Why you need to Incrementally Move your eCommerce Website to HTTPS


Google chrome possesses the distinction of being the most widely used browser. Its concord with all digital platforms especially mobile helps it summon a myriad of users. In a recent move, Google announced that Chrome’s latest version 62, to be released this October shall warn users about non-encrypted pages when they land on one or input details. However, as per an estimate 40% of the top 100 internet retailers were yet to switch to HTTPS, as of mid-August 2017.

This move by Google is likely to trigger a shift in the eCommerce industry as retailers may largely move to HTTPS given the popularity of Chrome amongst users. By effect, getting SSL encryption for your eCommerce website is becoming more critical with each passing day.

Here is why you should make the incremental switch to HTTPS from HTTP for your eCommerce website:

SEO advantages for the switch to HTTPS

The switch to HTTPS from HTTP is gradually becoming the norm and this initiative highlights Google’s attempt at consolidating secure information transfer as a web standard. Google has started giving ranking priority to HTTPS websites in its search engine results as compared to HTTP websites. It will be an important step for eCommerce websites to switch to HTTPS to achieve better ranking in organic searches.

Better security-better user recognition

User traffic towards HTTPS sites has gained prevalence in the past few years with a surge in the amount of online users. A common concern users have a consensus upon is security. More users prefer to click on websites with assured SSL encryption. No one would want to visit links with compromised security especially an eCommerce website. So it is unnerving for users to imagine that by dodging SSL encryption, an eCommerce site leaves their confidential data vulnerable. It becomes imperative for eCommerce websites to switch to HTTPS to gain trust of their audiences.

Increased instances of cyber attacks

In recent times, the number of cyber attacks have grown largely. With vital information and data at constant risk, it wouldn’t be wise to avoid a switch to HTTPS. Rather than being an easy victim to hackers it is critical to raise the security of the web to deter the looming threat of cyber attacks and security breaches. It is really important to secure your eCommerce website with SSL encryption because a threat is multiplied when you have a significant amount of users visiting. It puts at risk the security of countless individuals besides organizational confidentiality.

Analytics advantage

In case of an HTTP site, if a referral arrives from an HTTPS site, that particular analytic detail is lost. Instead “direct” shows up on the analytics data, devoid of any relevant insight. However, if someone from a secure website visits your HTTPS website, you can clearly access the referral data and get to know which website your traffic came from. Data loss is detrimental to any eCommerce website as being deprived of vital stats that drive your strategies must be prevented at all cost. And in this case SSL encryption can help avert such an anomaly.

What next?

The popularity of SSL encryption is on a continuous rise with Google taking landmark measures over the past few years.

Are you willing to make the highly recommended switch to HTTPS? Contact us at info@suntecindia.com. We will ensure a smooth transition to your secure new website!

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