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Hybrid Mobile App Development: The Perfect Way to Fuel Your ROI

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With an average US adult spending 2.25hrs per day using mobile apps, apps no longer serve as an added incentive to your online business presence but a need to reach users (source:eMarketer).

Since apps bag three-fourth of the total mobile usage time, reaching out to your users spread out unevenly becomes crucial. Penetrating different platforms like iOS, Android can become a big challenge, especially if it is your first app and you do not want to place a highly risky bet. In such a case, hybrid mobile app development can prove to be your saviour and help you develop a cross-platform app.

One code, many benefits

Hybrid apps make use of a single code for app creation. HTML5 app development offers multi-folded benefits like:

  • Ease of creation and maintenance- Since there is no need to write separate codes for different platforms like Android and iOS, the app development process becomes extremely simplified. Not only this, your app can be easily scaled as per the growing needs of your business. Also, maintaining a hybrid app is as easy as maintaining a webpage. This is in contrast to a native app whose creation and maintenance require much more effort and specialised skills.
  • Less financial resources, bigger ROI- When you create separate apps for different platforms, each app needs to be certified and tested individually and thus becomes quite time-consuming. Since there is no need of following separate pathways for creating apps for different platforms, the development process for hybrid apps is a lot faster and yields great ROI especially when funds are limited.
  • Faster speed: A Big YES for app experience- Owning to the amount of time spent using apps throughout the day, there might be areas when phone’s data network surrenders. Making your app function in such a scenario would be plaudible. Since these apps make use of device APIs to save data offline, they render a high-ended experience even at times of poor Internet connectivity. Also, because of this, their speed and performance can give costly apps a run for money!

HTML5 App Development can add significant value to your business without costing you a fortune!

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