How Search Terms Can Be Used Effectively on Amazon Seller Central?


Do you wish to make your products easily searchable for your online customers? Through this post, let’s shed light on how search terms can be effectively optimized on Amazon Central.

We have used the example of ‘running shoes’ to help you understand how best to use the keywords and search terms, in the simplest way possible. Take a look:

Rule Don’ts Do’s
Use Entire Field (Max 100 Characters) running shoes mens running athletic training shoes
No Filler Words running shoes for men running shoes men
Only Keywords Matching The Search Behavior original running shoes running shoes
Separate Keywords By Spaces, Not Commas Or Apostrophe men’s, running, athletic, training, shoes mens running athletic training shoes
No Quotation Marks “mens” “running” “athletic” “training” “shoes” mens running athletic training shoes
avoid keyword repetition
Combinations mens running shoes athletic shoes training shoes mens running athletic training shoes
Order best running shoes for men athletic shoes running shoes best men athletic running shoes
Hyphens, Compound/Separate Spellings front-runner frontrunner front runner front-runner
Singular/Plural running shoe shoes running shoe
Lower Case Upper Case mens ultra boost running shoe ULTRA BOOST mens ultra boost running shoe

Search using keywords is the most popular approach customers adopt to locate products on Amazon. So it becomes imperative for online store owners like you to ensure that the products that are being listed contain as many keyword combinations as possible. To achieve this, product fields need to be equipped with a lot of product relevant search terms. However, the title field or the bullet points won’t provide you with enough space to stuff in all the keywords. This is where Seller Central keywords can help, which can be used to incorporate all the keywords that are relevant, which didn’t fit into title or bullet points, etc. Amazon Seller Central is also a great place to include keyword variations that aren’t suitable to be displayed as title, such as misspellings of keywords, etc.

What Should Be Done For Effective Search Term Optimization?

By following few simple rules while filling the keyword fields, you can ensure that all the keywords are in fact recognized accurately and also that the available space is best utilized by you.

Amazon provides 5 fields, which are available for entering search terms, each of these fields have a maximum character limit of up to 100 characters. Your aim here should be to enter as many appropriate keywords as possible to these fields. Placement, order or distance of keywords is not considered relevant here, since Amazon considers all the 5 fields to be of equal importance and distinct from one another. Therefore, in order to cover various combinations of keywords, repetition of keywords isn’t required. So, each field can have as many unique keywords as required and repetition can be avoided by adding a hyphen between two words, which covers individual words and also covers all the possible combinations. Furthermore, singular and plural forms don’t need to be distinguished as both the forms are included in the search automatically. Similarly, no distinction is made between lower and upper case letters.

All this being said, it is best to leave out filler words, since these are excluded from the search. Even exclamation points should always be avoided as it results in product being listed only if there is an exact match between the search query and the corresponding phrase.

Also, to separate one keyword from another, a single space should be used instead of commas, which unnecessarily occupy a character space.

Search terms will be said to be not optimally used, when:

  • Platinum keywords are used by a regular seller as platinum fields will not be considered by search algorithm.
  • Only a single keyword is used per field
  • Unnecessary repetition of keywords
  • Filler words are used unnecessarily
  • Non relevant keywords are used

Search terms will be said to be implemented well, when:

  • No time is wasted on entering keywords in platinum fields by regular users
  • Available space has been utilized effectively
  • Repetition of keywords has been avoided
  • Proper use of hyphens to cover numerous compound keywords
  • No use of filler words
  • Keywords are thoughtfully used

So don’t neglect the keywords you are using for your Amazon product listings because not optimizing search terms on Amazon Seller Central could exclude products on your store from targeted searches made by customers willing to make a purchase.

If you find search term optimization to be a very complex task, don’t panic, you can always outsource all your search term optimization requirements to experts at SunTec who can deliver accurate and reliable services in timely manner.

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