What is Ghost Mannequin Photography and How Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Service Can Help Your Fashion Apparel Store?

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How Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Service Can Help Your Fashion Apparel Store

Ghost Mannequin Photography: How It Is Important for Your Fashion Apparel Store?

Ghost mannequin photography is one of the most trending ways followed by the fashion e-commerce clothing stores to attract customers by adding attractive and engaging glimpses to the apparels. We know that purchasing fashion apparel online is quite confusing for online customers as they are not sure about the styling, fabric quality and how the garment will actually look after wearing. Such challenges have been taken care of by ghost mannequin image editing completely as they provide insightful images of the apparel which increases the confidence of the shoppers to purchase the products.

Ghost mannequin photography has gained popularity recently with the increasing competition in the online fashion clothing sector. Nowadays, every other online clothing store is increasing the product inventory to sell the latest and trending fashion apparel and accessories to boost the sales figures and stay ahead of the competition. Also, to lure customers, it has become essential to create a well-optimized website and use ghost mannequin clothing photography to put quality images that can attract and engage customers to your online fashion apparel store. We can say that the ghost mannequin is the latest trend that every other online clothing store is adopting.

What is Ghost Mannequin Photography?

Mannequin Photography

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Ghost mannequin photography is basically an image editing style in which the photographers use ghost mannequins to provide a hollow man or a 3D effect to their fashion apparel to make them look more attractive and engaging to the customers.

In ghost mannequin photography, multiple shots of a specific cloth or a product are taken using the ghost mannequins and the multiple images are then combined using editing skills to get a more professional and lifelike product image. The most important part of the ghost mannequin photo editing is that the different parts of the mannequins are removed from the shots to create a ghost-like effect which makes only the apparels visible and there is no mannequin visible in the background.

Ghost mannequin photography can be performed only on see-through or transparent garments that are put on ghost mannequins. The process can be a bit challenging as the glare of the light interrupts the overall quality of the image and this happens due to the transparency of the apparels.

Ghost mannequin photography not only provides real and natural images but also makes sure that the fit, texture, and flair of your fashion apparel looks perfect to attract and impress your customers. Basically, Ghost mannequin photography helps the online customers get the complete idea about the product that he/she is about to purchase from your fashion e-commerce clothing store.

How to Use a Ghost Mannequin for an eCommerce Product?

Use Ghost Mannequin for eCommerce Product

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Ghost mannequin photography is the first choice of many brands and retailers for fashion apparel including jackets, blazers, trousers, jeans, shirts, etc. as customers get a better understanding regarding a product virtually. Also, a ghost mannequin helps in maintaining the consistency in quality of the images for your eCommerce store. Follow the steps below to have a detailed understanding of how do you use Ghost mannequin photography?

1. Choose the Mannequin

The first step is to choose the perfect ghost mannequin for your product as these are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Try to choose the mannequin that can be a perfect fit for your garments so that they can be displayed in the best way using styling pins and clips if needed.

2. Remove Required parts From Your Mannequin

In the next step, select the pieces that you want to remove from your mannequin. For example, if you are displaying a blazer on the mannequin then the chest lining is very important. So, in this case, you should remove the ‘V’ chest piece of the mannequin to showcase your garment on your e-commerce store in a professional way.

3. Dress Your Mannequin

Now dress your mannequin in the garment that you want to showcase (in this case blazer) on your e-commerce store. Make sure that while dressing the mannequin there is no stretching of the fabric that is noticeable in the photograph. After dressing the mannequin you will notice that the blazer is being worn by a hollow or an invisible person.

4. Style Your Garment

After you have dressed your mannequin with the required garment, you can now look for the areas where the garment is not fitted perfectly. In such places, you can use styling clips and pins to make sure that the garment looks a perfect fit on the mannequin.

5. Shoot Your Garment

In the last step of how to remove the mannequin from the photo, all you need to do is set the lightning conditions and exposure which you want to keep during the ghost mannequin clothing photography. The lightning and exposure should be set in a way to highlight the key features of the garment that you want to showcase (in this case blazer) on your e-commerce store. Now take a few shots of the complete blazer and a few shots of the zoomed-in lining and stitching on the blazer.

Why Ghost Mannequin Clothing Photography is Important for your Fashion Apparel Store?

