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December 2011

SunTec Launches a New End-to-end eCommerce Solutions Website:   SunTec launches a dedicated new website ( aimed at offering end-to-end eCommerce solutions to both existing online sellers and those new to eCommerce including entrepreneurs planning to add an online channel to their existing brick and mortar shop.

Fortified with over a decade of experience and deep domain knowledge of eCommerce tools and services, SunTec is all set to take a deeper plunge into eCommerce services domain and respond to the growing needs of eCommerce businesses looking out for a competent and reliable service partner.

SunTec's existing and prospective eCommerce clients can now readily access the company's end-to-end eCommerce Solutions including eCommerce Website Design and Development, Catalog Management, Product Description Writing and Image Editing, eCommerce Marketing and SEO, and eCommerce Store Maintenance, Order Management and Back office support services, etc., all within a single click.

With the new eCommerce website, SunTec also kicks off an innovative and niche array of eCommerce services and solutions, namely Database Migration Services, Product Page Conversion Optimization, Product Review Writing, Comparison Shopping Feed Management, eCommerce Customer Support Services, etc.

November 2011

9 years in a row! SunTec delivers the 9th edition of Chartered Secretary on CD, which contains 40 years' of Chartered Secretary Journals published by Institute of Company Secretaries of India. The project consisted of developing an Interactive CD Application (to organize, index and publish a large body of mixed content such as text, images, illustrations) and digitizing 40 years of journals (scanning, text & XHTML conversion, creating metadata and indexes). More details on this link.

July 2011

Reproduce beautiful, full-page, heavily illustrated eBooks rendering page fidelity of their original counterparts on Apple's iPhone and iPad. Perfect for cookbooks, travel books, photography books, and most of all for children's books.

SunTec offers a Fixed Layout ePUB conversion and formatting services to help you get onto the iBookstore and other aggregator stores. Please continue reading on this link.

March 2011

And more!

"The professional relationship with our SunTec content team has proven to be beneficial beyond our expectations. The lines of communication with our SunTec project manager are always open and very effective, and the quality of work completed by the team is consistently of a high quality that meets our standards. There is no way we could easily manage the work volume required to keep our site current without the efforts of SunTec. We look forward to a continued successful working relationship with our SunTec content team and would be comfortable recommending SunTec to others." says Jim K. Pettinato, Web Content Manager at

February 2011

"Competent, well coordinated and responsive legal research and support. Definitely to be recommended. Puts some so called attorneys to shame. Wish I had known about SunTec before." says Roy Lawaetz. Thank you for Roy for your very encouraging words indeed!

January 2011

Testimonials continue unabated!

Publit, Sweden for ePUB conversion services. Tapir Academic Press for conversion of academic literature, including technical subjects with complex page layout and vast amounts of figures, tables and formulas. Aurora Juliana Ariel for conversion of her books into color epubs quickly and having them up on Kindle and Nook within a week. Continue reading on this link.

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"Very high quality of the files, deliveries always in times, rush conversions served properly, always available... whereas we are publishing technical ebooks with complex and various layouts for the professional market. Anyway, SunTec can process them easily. So we are very happy to work with the digital publishing services of SunTec. We really appreciate your services."Dominique, France

Sugeet Wahal, VP, Digital Content Solutions, SunTec