Top 8 Benefits of Using Image Annotation Services in the Security Industry

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Image annotation is one of the most important tasks for machine learning and gaining artificial intelligence. It provides the ability for a computer vision model to interpret the actual world and decide based on that information. Image annotation services can be useful in recognizing objects, movements, animals, and individuals. This concept can be very powerful in security objects and people.and surveillance systems. It can help detect any suspicious activities by tracking

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We use security cameras almost everywhere. They are devices that are always watching over us to protect us from theft, robbery, crime, and unauthorized access. It has become essential for homeowners and businesses alike to have round-the-clock surveillance. It gives them peace of mind knowing that something or someone is digitally monitoring their precious people or property. When we think of security footage, it is always a running live video. It is only as useful as the person who looks through it. It is static and more often ends up being a piece of evidence for a crime.

Often there is a single person looking at multiple feeds. He has to check multiple channels simultaneously and can miss out on some minor details. This can be dangerous in monitoring crowded places where people with malicious intent can use it to their advantage and commit crime easily.

Times are changing, and so is technology. It has become easier with artificial intelligence to manage all the tasks of security personnel. Now, a surveillance camera can analyze live video with no humans, and give them brains to match the eyes. This could be very useful for police and first responders to spot crimes easily and take action accordingly.

In this post, we will discuss how machine learning and artificial intelligence can improve security camera performance. Here we will read about the many benefits of image annotation in all of this and how AI influences today’s society. Continue reading to find out more.

Some Facts

    • According to a research paper by Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 75 out of 176 countries globally are actively using AI technologies for surveillance. It includes 64 countries that have facial recognition systems, 52 with smart policing, and 56 with safe city platforms.
    • Their study shows that China is the major driver of AI surveillance worldwide. Chinese technology companies like Huawei, Hikvision, ZTE, and Dahua are the biggest suppliers of AI surveillance technology to 63 countries. Out of which Huawei provides to 50 countries worldwide and no other company comes close.
    • According to their research, there are 32 countries where the US companies are active as a supplier of advanced surveillance tech worldwide. The most significant one being IBM catering to 11 countries. Palantir and Cisco follow that with 9 and 6 countries, respectively.

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Image Source: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

  • According to Global News Wire, artificial intelligence in the security market will reach above USD 24 billion by 2025 globally. It is increasing at a CAGR of 31% over the forecast period of 2020-2025.
  • According to research by, North America dominates the global AI security market in 2019 and they expect the trend to continue in the future period between 2020-2025.
  • There is a study by Zachary Arnold, a research fellow at Georgetown University’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET). According to a study, the U.S.-based AI companies have been focusing on security and biometrics. They have attracted 6,091 million USD in disclosed investment. This is 7% of all disclosed investments into the US.-based AI companies.
  • These numbers demonstrate the impact of artificial intelligence in the security industry. There are lots of similar facts that can enable you to use technology like data annotation services and machine learning for everyday use. Here are some other facts that make you see the significance of AI security cameras in day-to-day life.
        • According to research by, schools are the early adopters of artificial intelligence considering the active shooter threat in the US.
        • According to Omdia, schools spent $2.7 billion in revenue for security equipment and services in 2017. It is growing at an average rate of 1% annually, reaching $2.8 billion by 2021.
        • According to, police in New York, Atlanta, and New Orleans use a network of over 500 AI-enhanced cameras that can search hours of video to find people. They can locate individuals wearing certain clothes or recognize license plates to identify places where a suspicious vehicle was last seen.
        • According to the National Venture Capital Association data from 2019, 1356 AI-related companies in the US alone have raised USD 18.457 billion in revenue.
        • According to Govini, Department of Defense spending on AI, Big Data and Cloud reached $7.4 billion in FY2017. Where Artificial Intelligence accounted for 33 percent of the total budget.
        • According to Defense Budget Overview: United States Department of Defense FY2021 Budget Request, the overall budget for artificial intelligence is $0.8 billion in FY 2021.

    How Image Annotation Services can Improve Security Camera Performance?

