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A single medicine cannot treat all diseases. Similarly, a single email from your end cannot cater to varying needs of your buying prospects. In order to cast a positive impact in the mind of your prospective buyers (who are at different stages of sales funnel), a different type of content hitting the bull’s eye funnel can prove to be much more handy in comparison to an email campaign that aims to reach the entire target audience.

The goal of each email is different and should form a guide for drafting your mail so that you can measure whether it was successful or not. Your emails can aim to get new leads, educate prospects, or simply maintain constant communication. Taking the help of List building services can help you in accomplishing this.

Strike the iron when it is hot!

Certain phases of the year like holidays and festivals are likely to generate more sales. Carefully planning your campaign and increasing the frequency of your emails at this time can help you in getting more conversions in comparison to the rest of the year. Mailing List Cleaning Services can help you in enhancing your ROI by doing away with obsolete data and segmenting your mailing list.

You can frame effective emails by understanding the 4R’s of Email personalization-

  • Recognize- The first step you need to do is identify your target audience. Once you have done this, categorize them on the basis of demographics- age, gender, income group, geographical location, buying behaviour, etc.
  • Relevance- When you have categorized your target audience, you need to target them differently to ensure the effectiveness of your campaign. For instance, you need to market your beauty cream differently to a 40yrs old woman and a college girl in her early 20s. List building services can help in ensuring this relevance.
  • Reach– If you want real return from your campaign, do not sit and relax once you have sent mails on the basis of categories. Analyse their click through rate (CTR) and other important factors that show how people engage with your mails and what induces them to call-to-action.
  • Remember- Based on the response of your recipients, sending follow-up emails can help in taking you a step closer to transforming your ‘buying prospects’ into ‘customers’.

Is email marketing a good standalone strategy?

Email marketing is an effective marketing strategy. However, it can give the best results when used in integration with other marketing efforts across social media, search and other marketing channels. In this way, you can optimize the pages you are promoting using email by making use of social media to broaden the horizons of your marketing efforts. Before doing this, mailing list cleaning services can help you in streamlining your data to get refined results.

SunTec India can help in expanding the effectiveness of your marketing efforts with the help of email List building services. For knowing more about how we can help you in reaching out to your target audience, you can drop in a line at

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