Apple iOS 16 & iPhone 14 Release: Should You Upgrade Your App?

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Apple iOS 16 & iPhone 14 Release

Apple released iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus on September 7, followed by iOS 16 on September 12. Beta releases for iOS 16 had already amped up developer expectations, so the release was much awaited. But, now that the new Apple mobile operating system is out in the open, we are seeing queries pour in from around the Apple developer community and mobile app enterprises, especially around app development and widget creation. 

Many end-users reported a frozen Apple app store on day 1 of the update rolling in. Apple Pay incompatibility issues were also reported. We have seen some murmur about privacy protocols and Apple Store terms and conditions as well. Basically, there is a good deal of upheaval in the system. The blame has gone to the new functionalities that Apple introduced in iOS 16. 

Naturally, everyone wants to know if they should wait before upgrading their app solutions for iOS 16. So, here is the answer from our iOS development team on whether updating to iOS 16 is a good idea (we think it is). 

3 reasons why integrating iOS 16 & iPhone 14 features in your mobile app is urgent 

The changes introduced by Apple in iOS 16 and iPhone 14 series can benefit your mobile app and business overall. Users are busy exploring iPhone 14 and iOS 16, so they will engage with features that support both the device and the OS. 

1. Improved collaboration and distraction-free app usage

Apple has tried to make iOS 16 more third-party-app-friendly than its previous versions. Focus and Collaboration APIs are two steps in that direction. The Collaboration API allows users to instantly collaborate on any task an app offers by sending a text message to relevant team members. Apple has let third-party applications use this instead of restricting it to its iWork suite only.  

The Focus API enables users to hide some aspects of an app whenever they turn on a Focus Mode. In iOS 16, third-party developers can exploit it to help users focus on their tasks. Thanks to a system API for your app, you no longer have to integrate a workaround solution for this, making your app leaner and quicker while reducing battery penalties. 

2. Lock screen customizability

iOs 16 allows third-party applications to show notifications directly on the lock screen, replete with important information. Users can choose between the display choices (stack, list, or number types).

iOs 16 also comes with Apple’s version of Android’s Persistent Notifications (which allows your app to display a notification constantly on the lock screen). This only goes away once the user exits the app, letting them use your app’s basic features directly from the lock screen. You can even develop widgets for your app, and users will have the choice to activate the same on the lock screen. 

Another thing to look out for is the iOS Live Activities. It is not available in the iOS 16 dev choices, but Apple has confirmed that it will return with iOS 16.1 launch. 

Your business app should be prepared to use these customizable features to display promotional elements like clickable wallpapers or easy-access widgets. That will give your app the advantage of improved intuitiveness and allow your end-user quick-glance convenience. 

3. Better multitasking with Dynamic Island

iPhone 14 has a nifty feature called Dynamic Island, which is Apple’s answer to Samsung’s Foldable Phones like the Galaxy Z Fold and Flip. It is essentially a tiny secondary screen in the Front Camera and sensor section that allows faster multitasking via the expansion and contraction of apps to show contextual information. 

The different apps get shown in individual bubbles lined up in series. Your app can also appear here if it’s developed to use this feature or can show these bubbles while it’s under use. The likelihood of your app being used more frequently due to the ease of usage will benefit your business by increasing usage time, visibility, and possibly in-app purchases. 

In Conclusion

Apple intends to make its products more user-oriented, and third-party app developers are significant beneficiaries of this move. There is more to iOS 16 and iPhone 14 than what’s mentioned here. But, if you want to convert these opportunities into a tangible profit stream, you will need a team of developers well-versed in the newest Apple OS and products. 

SunTec India can be your iOS 16 app development partner

With iOS 16 and iPhone 14 hitting the market, you need to upgrade your app at the earliest to remain in step with the competition. One of the quickest ways to do that- hire iOS app developers from SunTec India. 

Our iOS developers are up-skilled to fully integrate the Apple OS’s new features into your enterprise mobile apps. Plus, we enable this cost-effectively and quickly. Contact Us now to get your apps updated with iOS 16.

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