We all know that eCommerce business is catching up worldwide. Be it a new startup or an existing brick and mortar store, many new online stores are opening every day. Well, it’s true setting up an online store is much easier when compared to brick and mortar stores. However, eCommerce retailers have to deal with many issues while setting up an online store, one such issue being uploading good quality product images.

Why are Product Images so Important for the Success of Your eCommerce Store?

When potential customers visit an online store, they usually know what they wish to purchase. Most online customers these days search for a product directly on a particular eCommerce store. When potential customers visit your online store, they expect clear, good quality product images so as to get a proper feel of how the actual product looks like, its color, size, etc.

What if the image is too small, big or is so blurry that it fails to effectively convey the actual look of the product? As an online store owner you might feel that a single product image is sufficient, however your customers might think otherwise.

The best way to deal with these issues, is to step into your customers shoes and ask yourself a simple question. Will the product image compel you to make a purchase if you were a buyer? In majority of the cases the answer will be NO.

Online purchase is mostly stalled because of two main reasons:

1. The customer is not certain about how the product actually looks like, which directly impacts their purchasing decisions.

2. Poor quality images reflect directly on the brand and business. Poor looking website repel customers from making a purchase.

Information about a product should be supported by clear, good quality images so as to create a positive shopping experience for potential customers. In a recent survey, approximately 75% of respondents agreed that product image is the most important feature in an eCommerce store, followed by multiple image option.

How Important is Product Image Editing?

A good quality product photo helps your customers in understanding your products and provides them with good shopping experience. Here are a few essential ways in which product editing can help enhance the overall appeal of your product photo.

Size: It is imperative these days to upload images that are big enough to help customers have a better understanding of the product.

Zoom: Customers quite often want to zoom in to see the finer details of the product, making zoom functionality a must have for any eCommerce store.

Shadows: Shadows can do wonders for your product images. Shadows can provide needed depth to a product image, though at times it can be tricky to add the right shadow effect.

Alignments: Consistency can make your eCommerce website look professional. Using the same alignment throughout product images, improves the overall look and feel of the website.

Colors: Color of the product impacts the buying decision of customers. So, it becomes vital to show the exact color product in images to help customers make informed buying decisions.

Backgrounds: A clean white background can make your products stand out. Product images with white background can be uploaded on a variety of marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay.

Different Angles: You should upload multiple product images showcasing products from different angles. Multiple product images showing different aspects of your product has proven to boost sales conversions on eCommerce stores. Provide product views from as many angles as possible, showing off its different facets.

Accessories: If you have decided to include accessories in product images, it is better to show them in use providing customers with a better idea about its functionality. Merely placing the accessories with the main product might distract customers.

Is All the Effort Worth It?

Well, it’s true it will take a lot of time and effort to get perfect looking product images, but spending this much effort and time is crucial as it can help maximize your sales conversions. Though, taking great shots is no longer expensive with the technology available today, if you are planning to click product images yourself, always ensure you use professional image editing services.

For More Information

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