Create an Unbeatable eCommerce Marketing Strategy


If you want your sales to be flat year over year, you can perhaps take the risk of sticking to the same marketing and advertising strategy as last year. It might work for your business this year too. However, if you are trying to expand and grow your business, your marketing and advertising strategies need to be redrafted nearly every year due to the volatile nature of the business, and the macro factors influencing the environment. So, here we are providing you with a checklist, which includes some of the most important tips an eCommerce marketer should definitely try in the final quarter of this year.

Have an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is definitely the most popular marketing trend of 2015 for numerous reasons such as:

  • Creating useful, informative and engaging content helps and entertains readers/potential customers and influences them to become loyal customers. A win-win situation for customers and sellers alike!
  • When a video, article or similar marketing content circulates and becomes popular amongst prospective customers, it drives a considerable amount of traffic, which in turn leads to more sales

Marketers in 2015 face the challenge of developing a marketing strategy that can generate effective content, which in turn, drives traffic as well as sales.

In order to achieve this,

  • Scrutinize earlier content marketing efforts so as to identify which posts, articles, etc., brought in traffic or increased conversion rates.
  • Analyze previous marketing strategies to figure out why few content pieces worked and were more successful. It can also help in identifying popular search terms or trends.
  • Based on your analysis try experimenting with similar content to know if it also becomes successful.
  • Understand what worked and adjust the content after reviewing the outcome of new marketing strategy

Have A Thoughtfully Designed Email Marketing Campaign

Automating email campaigns can help in nurturing customer relationship and also will leave more time for doing so. As soon as a customer registers for online stores newsletter, an automated email campaign can start a welcome series confirming the subscription and assuring the customer that subscribing to the store’s newsletter was a great choice. Likewise, if an existing customer leaves the shopping cart without making the purchase, an automated email can encourage the customer to return. Since, the email campaign is automated marketing people are not required to perform tedious and time consuming task of manually identifying customers and their requirements.

Have a Diversified Social Media Campaign

Undoubtedly Facebook is the leading and most important social media platform for a majority of eCommerce stores vying for customer’s attention. It definitely takes centre stage in all social marketing campaigns. However, as important as Facebook might be, eCommerce marketers should not use Facebook as the sole social media site to engage customers. There are other social media sites available that can have a positive influence on customer engagement and also sales, such as, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Have a Personalization Strategy

Personalization in the eCommerce context can mean many different things, it can be as simple as personalized recommendations about the product or it may mean a description about a type of marketing segmentation.

As part of your 2015 eCommerce marketing checklist, devise and implement a personalization strategy, no matter how you define personalization. Give a personal touch to your online store; it will help you get closer to your customers, and to earn their loyalty.

Have Your Own Product Videos

According to recent findings it was revealed that eCommerce marketers who use videos for marketing enjoy better sales for products promoted with videos. Also, creating videos is becoming easier for marketers, since getting access to Adobe creative suite is available to marketers. This provides them with easy access to all the audio and video editing tools. If all this sounds complicated, one can always hire an expert who can make engaging product videos.

eCommerce marketing is a complicated subject, as it is difficult to discover a whole lot of useful information in one place. I hope this article helps you in your eCommerce marketing course. If you need more information or any help implementing anything right from eCommerce content marketing to PPC and digital marketing, from conversion to the latest SEO hacks, please write to us at

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