Ghost mannequin photography is one of the best ways to add an attractive glimpse to your fashion apparel which increases the footfall and engagement of the shoppers at your e-store. So, if most of your photographs have been clicked using ghost mannequins, then all you need is the ghost mannequin photo editing services. Adapting such services will not only help you increase your sales for fashion apparel online but will also help you stand apart from the competition in the market.

With ghost mannequin photo editing, you can edit the texture, fit, and flare of your fashion apparel, and the photo editing service can be used to edit images of different categories of clothes including trousers, blazers, jackets, shirts, tops, etc. With the ghost mannequin photo editing, every random image can be converted into a professional and high-quality image by correcting its color, removing the mannequins from the background, and making the prints and the patterns of the cloth more clear so that it can look more natural and life-like. One can even use photo retouching and photo enhancement services to get even better output.

Ghost mannequin photography has become a boon for the e-commerce industry as it is considered one of the best ways to promote fashion apparel online. The reason for this is that ghost mannequin photography along with the photo editing services provides detailed images of apparel in terms of fabric, finish, and styling which increases the confidence amongst online customers to purchase fashion apparel online.

What are the Benefits of Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing for your Fashion Apparel Store?


1. High Quality & Professional Product Image

A high-quality product image helps in determining the color and quality of fashion apparel available in e-stores. Ghost mannequin photo editing enhances the quality of a regular photo to make it look more attractive and noticeable.

Ghost mannequin photography service involves merging two or more pictures to get the desired high-quality picture with perfection and excellence. During the editing process, unwanted mannequins background is also removed to give pictures a professional touch. Removing mannequins from the background actually enhances the color of the fashion apparel as no other factors including the background or the mannequin wearing it affects the product.

2. Enhances Presentation

Ghost mannequin has become one of the popular ways to enhance a presentation of a product online at the e-commerce store for most business owners. It enhances the overall presentation of an e-commerce store by enhancing the quality of the regular photos to make them look rich, attractive, and professional.

Also, the ghost mannequin removes all sorts of possible distractions from a frame to ensure that the shopper has its complete focus on the product without any distraction in between. This helps in boosting sales figures and increasing the ROI of your e-store and will let you stand apart from your competitors in the market.

3. Cost Saving

One of the major benefits of ghost mannequin photo editing is that it is very much cost-saving in the long term. Instead of hiring new models again and again for your fashion apparel, all you need to do is just outsource the ghost mannequin photo editing services in India to professional and skillful experts and you will get your work done in a fraction of the amount. Also, there is no such maintenance cost for the process which again adds up in saving. We can say that ghost mannequin photo editing is the best way to attract a target audience to your e-store and your official website at an affordable price.

4. Clarity & Transparency

Another benefit of using ghost mannequin photo editing is that it provides clarity and gives a better understanding to a customer regarding a particular product. Viewing the high-quality & professional product images, an online customer can determine whether the fashion apparel he/she is looking forward to purchasing will be a perfect fit in terms of quality, design, and style.

Using ghost mannequin photography services, an e-commerce store owner will make it easy for the shoppers to focus more on the product and get to know more about the fabric, material, and color of the product quickly by just viewing a few images.

5. Provides Consistency

Besides just providing crystal clear images that enhance the presentation of the products and gives a good understanding to the customers regarding a product, ghost mannequin image editing also provides consistency to the quality of the images that you put on your e-commerce platform. It makes sure that all the fashion apparel images that you are putting on your e-store are of high quality and serves the purpose for which they have been clicked. This ultimately provides a better customer experience, boosts the sales figures of your e-commerce store, and improves ROI.

6. Competitor’s Edge

With the help of ghost mannequin clothing photography, you can get professional high-quality fashion apparel images for your online store that will stand out from the images available on the other e-commerce stores. This will not only help your e-store earn a brand reputation in the e-commerce market, but will also attract the target audience and will improve your market value in comparison to your competitors.

To Conclude

In this blog post, we have discussed what is ghost mannequin photography and also talked about its importance and benefits for a fashion apparel e-commerce store. Ghost mannequin clothing photography is very much helpful in providing the much-needed professional and high-quality fashion apparel images for your online store. Along with maintaining the consistency in the quality of the fashion apparel images, ghost mannequin photography ensures that the focus of your customers is on the product without any distraction in between. Also, it helps your e-store earn a brand reputation that will ultimately attract more target audiences each passing day and will boost the sales figure and ROI of your e-commerce business.

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