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Now that website design heavily influences a customer’s purchase intentions, choosing an appropriate platform for development matters more than ever. But, one question remains at large.

Is it better to go open-source or find a custom eCommerce development company for the job?

Let’s look into that!

Why Website Design Is So Important in eCommerce

85% of all users form their first impressions based on website aesthetics. And, it takes only 50 milliseconds for a person to decide whether they like your site or not.

Needless to say, we live in a digital era of snap judgments.

Right now, eCommerce web design is one of the most critical brand differentiators in the market. It impacts how a user perceives your business and plays a crucial role in influencing buyers. Add to that the sheer quantity & variety of websites(1 billion) globally. And, it becomes obvious why user-tolerance for poor designs keeps declining.

  • 8 out of every ten consumers wouldn’t use sites that don’t display correctly on their devices.
  • 38% of people refuse to visit sites with poor design.
  • Over 50% of users connect the design and behavior of a website to the brand’s credibility.
  • 70% of users have abandoned carts at some point because of poor user experience.
  • The loading speed of any website directly impacts its bounce rate.

Simply put, website design matters to your brand’s reputation, conversion, and sales. But, succeeding on that path dramatically depends on choosing an appropriate eCommerce platform. That’s where our dilemma of the hour arises.

Do you go for open-source platforms or hire custom eCommerce development services?

What Makes Open-Source a Good Choice for eCommerce?

In open-source software development, the source code is available to the public. It’s more on the collaborative side. The process is open to different approaches, with the central code being shared among all involved parties.

The best things about open-source eCommerce website design-companies get a quick and affordable solution. They get access to hundreds of plugins and pre-built frameworks along with several extensions, mostly for free. When your eCommerce solutions are designed and developed open-source, that gives you more control.

Significant advantages of open-source eCommerce website design include –

  • No licensing or pricing issues
  • Full control of the project – no vendor lock
  • Ability to edit and modify the source code
  • A vast community of rich resources and collaborative documentation
  • Opportunity to explore
  • An abundance of third-party plugins and frameworks

Of course, there are certain disadvantages to this as well.

eCommerce web development pros and cons

An Argument in Favor of Custom eCommerce Development

Just as its name suggests, custom eCommerce development services keep your business objectives in mind. They help promote your brand by creating unique eCommerce web designs that resonate with your brand voice. And, they give you absolute control over the website’s look and feel.

Plus, they offer much greater flexibility, scalability, and control than a typical open-source design.

But, keep in mind that custom eCommerce store development isn’t an all-around ideal solution. Although it does come with considerable customization advantages, there are also downsides to it that require dealing with.

eCommerce website designing services

Which Platform Suits You Better?

Hard to tell, especially without any context.

But, we do have something that can help you choose the right eCommerce website design for your company.

open source vs custom ecommerce development - choosing the best

So, What Should You Choose?

There is no easy answer. You may go looking for a custom eCommerce development company. Or, you may choose an open-source platform. But, whatever you do, the decision must be well-thought-out.

So, consider what your needs are.

Take a look at your users’ preferred shopping experiences. Study Google analytics and trends and observe all your competitors and niche counterparts. Then, make a list. Include the things you want in your website, the ones you can compromise on, and the ones you don’t care much for.

Once done, consult the table in the previous section to figure out which of the two provides maximum benefits to you.

Whatever You Decide, SunTec India Has Got Your Back

SunTec India is a professional custom eCommerce development company with expert web development teams and years of experience. We’re more than a design agency. With a plethora of successful online store designs to our name, we are the solution to all your needs and woes.

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