Increase Your Online Store’s Performance through Better eCommerce Product Categorization


Most online store owners know that if customers are unable to locate the products they are looking for on their online stores, then they would not visit the store again for their next purchase. Also, it is no secret that offering more products on online stores can churn out more revenue. The same holds true for product information as well. The better the product categorization, the more traffic it will bring, which will influence store’s revenue in a big way.

Whether, you are running an electronics, apparel or accessories online store, accurate product categorization can bring in many benefits for your eCommerce store, right from increased conversions, and better user experience to increased revenue. Optimizing your product taxonomy ensures that your customers can browse through your online product catalogs smoothly.

Online retailers with large product catalogs can benefit from applying multiple categories for their products because it has a positive influence on the filtered navigation. The easier it is for your customers to find and compare a product the quicker the conversion rate will be. In addition, search engine ranking as well as user experience can be significantly improved by using descriptive product categories, which can facilitate application of targeted PPC campaigns and also measuring the result of the campaign based on definite category landing pages.

Product categorization, though often overlooked allows online stores to increase traffic. More categories mean increase in number of landing pages, more keywords and numerous pages having indexed search results. All of this influences the store’s long-tail traffic significantly.

However, no matter how inviting and important eCommerce product categorization might seem, it is in fact a very cumbersome and time taking process. In order to develop an accurate and well organized product category, understanding how your users will search for your products and determining the characteristics of the product is crucial. The information so gained is used to define product categories and sub categories that are incremental in bringing traffic and improving conversion rate. Sounds tedious and complicated, isn’t it?

Hence, SunTec provides product categorization service, which ensures that you never have to perform these tedious tasks yourself and instead can focus on your core activities. With over 15 years of experience in product categorization for industries across diverse verticals, SunTec ensures that all your eCommerce product categorization requirements are taken care of, with accuracy, in a timely manner.

Accurate Product Categorization

SunTec ensures that all the products on your online store are correctly categorized and are placed according to product attributes.

    • Smart categorization: Determining correct product type for each SKU.
    • New product categorization: Individual review of every new product being added to site to confirm accurate product categorization.
    • Experience of major retail sites: Experience of product categorization on major retail platforms, including Amazon, eBay, etc.

Optimized Product Taxonomy

SunTec optimizes your online store’s product taxonomy and ensures that your customers have a smooth product catalog browsing experience.

        • Maintaining perfect balance: Ensuring that categories contain just the right amount of information so that customers can easily navigate through categories and purchase the product that best suits their needs.
        • Fixing category faults: Examining each category and editing or modifying information wherever necessary.

eCommerce Taxonomy Development

SunTec assigns right tags and categories for every product on your site after making sure that overlapping product attributes are used correctly.

Higher SEO Ranking

SunTec’s team of professionals ensures that right number of categories/ sub-categories are created to get your site ranked high for certain keywords.

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