Get The Highest Quality Images With Outsourced High-End Photo Retouching Services

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Get The Highest Quality Images With Outsourced High-End Photo Retouching Services

The invention of photography changed the course of humanity. For the first time, the future and the past were bridged with a piece of film that could last generations, giving a glimpse of people and the life they led. It also brought distances closer, as events that happened in one place could now be captured and viewed elsewhere.

But most of all, it helped convey emotions far better than words. The advent of the digital age pushed that to a whole new level, allowing for special effects to get added in the post-processing stage. Now, those emotions can be better conveyed thanks to photo enhancement services.

These services are the result of advancement in photo editing technologies, and allow for the manipulation of the content in an image to better convey the intended message, improve the overall aesthetics of it, or both. They could even be used to highlight a particular aspect in the image like a person or object. They form a part of photo editing services that are offered by specialized companies, who perform these processes when one outsources the work to them.

Some Mind-Blowing Facts About Modern Photos

  • 93% of the most engaging posts on Facebook are images
  • 2021 is expected to end with 1.4 Trillion photos taken, according to Rise Above Research.
  • 95 Million photos and videos were shared on Instagram daily in 2018
  • Smartphones have taken over as the primary photography tool for most people, with even some percentage of professionals using them for 50% of their non-work situations.
  • Computational photography produces the effects of photo enhancement today in smartphones similar to how a high-end camera would many years ago. And it’s only getting better by the day.

What Is High-End Photo Retouching?

Most people use a camera these days, but that doesn’t mean they all know how to use them effectively. Photography is considered an art form because the photographer needs to have an eye for the right detail and the instincts to capture it at the right time and angle. It’s also a science, with the photographer having to know what settings to adjust in terms of focal length, light exposure, duration of the shot, etc., to get the desired results. But that’s not always the case, resulting in shoddy quality images.

Correcting those images is the job of high-end photo retouching services. It is a part of image editing services that use sophisticated tools and techniques to enhance the image overall or certain portions of it. It is a combination of many processes that happen in multiple stages to give the final, edited image that’s free of blemishes and has its various parameters like light, color, etc., in the best proportions.

It requires a team of experts from many backgrounds, most notably graphic design and photography, along with data analytics in some cases. The complexities involved, combined with the talent required, is why you should outsource photo retouching services to professional agencies.

Some of the services that fall in the category of high-end image retouching include:

1. High-End Photo Restoration

High-End Photo Restoration

Printed/developed photos give the realism of the content stored in them by providing the opportunity to physically hold them. Unfortunately, that very same act contributes to their ultimate degradation, along with moisture, insects, ink-fade, etc. Such photos need to be digitalized and restored to their best condition before they get ruined for good.

Photo restoration combines the many processes of high-end photo retouching services to recreate the magic of the original image in a new avatar. Elements of the image such as color, light balance, sharpness, etc., will be rectified if out of range for the best visual appeal. Scratches, stains, and damages too will be removed. Colorization of Black and White photos is also possible.

2. Product Photo Editing

Images are a key factor in increasing the sales of products, be it via advertisements or online product listings. Product images make those products sellable by bringing clarity about them to the viewer as well as appeal. High-end Photo enhancement services can achieve the desired image quality and aesthetic value of product images that will give the sales boost the business needs.

The common processes applied to product photo editing are color correction and enhancement, text highlighting, background change and manipulation, light balancing and shadow management, and contrast improvement. Ghost mannequin and clipping path are also used whenever applicable.

3. Body/Fashion Photo Retouching

What was once the domain of the glamor industry is now mainstream thanks to social media and digital photography. It is, of course, body retouching. Photo editing services are chock full of customers who want to look their best in their photos, be it a portrait or a group photo.

Body photo editing demands require the finesse and skills that only high-end photo editing can provide, such as Cellulite Removal, Complete Airbrushing, Background Change, Breast Enlargement, Dodge & Burn, Slimming Body Curves, Face Restructuring, Skin Tone Enhancement, Blemish Removal, Skin Smoothening, etc. One or more of these will be used to turn your portrait into a standout picture. Fashion image editing can also be included here.

4. HDR Image Blending

HDR Image Blending

By far the most sophisticated of all high-end photo retouching services, High Dynamic Range (HDR) photo creation is ideal for those clear, crisp, high-luminosity photos that can wow anyone that looks at them. It requires years of experience to get right, and great coordination between the photographer and the editor.

Multiple images of the subject are shot with varying luminosities, and the graphics artist combines them all into one, giving the final image a blend of the entire range of lighting. The selection of the images, along with the stitching and other corrections to be made are the reason it is so complicated. It is one of the benefits of outsourcing photo retouching services as not everyone can attempt it.

With the advancement of technology, newer techniques continue to become a part of this. The latest ones are AI and Machine Learning (ML)-based editing that uses complex algorithms to render the effects in real-time or aid expert editors for a faster and more accurate high-end photogeneration.

Why You Should Outsource Photo Retouching Services

Photo retouching is a delicate process that takes years of practice to get perfect at. There are also courses to go through to get yourself familiarized with the numerous concepts related to it. Plus, you have to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field to remain competent. Besides these, you must have the time and resources to dedicate to the tasks, whether you’re an individual or a business.

Instead of it all, it’s best to outsource photo editing services to a professional agency. They will have the resources, human and otherwise, to get the job done in the most efficient manner. They are dedicated to conducting this work and will have the years of experience required and familiarity with the latest technologies in the field to help deliver the best editing services.

