Why Data De-duplication Services are Inevitable in 2018

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Duplication is one of the most common hurdles that businesses across the globe encounter. The credibility of acquired data suffers a great deal due to redundancy and causes ventures to seldom yield expected outcomes. Since various business processes have evolved and targeting potential customers now takes places over a variety of channels, the requirement of de-duplication has increased tenfold.

Role of Data De-duplication Services in CRM and Sales

Duplicate data is a huge deterrent for sales persons as following leads on bogus material can waste their time and efforts especially given the tough schedules and the limited time frame they need to work within. Having to go through repetitive information to generate leads is a huge downer for any sales team’s efforts. Besides furnishing accurate CRM reports without any repetition or anomalies is another monumental task to be taken care of. As per reports by Hubspot, “32% of salespeople are spending an hour or more on data entry each and every day”. The need to enter unaltered, non repetitive CRM data is real and must be taken care of by a data entry outsourcing company instead of Salespersons themselves.

The Requirement of Credible Data for Email Marketing

To target audiences companies need email ids and there are numerous resourceful data providers out there, but the recurring trouble with acquiring user information is that there could be a fair share of bogus email ids in a particular lot. Filtering out junk from such data is important to reach out to the right audiences without wasting resources on targeting fake or inactive accounts. According to Hubspot, ” Segmented and targeted emails generate 58% of all revenue “. If the data used for targeted emailing is compromised in any manner, the returns will be affected.

Cloud Management and Data Authenticity

Cloud storage solutions are all the craze for businesses nowadays, but duplication continues to be a roadblock and an unnecessary burden on cloud servers. Duplicate data means more storage, losing vital storage to it can cause trouble to accommodate enterprise data and also create ambiguity making data management a difficult task.

The introduction of data de-duplication services in the equation can make work routines more productive. De-duplication is a perennial processes that preceeds execution of any business strategy, to go through it is a important part of the work cycle and one of the reasons for its increased importance despite technological advances.

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