How Do You Lay The Right Foundation For Your Mobile App Development Project? Learn From Our Experience.

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An effective mobile app development process calls for robust project planning and functional requirements management. The challenges? Quite a few!

Project owners will have to reimagine their workflow, right from bringing in customer involvement to building solid strategy and flexible planning, powerful features coupled with great design, development and constant evaluation, and of course, timely delivery and maintenance — to best leverage the mobile-first mind-set and meet end-user expectations…

A technically great product will fail if it doesn’t offer value to users. At the same time, a product with unique value will fail if the user experience is compromised. To ensure that your client does not end up with a useless mass of code or design, not remotely in sync with his/her project requirements, implementing agile development approach might be a good start.

At SunTec India – from product ideation, wire-framing and designing, to prototyping, developing and styling, we simplify the app building process. Take a look!

Product Conception:

If you think your product is the only one out there with no one else trying to patent something similar, think again!

  • We primarily focus on the aim of the product and its business value.
  • After charting a timeline to realize the product’s implementation, we layout the challenges and identify the KPIs to allow easy understanding for our developers.
  • We discuss the User Demographic and make a visual app prototype to kick start the project.

Product Brainstorming:

  • Design: Focusing on end user application, we map out user personas during product definition. We believe that visual stimuli is a major factor for successful and popular mobile application. Thus, our team implements the design based on visually pleasing aesthetics and flawless UI and UX.
  • Development: We have small cross-functional teams which work together sharing their knowledge and complete code reviews to reduce downtime and allow a transparent system to enable better workflow. Empirical feedback is effective when people work in small groups, thus distributing the work load evenly.

Flexibility in app development gives way to a controlled project velocity and relative ease in acclimatizing to the changes being made in the development process. We divide the project into specific categories and assign them to the team members who manage them within minimum given time slots (sprints). Agile methodology allows units to complete their assigned task more efficiently than finishing the whole project on a deadline based approach.

Such iterative life cycles where deliverables are submitted in stages encourages growth with our customers and boosts the mobile app development process avoiding wasteful use of time, energy and money.

Product Evaluation:

To ensure customer satisfaction, we go through a thorough Quality Assurance check to rule out any discrepancies and bugs. Our QA team uses different techniques like cross-developer verification to avoid mistakes and, thus reduce the number of bottlenecks in the process. Your product is finally tested with the in-house team and reviewed from a consumer’s perspective. After a detailed evaluation, glitches are removed and the product is marked ‘OK’ for delivery.

Product Delivery:

After successful product delivery, we offer you the services of posting your app to different app stores. People often assume app submission to be easy and hassle-free, whereas it may take a week to get your app published on your preferred app store. An iOS app may take longer, if it gets rejected in the first go. When setback kicks in, our product release manager comes as your knight in shining armor to optimize your app listing and get your app submitted according to the guidelines outlined by the app store.

A Streamlined Approach to Mobile App Development @ SunTecIndia

At SunTec, mobile app development involves a more comprehensive approach and provides healthy client servicing within the decided timeframe. Keeping in mind the technical and design aspects, we establish a clear value proposition of your app so it flourishes in the competitive app world. Be it an in-house app or an app for your customers, you can hire our developers on contractual basis at cost effective prices.

If you would like to discuss your project with SunTec’s ‘Mobile App Development Services’, please write to us at, and we will contact you to initiate the application discovery process.

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