The top reasons to outsource image retouching services are:

1. Cost Savings

Self-editing photos for high-end effects can drain money both directly and indirectly in terms of time and productivity lost. There are equipment costs to consider, alongside software tool costs. You can add talent-hiring/ skill training costs as well if that’s required, and the cost of data storage equipment and security measures needed to store the images.

The cost of outsourcing photo retouching services pales in comparison to the above, in-house option. Outsourcing agencies have the exclusive infrastructure and manpower to perform the processes required for high-end photo retouching to be realized. As these companies onboard multiple clients and jobs, they can give you the cost savings arising from economies of scale. You can obtain every image editing service you require in affordable packages. Offshoring adds further reductions due to currency value differences.

2. The Expert Touch

Outsourcing agencies need to hire the best talent in the business to stay competitive. Therefore, one of the major benefits of outsourcing photo retouching services is having these experts work on your images. As anyone familiar with hiring can attest to, getting top talent at short notice is nearly impossible. Outsourcing companies provide that luxury at moment’s notice effectively as they will already possess those people in-house. Their accomplished hands can give you the perfect high-end retouched photos you want.

3. Advanced-Data Security

The focus on retouching can take attention away from another vital aspect of the entire activity-data security and storage. Those images need to be stored in someplace and manner that’s easily accessible whenever required to the right people but not to the wrong ones. That requires advanced data management and security, another one of the reasons why you should outsource photo retouching services.

Outsourcing agencies are obligated to keep their clients’ data safe from unwanted access while managing it in an efficient manner so that they are easily accessible to their personnel and clients when shared. They accomplish that with the latest in data management and security software, including the use of cloud computing and AI/ML. You can rest easy as you won’t have to trouble yourself with securing your data.

4. Multi-Service Availability

High-end photo retouching services may need to be accompanied by other, less complex editing services too, at times. Having to scramble to get the necessary setup for those done, along with scheduling can wreak havoc on the progress of the project. The solution is outsourcing them, as dedicated agencies will have everything under one roof. You get the complete result without having to run from one place to another in search of the right service provider or wait for the right talent to arrive.

Besides the above top reasons to outsource image retouching services, you also get to enjoy the freeing of resources that you can better utilize to improve yourself or your business. Your employees won’t also be burdened with additional work and the stress that comes with it, improving morale and productivity.

Why Outsource Photo Retouching Services To SunTec India?

SunTec India has been a renowned operator in the high-end photo retouching services industry since its inception in 1999. We have served over 7800 clients globally thus far, including Fortune 500 brands. Ours is a reputed name in the industry for providing accurate, affordable, and timely photo editing services that cover the entire spectrum of them. We are also ISO 9001:2015 certified for quality of work, so you can be assured of getting the best high-end photo retouching services when you outsource to us.

How Our Dedicated Experts Can Help?

We bring our expertise and decades of experience in high-end photo editing into each of our clients’ orders. We give you the advantage of outsourcing to a low-cost market like India where we are based. We hire only the finest talent to get the job done and provide them with the latest technological tools for the same. We supervise our every work to keep it in line with the highest standards and will coordinate with you constantly to ensure that your requirements are met at every step. We even offer guidance and assistance regarding the work that needs to happen, via our friendly and professional personnel and resources like eBrochures on the various categories like Jewelry, Real Estate, and Product Image editing. With SunTec India, you’ll have the full-fledged photo editing outsourcing experience.

What We Can Do?

SunTec India has an exhaustive list of photo editing services on offer that is guaranteed to cover your every photo editing requirement. We cover multiple verticals as well, including but not limited to, Real Estate, Products, Fashion and Glamor, Personal Portrait, Wedding, etc. We use the most effective and efficient techniques to bring the best out of your every image, even if it is an old one that requires complete restoration. Our creative and meticulous approach towards image editing makes us unparalleled in the industry, giving you the advantage of exquisite image retouching with your every image.


Photo retouching services can add life to photos that have lost them in numerous ways and in the process, add value to them and their contents. At times, they restore the value that’s lost or about to be due to age and other factors. The ideal partner to give you those high-end retouched photos is a quality outsourcing agency. You get multiple benefits by outsourcing as well, along with impeccably edited photos that will enchant its viewers at all times.

Top Questions Answered:


What are the software tools most used for high-end photo retouching services?


The go-to software tool for anyone that’s into image editing is Adobe photoshop, or its equivalents. They contain features required for the most basic to advanced photo editing. HDR image blending uses more than one, such as Adobe Lightroom along with Photoshop. Adding special effects with advanced graphics may require sketching and animation tools as well. Wacom tablets are the commonly used hardware tools along with high-end computers.


What are the most common tips professionals use to retouch photos?


Professionals conducting high-end photo retouching start with assessing the condition of the photo and determining the work needed to get done. They then strategize the best approach to get the desired results. Any cutout jobs are then marked and conducted so that they won’t interfere with actual items to be worked on. Skin blemish and tone retouching come next, followed by color restoration. Brushing and highlighting happen next, along with light balancing and realignment. Contrast adjustment and noise reduction happen at the end.


What makes offshore outsourcing of photo retouching services beneficial?


The primary advantage provided by offshore outsourcing of photo editing is cost savings. Outsourcing to a reputed company in a developing country will save substantially on costs while giving the same quality of talent. The other benefit is time zone constraint removal. Your work will continue while you rest due to the difference in time zones, expediting your project.

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