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One of the realities that many sellers on eBay have to face is that of potential buyers skipping their products without making a purchase. There are many reasons for buyers showing disinterest in a sales item even though it might be of benefit and product descriptions are a significant one. Product copywriting can do wonders when it comes to convincing customers to make a purchase, however, its converse is also true.

“Over 90% of consumers have abandoned an online shopping cart, with prices (61%), delivery time (33%), and ineffective product descriptions (30%) being the top three reasons.”

“40% of consumers have returned an online purchase in the past year, precisely due to inaccurate product information”

Source: Shotfarm Product Information Report

Here are a few things to keep in mind in order to churn out a product copy that can help boost conversions:

Turn down the hype a notch

One of the common causes of good copy going wrong is unnecessary hype. If for instance, a seller writes copy that lists useful information, but at the same time attempts to push forward the narrative that the particular product is one of its kind and over-glorifies it, customers have a good reason to be skeptic of such claims. It is understood that on eCommerce platforms like eBay, several merchants can sell the same product with the same features, and painting an otherworldly picture about a common product wouldn’t help the cause of convincing a buyer.

Too much SEO doesn’t go well

SEO tactics are important, yet priority must be given to audience comprehension because the purpose of search engines is to make it easy for potential buyers to find products and “not to purchase them”. One can certainly list keywords along with relevant information without messing up the meaning of the content piece. Product descriptions with keyword stuffing are a recipe for disaster and can make valuable stuff look like junk.

Clarity and transparency can aid in times of adversity

On occasions, product copy can bail-out a seller from account suspension on eBay in case of an unsubstantiated customer claim. In cases like complaints about inaccurate information, product description copy can help the seller contest the issue and save oneself from being suspended and lose credibility. So, it is very important to jot down product information in a clear manner, that leaves no room for confusion or a loophole that can be exploited.

All caps can be a turnoff

We sometimes come across listings where information is listed in an “all caps” format. It is something that needs to be done away with because coherence is not dependent on the use of capital letters, rather it really is about articulating the purpose of the product and validating the need of the customer to purchase it.

Features don’t ease buyer’s guilt, benefits do

A buyer is constantly dealing with the feeling of “what if” and only elaborating features about a product may not completely put an end to the pre-purchase apprehensions. In contrast, highlighting the benefits of a sales item is a much more productive approach and it can reduce the buyer’s confusion significantly, making it easier to distinguish useful products.

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