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A Leading Fundraising Agency Partners with SunTec for Development of a Centralized Reporting Database

New Delhi
January, 2016

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An Australia-based fundraising organization, which supports Not-for-Profit Organizations with fundraising and marketing solutions, recently teamed up with TechnoScore, the software development wing of SunTec India for development of a web-based centralized reporting database that aggregates and stores information of all the donors and leading organizations that support charity fundraising.

The client currently captures fundraising-related data in Excel sheets that do not support multiple user access, security and professional back-up, and overall operational efficiency. Thus, they required a centralized web database which makes it easier for them to store large quantities of data and allows users to connect to diverse and numerous data sources, and edit the data in that, together with transaction processing, rigorous data validation, referential integrity and consistent calculation, and supplied an audit trail.

SunTec deployed a dedicated team to build a single, centralized reporting tool that collates and stores critical data of all the fundraisers from multiple sources, thereby enabling easy data retrievability and facilitating strategic decision-making.

"We integrated the solution with i-Net reporting tool and configured it to deliver standard and ad-hoc reports as per the calculations on the sub-set or all the data present in the database. The tool will help our client in cutting huge costs on manual data maintenance, calculations and reporting," said Murli Pawar, Vice President of Technology Division at SunTec India.

The application also enables the client to automate data collection and update process, while easily accessing real-time reports.

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