ePUB Vs MOBI: Which Platform is Better for Publishing Your Ebook?


ePUB Vs Mobi: What’s the Difference? Let’s Compare!
Looking to publish your book online and searching for the right format? You have come to the right place. Here we are going to discuss two of the most popular ebook formats namely ePUB and Mobi. Their usage has become standard for any e-publishing business. It can benefit any author, reader, or publisher to understand the difference between each. You can also learn about how ePUB to MOBI conversion can help your business from this post. Keep reading to find out more.

When we think of ebooks, the best way is to access them through an eReader. Some of the most popular ones include Kindle, Kobo eReader, iBook, Sony Reader, and Barnes & Noble. You can also access them through other devices and across different operating systems. Each has its standard of an ebook format that they follow.

This gives authors, publishers, and readers lots of options to choose from ebook formats. It can be Mobi, PDF, ASW, and ePUB. It can confuse you in choosing the right fit for your publishing needs. You can clarify your doubts by understanding each and selecting one that is best for you.

Some Facts

    • According to Statista, the global e-book market will reach US$16,647m in 2020. They expect it to reach US$19,997m by 2025, registering a CAGR of 3.7% between 2020-2025.
    • According to Statista, 335.7 million e-books have been selling in the United States alone in 2019.

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Image Source: Satista

    • According to a study, the US alone accounted for over US$6,498m in sales for the year 2020.
    • According to their research, revenue is growing at an annual rate of 3.7% between 2020-2025. They predict that it will reach a market size of US$7,780m by 2025.

ePUB and Mobi File Formats: An Overview

There are multiple ebook file formats available in the market today. Each has its characteristics and limitations. Here we are going to discuss some leading ebook file formats. It can help you understand each and choose the file type that best fits your requirements.


This is a very popular file type that many ebook readers and apps use. The most common ones include Apple’s iBook, Adobe Digital Editions, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, and Aldiko on Android.

It is a free, open-standard, open-source file format for ebooks. This means that any retailer looking to work across platforms can use this file type. It is publicly available for use and is cross-platform compatible with over 300 devices and applications. However, it does not work on Amazon Kindle.

The ePUB format was introduced by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), a global standard and trades organization. It is an exclusive collection of web standards like HTML, CSS, SVG, and more.

There are lots of tools that can help you conform to these standards before publishing your ebook. Each retailer has been creating its version, which can make it harder for a single file to look great on every device. The latest and most popular one is the ePUB3.

ePUB content can adjust its display according to the output device and also work with a fixed-width layout. This process is quite similar to HTML when it renders pages with images. You can even use it to create interactive ebooks by embedding audio and video using JavaScript coding.


      • It is a free, open-source, open-standard file format for ebooks
      • Can display both fixed-width and reflowable content
      • Useful to create interactive ebooks by embedding audio and video


      • It is incompatible with Amazon Kindle format
      • You need prior knowledge of XML and HTML language to create an ePUB file


This is another popular ebook format that is cross-platform compatible and comes in a file extension of .mobi or .prc. It can display both fixed-width layout and reflowable content (that can adjust according to the output screen size).

Mobi is short for Mobipocket ebook format. They name it after the Mobipocket Reader software that introduced this format. Amazon bought it in 2005 and has now become their proprietary format.

Mobi ebooks are best suited for smaller screen displays, as it has a 64k image size limitation. It is the only format that works with Kindle. Hence, you need ebook conversion services to sell your ebooks on the Amazon eReader.

Mobi format supports indexing, can handle complex content, deal with high compression, and can include advanced navigation controls. This means that readers can add their annotations, bookmarks, freehand drawings, corrections, and notes if their device supports it.


      • Works on Amazon Kindle device and associated apps
      • This format is also available with the PRC standard


      • MOBI is not an open format, it does not support audio and video.
      • Most reading device support MOBI format, except Barnes & Noble’s Nook

AZW: The New and Improved Mobi File Format

It is a proprietary format owned by Amazon, especially for the Kindle eBook reader. It is also compatible with Kindle reading apps that run on many platforms. One can buy a file with .azw only from the Amazon online bookstore.

AZW is a file format based on Mobi but has better encryption and compression, and other things. It was rolled onto Kindle 2007, two years after buying MOBI file format. An AZW file can also store things like annotation, bookmarks, and last known page.

The advantage of AZW over MOBI is that it usually contains DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection. It is a kind of copyright protection to protect your ebooks from illegal viewing and unauthorized copying.

According to DRM, Kindle allows only the purchaser unique access to the content. The ebook you buy gets automatically registered with the device id associated with your user account. The DRM restricts and locks the ebook to that Kindle e-reader.

The latest in AZW is the seventh generation and later Kindles uses the AZW8 format, also called KFX. Other popular ones include AZW3, AZW4, and AZW6.

Why Do You Need to Convert ePUB to MOBI?

Since Amazon bought Mobi, no other format can be accessible by the Kindle e-reader and apps. If a person purchases an ebook from the Apple store on their iPhone or iPad, it can be difficult for them to access their books on Kindle. They will need ePUB to MOBI conversion services to open their documents and ebooks on Kindle. They need to DRM-protect their ePUB files before proceeding. For this, there are many tools and options available online.

How Do We Convert ePUB Files to Kindle?

Following are the steps to read an ePUB ebook on a Kindle device:

      • Step 1: Change the file extension from .epub to .png
      • Step 2: Attach the ebook to an email and send it to your Kindle email address

Note: Each Kindle has its unique email address. You can find it out by visiting the Manage your Devices page under the Manage Your Kindle section.

      • Step 3: Read the email and download a copy of the ebook to your Kindle device. Amazon will automatically convert the attachment to a format compatible with the e-Reader.
      • Step 4: Continue reading your ePUB ebooks on your Kindle device.

eBook Conversion Services: An Ideal Partner

Often you may need to sell your ebooks on the Amazon bookstore so it is available on all Kindle devices and apps. For this, you need to convert your present file format to Kindle-based Mobi format. This is possible only if you hire legitimate ebook conversion services. You need a reliable partner that online tools cannot offer. It needs to be a third-party firm that can protect your content from copyright violation and illegal copying.

SunTec India is an ideal choice that is perfect for your e-publishing needs. They offer best-in-class services in a minimal amount of time. They are experts at their work and have over 25+ years of experience working in the outsourcing world. Following are the advantages of the benefits they offer.

      • Convert documents easily into Mobi, KF8, PDF formats
      • ISO 9001 certified to deliver high-quality content with no change in structure, formatting, etc.
      • ISO 27001 certified for “Information Security” to protect your content from copyright infringement.
      • Design excellent ebook covers using illustrations, stock images, and fine artwork
      • Test ebooks through a variety of devices and platforms
      • Editing and improving images in the ebook.


Every writer wants to publish their work on a global platform such as Amazon. It is a business that runs in over 58 countries. Their marketplace can launch careers and can be a driving factor to your success. You can simply use epub3 conversion services to make this possible. It will help you get the outreach you need and launch you and your business.

SunTec India not only provides you with the quality that no other service provider or tool can provide but also helps you get a high ROI. We are just an email away from solving all your problems and launching you as an established writer. Write to us at info@suntecindia.com for more information.

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