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Businesses have been relying on native app development for a long time. However, lately, many of them can be seen struggling to reach out to a wider customer base. That’s because they often fail to target multiple device platforms at once. Interestingly, that’s exactly what PhoneGap app development can help them with. Instead of wasting resources on developing different apps for different platforms, these businesses can develop a single app that works on all of them. Not sure if PhoneGap App Development is for you? Wait till you get to know what’s all in the offing!

Mentioned below are the top 5 benefits of PhoneGap App Development:

1. It saves you valuable time – because cross-platform support!

Native development requires developing applications in different programming languages, corresponding to different platforms. If you throw in the post-development activities like testing, debugging, retesting, the time taken for the whole process would be quite substantial. However, thanks to PhoneGap, you can save on valuable time by developing a single app and later customizing it to work smoothly on multiple platforms.

2. One code for all devices

The fact that majority of the people access apps via smartphones is an opportunity waiting to happen, one that can be best grabbed by developing apps targeted at these smartphones. However, different smartphones have different operating systems, which further require different codes. Take Android, Windows and iOS for example. Each of them calls for a different code. Sounds hectic, right? Not with PhoneGap.

PhoneGap requires you to write a single code with JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS. And this code can run on all the mobile devices, owing to its compatibility with various operating systems.

3. Workflow extensions enhance productivity

PhoneGap offers various extensions for the development workflow. For example, it allows the developers to switch to GUI from CLI. It even allows you to run apps that are currently ‘in progress’. This, in turn, makes it possible for you to quickly run and test these apps to identify all kinds of issues.

4. Lets your business attain scalability

PhoneGap App development helps you widen your reach since it requires a single code to be written, which runs on all the operating systems. This benefits your business because your app becomes eligible to be featured on multiple app stores like Google Play Store, Windows App Store and Apple iTunes App Store.

5. Adding new features to your apps is quite straightforward

All you need to do is make changes in the common code, as and when needed. You can then even customize the same app to extend its functionality to new platforms as well. Though having an expert implement the changes is a wiser choice, doing it yourself isn’t that big of a deal either.

There sure is no dearth of frameworks available for mobile app development. But PhoneGap definitely tops the list in terms of flexibility and functionality. In addition to that, it brings along abundant resources that make the process of developing complex applications easier. To that extent, it’s safe to say that PhoneGap has been successfully meeting the challenges faced while developing applications for multiple platforms.

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