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How to Counter the Challenge of Improving Lead Quality

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There is no denying the fact that in recent times the quality of data needed by businesses has to be absolutely reliable given the different kinds of infrastructures, domains and technologies involved. With the rise of analytics, the way companies target audiences has become specific from generic. While there isn’t any dearth of contact data, reliability happens to be the main concern whilst acquiring and using it. Also given the variety of channels used for marketing nowadays, bogus emails can be the cause of a perfect storm that can hamper more than one campaign, also degrading the results.

53% of B2B marketers cite improving lead quality as one of their top challenges more significant than increasing the quantity of leads (36%) or reducing costs (30%)

– (source) Ascend2

Starting out with mailing list cleaning

Assuming that a company has already a lot of mailing list contact data in their CRM systems. There needs to be a filtering procedure that helps identify what’s required and what’s not. Sounds fairly simple to remove decadent email ids from a company’s CRM system ? It’s not always.

Depending on the scale of operations and the size of a corresponding market, the amount of data varies. For operations on a lower level, data enrichment becomes easier as one is dealing with a smaller sample size.

The procedure begins with a re-evaluation of contact lists which have been in use for a while. Alternatively it is also done on a campaign to campaign basis. So the underlying objectives of this procedure are to find out if there are any errors in the used data and also to identify which data has met its expiry and is no longer suitable to use for business campaigns.

Once the imperfections and liabilities in the mailing lists have been identified, it is time to delete those records and free your company systems from what can be a performance sedative.

However when dealing with a larger scale of operations, data enrichment services play a bigger role in thoroughly scanning systems for insipid data and getting rid of it. Although it may be time consuming but it significantly improves the quality of data and on that account boosts the chances of generating better leads.

Preventing purposeless data from seeping in

Someone has rightly said that prevention is better than cure and it holds true in context of data enrichment too. Mailing list cleaning services are more relevant and helpful before starting a campaign rather than after concluding one. So any business should stay on a look-out prior to accepting data from a service provide, and conduct a credibility check in collaboration with a data cleaning service beforehand in order to avoid retro-grade contact data.

Quality contact data means quality leads to follow so it is important to find out the root cause of the disparity between data and the leads that it generates, making data evaluation and enrichment a necessity for businesses.

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