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Send an enquiry Product Listing Solution is rapidly emerging as one of the leading marketplaces, providing an extra stream of revenue to eCommerce entrepreneurs. As a platform to showcase products to millions of loyal customers, expand global reach and garner higher revenue, is being leveraged by thousands of online merchants to sell across diverse categories such as clothing, shoes & accessories, home and furniture, health and beauty, pet supplies, electronics, sports & fitness, automotive and several others. And if you are not listing your products on, you are probably losing out a share of revenue to your competitors.

SunTec’s product listing tool – InteList is built to simplify the task of listing, ensuring that your products reach out to millions of online shoppers and gain maximum visibility. InteList works via a monthly subscription business model with a free trial offer for 15 Days. A prospective client can create an account, which involves no setup fee, or any hidden costs. The application seamlessly integrates the backend system with the store’s frontend on Jet platform, and provides retailers with a unified interface between product catalogs, order & inventory management, price modulation, and reporting systems.

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InteList, the Listing API, Gains Remarkable Traction since Its Launch

InteList, the Product Listing API: An Overview

The InteList API offers a multitude of features to help eCommerce entrepreneurs maintain control of their offer and product flows. It easily integrates the backend system with the store’s frontend on Jet platform, and provides retailers with a unified interface between product catalogs, order & inventory management, price modulation, and reporting systems. It can also be customized as per user’s requirements to simplify centralized product listings management across different retail channels.

Simplify Product Upload/ Product Listing Management

It enables retailers to bulk list the items, manage categories, personalize product titles & descriptions, bulk upload images and add additional attribute fields. The product listing and management software automates business processes, helping businesses scale their sales and accelerate growth.

Order and Inventory Management

The application makes it easy for merchants to manage orders, returns & refunds, and browser through multiple filters like customer name, order states, warehouse location, order tags, etc. It also simplifies inventory management and provides an automatic update whenever there is a change in the stock level.

Access Performance Reports

With an interactive dashboard, InteList enables retailers to track total orders, find out about revenue earned per category, understand consumer behavior and more, providing eRetailers with valuable insights and making it easier for them to keep a tab on performance of each product as well as overall progress.

With InteList API, SunTec’s Product Listing Tool, you are backed by a dedicated team of professionals and their unmatched expertise in resolving issues pertaining to your store.

Inventory Upload Services on Marketplace through InteList

SunTec combines the skills, in-depth domain expertise and best practices operating InteList platform to create optimized product listings comprised of all the pertinent details such as SKUs, product titles, descriptions, manufacturer/ brand name, images, attributes, etc.

  • As the first step to list your products on marketplace, our experts list product details like SKUs, product titles, descriptions, images, pricing, etc. in file formats like CSV, XLS, TXT or API-XML, which is synchronized through InteList with your Jet store.
  • With granular level item category mappings, your store offerings can be synced with the most appropriate item categories.
  • We can help you with price intelligence.
  • We make sure that the products are correctly categorized, and parent-child/ multi-variation products are listed accurately.
  • We can help you add custom files in the source fields to provide shoppers with information about multiple product attributes through video links, bullet point descriptions, etc.
  • All the orders and shipping tracking updates can be centrally managed through this software.

SunTec’s product listing tool is a good fit for small, mid-size and large online businesses, looking for automated and advanced solutions to simplify product listing, order processing and inventory management.

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InteList, SunTec’s sellers’ tool is one powerful platform, focused on supporting online retailers, manufacturers and distributers in integrating, managing and optimizing product feeds across marketplace. For more information about how SunTec’s product listing and management tool can support you in bridging the gap between product listing and sales, please get in touch with us today!

“At SunTec India we got just the best of everything: whether it was their product upload service or their timeliness in regards to delivery of services. For us, it was like getting quantitative work without compromising on quality. We have noticed quadrupled hits for our products that made our sales pass through the roof.” Ed Wolf, Italy