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Amazon is a great marketplace for sellers around the world. It has bolstered many people with constant revenue – from stay-at-home moms to major household brands. It is truly a game-changer for eCommerce businesses. This only means more competition in every category. Sellers must learn early what works and what does not and bring their A-game for being successful. There are a lot of factors involved in improving your sales ranking on Amazon. This post mentions some of the best Amazon product listing optimization techniques to place your commodity on top of searches. It provides tips and tricks to move ahead in this competitive marketplace and make that sale happen. Continue reading to find out more.

What is Different this Year?

With the festive season around the corner, it is important to prepare for all the events this year. Black Friday 2020 falls on Friday, November 27, the date after Thanksgiving. Cyber Monday falls on the consecutive Monday, the 30th of November. One can expect to see a large customer base during these sales events.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many customers order from home instead of going out and shopping in retail stores. This means more buyers than usual will rush to Amazon for their holiday shopping. Every online seller needs to be ready for the boost in sales and prepare their store for a surge in demand.

This means that countless brands will target the attention of the customers to sell their products. It will cause more competition than ever. In order to sell more and stay ahead, one needs to consider a lot of elements. It includes understanding Amazon SEO, conversion rate, sales ranking, etc.

Some Facts:

    • Because of COVID pandemic this year, Amazon recorded nearly 2x growth in Q3 in comparison with last year.

Amazon product listing optimization services


These numbers are impressive! This year’s holiday season will be huge for online sellers and brands. It will see an enormous volume of shoppers that will buy gifts for themselves and others through Amazon. This will increase the chances of your brand to become popular and chosen by your target audience. Listed here are some other important information that sellers can benefit from:

  • People are spending 12% more time digitally this year.
  • Over 62% of consumers now shop online more now than before the pandemic
  • Retail stores see 3.5% less foot traffic
  • Consumers will make 30% of retail sales online this year
  • 59% of consumers will spend more on holiday gifts this year, up by 9% in 2019
  • Almost 10% of Cyber Week’s usual revenue will go to Amazon Prime Day

How to Improve Amazon Sales Ranking in 2020?

This holiday season is going to be the busiest for any seller and possibly the most profitable. Consumers have been shifting their purchasing habits because of COVID-19 pandemic. The retail stores are no longer a viable option due to the fact that most cities are still under lockdown. This has led to an expected drop in US retail spending by 10.5% and an increase in eCommerce purchases by 18%. These statistics clearly show that online retail will grow substantially this year.

To stay ahead of the competition, sellers need to act fast! They need to get their strategies in place for a start. One can also follow some pointers we mention here to avoid getting left behind.

    • Learn from the Last Year Statistics

There is so much knowledge that can be helpful by going through the trends and sales patterns of the previous year. Knowing where your target audience spends most money can help you plan marketing strategies accordingly. You can even benefit from knowing the devices they use, the most sought after sales category, and other similar aspects.

    • Update Yourself with Amazon Policies

There are extra features added every year during the holiday season. It is wise to keep yourself updated with the new announcements during this festive season. Understand what the new policies are all about and implement it into your selling campaign.

    • Improve Your Content

Amazon works like any other search engine, so optimizing your content will improve the click-rate (CTR) in search results. It can bring more traffic to the product page and lead to more conversions. You can edit the following product content for better Amazon SEO:


      • Follow Amazon guidelines for length and structure of the title in its relevant category.
      • It must contain important information, benefits, and USPs.
      • Mobile view allows visibility of only 70 characters. Keep that in mind and place important information at the beginning of the text.

Bullet Points:

      • Outline the key points of your product first
      • Enlist them using 200 characters for each
      • Connect benefits with features and write accordingly
      • Place the USPs at the top as a mobile view shows only the top three listing

Product Description

          • Tell a story about your product
          • Do not repeat bullet points here
          • Write two or three lines for each paragraph. Separate each with atag or use
            for line breaks.
        • Optimize Keywords for Amazon SEO

It is essential to add proper terms that will list your product in consumer searches. Choose the best keywords for your product for maximum visibility. Following are some ways you can identify all relevant keywords:

          • Amazon Autocomplete: When you type in a phrase into the Amazon search box, it suggests a list of search items that customers use frequently.
          • Competitor Listing: One can analyse the top products in a particular category and look for relevant keywords.

You can place these keywords in brand, title, product description, bullet points, and other product information. Make sure not to repeat keywords, capitalize them unnecessarily, or have spelling mistakes.

        • Use Persuasive Images

An excellent photograph directly influences the click-through rate (CTR) of a product that results in more sales and profits. It must adhere to all technical requirements such as

          • Must be in JPEG, GIF, PNG, or TIFF formats only
          • Must follow the RGB color model
          • Minimum resolution: 72 dpi
          • Zoom friendly and minimum 1,000 pixels on the longest side.

The primary image should contain the product with white background, fill up to 85-100% of the image area, and be fully visible. Make sure there are no texts, graphics, or illustrations in the main photo.

Additional images also help with conversions. It must contain only important information that a buyer may need to make a purchase. It must showcase the USPs and benefits of your product.

        • Leverage A+ Content

It is an extended content feature for registered brands. It can be useful for creating high-quality images, videos, and infographics. This is great for Amazon product listing optimization using vivid images and appealing texts. It helps you tell the story of your brand in a visual format and portrays it in the best way possible. Use it to increase your visibility and boost your conversions.

        • Plan For the Holiday Season

There are lots of benefits by preparing for the holiday season in advance. Stock up the inventory, talk to your couriers and pre-pack as much as possible. You can even email to existing customers and offer them special incentives like discounts, coupons, or chances to win a popular product. Optimize your website to prepare for higher traffic volume during the holidays.

Amazon Marketing Services: A Perfect Alternative

You need a trustworthy partner that can help you rank higher in searches. It has to be a reliable source that can work with you as a team to solve all your issues. SunTec India provides an efficient and cost-effective Amazon product listing optimization services. We are a 25+ years old company that works on your listings to bring more targeted traffic to your store. We have a rich mix of talent and technology that has been helping thousands of sellers across the globe. Our team of SEO experts and copywriters have a deep understanding of the marketplace. They provide the following services at a quick turnaround time:

        • Extensive keyword research
        • Backend search terms optimization
        • SEO friendly product titles
        • Compelling headings and descriptions
        • Competitor research
        • Precise product research and brand presentation


This has been an incredible year for eCommerce sellers. These tough times have brought out many growth opportunities for every online brand. It is the right time to focus on placing your products on top of searches. One can learn a lot from the suggestions made in this post to improve Amazon sales ranking of their product. There is also an appropriate alternative suggestion for Amazon product listing optimization that we mention in this blog. It will help you get ready for the big sale season coming soon. It will boost your sales and lay a path for your success along with more profits.

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