and make sure that your customers are well-updated about their shipping, orders, payments, scheduled returns, etc.
  • Manage your inventory properly: Inventory performance can directly impact your business as Amazon can increase or decrease your storage limits, depending on your inventory performance. Inventory mismanagement can lead to lost sales opportunities and at worst can also lead your account to be suspended by Amazon. If you have too much inventory for Q3, it could lead to high storage fees, while if you have too little, you will miss out on major sales opportunities. Thus, to make the most out of the platform, you must focus on effective inventory management.

Why do you need Amazon professional help?

Over the years Amazon’s performance has made it the best online selling destination for sellers worldwide, making it both a dynamic and competitive marketplace. Thus, for Amazon sellers to rise above the competition and perform at their best, it’s important to take a strategic and planned-out approach. Since there is a lot to handle on Amazon including product listing, inventory management, SEO, product description writing, customer support, order processing, catalog management, etc doing it in-house calls for great expertise, resources, and time.

On the other hand, taking help from Amazon support company ensures that you have access to the most experienced and proficient Amazon experts who can help you in handling all the Amazon-related tasks easily.

Outperform Q3 by hiring Amazon VA

For you to focus on your Amazon core activities, it is vital for you to focus on important aspects and delegate tasks. And so, outsourcing tedious and time taking tasks such as product photo editing or product data entry, etc can allow you to focus on other important aspects of your business that you have more expertise in. Alternatively, hiring an Amazon virtual assistant is the best alternative!

Right from dealing with mundane tasks to handling specialized duties, Amazon VAs can help you ease day-to-day responsibilities, cut down your operational costs, and boost efficiency. By hiring Amazon VA, you can create a dependable back-end for your business that enhances your eStore’s usability with greater returns.

Vital tasks performed by Amazon Virtual Assistants

Amazon virtual assistant services may help you with the following tasks:

  • Amazon competitor analysis and market research
  • Customer service (calls, mail, and chat support)
  • Amazon Inventory management
  • Amazon listing creation and optimization
  • Order processing
  • Amazon store maintenance
  • Amazon marketing (handling SEO/PPC)

Various benefits of hiring Amazon Virtual assistants

  • Get your store managed from anywhere: When you hire Amazon virtual assistants, they can perform their jobs from any remote location and fulfill all the roles online. So, you can have your virtual assistants working for you from a wide range of locations and countries.
  • Saves your valuable time: When you hire Amazon virtual assistants from a reputable company, you can get highly trained VAs. Thus, they complete their work before your deadline to free up your time and boost productivity.
  • Cost-effective: Virtual assistants can offer an independent service to your business when necessary. This implies that you only have to pay for the number of tasks you want your VA to handle. Thus, this is a cost-effective option for your Amazon business.
  • Reduces overheads: Unlike full-time employees, Amazon virtual assistants work from a remote location. So they do not take up your office space, and your business can enjoy cost savings as they do not need benefits, insurance, etc., and pay them only once your work is done.
  • Less hassle: Since handling an Amazon account takes a lot of effort and time, hiring an Amazon virtual assistant can help you manage the store with less hassle and quick assistance ensuring better productivity and greater profits.

Final Thoughts

As we have already entered Q3, it’s high time for all the brands and sellers to prepare and use these tips to their advantage to see success this year. Make sure that you don’t let the time get away from you and make the most out of this quarter by following the tips we’ve outlined. Taking help from Amazon specialized service providers or hiring an Amazon assistant is a sure shot way to boost your productivity and get Amazon support that paves way for greater success during this time of the year.

If you are looking for a partner to work with to improve the performance of your Amazon, reach out to our team of experts today! Right from offering product photo editing to product listing, listing optimization, Amazon PPC, inventory management, order processing, and prodigy specialized virtual assistants, at SunTec India, we can help you with all! Write to us at info@suntecindia.com.

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