    Here is a list of factors that can improve the performance of an AI-based security camera. It can influence you to see the importance of artificial intelligence in creating a safe environment for your family and property.

        • Detecting People in a Crowd

    Image annotation uses the 2D bounding box technique to detect objects or individuals. It is a process where annotators draw a box around an item they want to identify in an image. Then, a specialist chooses from a list of attributes to label each object defining it as a pedestrian, cycle, or car.

    This can be an important feature for a security camera. It can help differentiate people by their faces and detect the right ones from a crowd. It can also be useful to prevent any unauthorized access to a restricted area. All one needs is to register the right individuals, and the camera will match its database with the real-life scenario.

        • Landmark Annotation for Face Detection

    This is another useful aspect of image annotation services. The idea is to imitate human behavior of detecting individuals in a picture. The process involves allocating bits to a face region and labeling each point individually.

    When we use this algorithm in a security camera, it can identify human movement trajectories and gestures at each point in motion. It can further be useful in recognizing human faces or poses to detect and distinguish familiar with unfamiliar people.

        • Analyzing Large Crowds in an Event

    It is the most sought-after ability of artificial intelligence that can prevent any kind of crime in an event or a concert. It involves placing each individual attending in their separate bounding box and labeling it.

    In the case of a security camera, it becomes powerful enough to estimate the number of audiences, their demographics, their faces, etc. This helps improve any previous datasets. It also helps to plan future events and enforce public security.

        • Detecting Firearms In Real-Time Videos

    There are many places where the crime rate by firearms or knives is very high. Such places can benefit from early detection to avoid crime. Surveillance videos can be useful in preventing any situations by detecting dangerous objects automatically.

    The best alternative is to use deep learning techniques to train security cameras to detect weapons early. We do it by annotating many weapons and guns to make them easily recognizable. For this process, we again apply the bounding box technique to distinguish objects that look threatening to avoid crime.

        • Detection and Classification of Vehicles

    It is another one of the text annotation services that allow easy detection and categorization of vehicles in airports, roads, and retail areas. It can be useful in monitoring and analyzing scenes of road traffic through AI-based security cameras in highways and intersections

    It can also be helpful in analyzing the number of vehicles, and their speed on a highway. This helps in understanding driver behavior and their usage of lanes. AI security cameras can even detect violations of traffic rules, usually by truckers using the high-speed lanes.

    The AI-based surveillance system is highly useful in real-time traffic management. It allows authorities and regulators to respond to traffic situations quickly. Its other applications can include finding travel speed, travel time, traffic flow, and detecting parking spaces. Such information can be relevant for policymakers and urban planners.

        • Pedestrian Detection and Tracking

    AI-based security cameras can detect and monitor any unusual event, gender classification, congestion or crowded vicinity evaluation, fall detection in elderly humans, etc.

    This approach can be useful in any private and public places such as government agencies like prisons, military base camps, strategic infrastructures, hospitals, radar centers, and laboratories. They can also be useful in industrial environments such as automated teller machines (ATM), shopping malls, banks, and public buildings.

        • Detect Any Suspicious Activity

    Visual surveillance through an AI security camera can help prevent theft, accidents, terrorism, fighting, vandalism, and other suspicious activities. It can monitor human activities in real-time, classify them as usual and unusual. Based on this analysis, a system can generate an alert to notify the authorities.

        • Object Detection in Thermal Cameras

    Annotators can train night-vision AI cameras to detect the objects in the dark or at night. It can help to detect unwanted motion, people, or creatures. We also annotate thermal cameras on the same principle.


    To sum it all up, artificial intelligence and machine learning can bring the best out of any technology. This includes the performance of security cameras that can help prevent any crime from happening. This is a huge advancement in the digital world and can benefit anyone looking to protect their interests.

    All one needs to do is train the surveillance system to detect any object, person, or movement. You can outsource to a reliable image annotation company that can take over this task and provide excellent services. There are many such firms that can offer such services at affordable prices. You can even contact us for more information at

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