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Why India is Becoming a Global Hub for Web Application Development in 2024?

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A captivating online presence is the #1 priority for every modern-thinking business. In this light, web development is emerging as a rapidly growing industry. Web applications, in particular, have become a preferred channel to enhance user experience, engagement, and satisfaction.

Amidst this global trend, India stands out as a major player. With a diverse  IT talent pool, the Indian IT sector exports recorded USD 193 billion (in 2023), of which USD 126 billion were from software services. Featuring a thriving startup ecosystem, robust investment infrastructure, education, and technological advancements, India has positioned itself as a frontrunner in innovation and quality.

In recent years, there’s been a noticeable trend of many global companies moving their development efforts to India, particularly for web application projects. This shift highlights India’s increasing role as a key player in the tech industry. Let’s dig deeper.

The Global Web Development Market

The global web development market which was valued at USD 56 billion in 2021, is poised to reach USD 130.97 billion by 2032. Exhibiting a CAGR of 8.03%, this growth underscores the importance of web development, spanning two main segments website and web-based application development. By 2032, websites are anticipated to hold a much larger portion of this industry. On the other hand, web applications will also amount to a good scale, coming from SMBs, colleges, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.


As per the report, the Asia-Pacific region is leading the web application development landscape, having a dominant market share. Countries in this region, including India, China, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea, are witnessing surges in online activities. For instance, in India, with the widespread use of smartphones (with a user base reaching 1.1 billion) and increasing internet penetration (close to 52% as of 2024), more and more people are getting online. As a result, businesses have recognized the importance of having functional web applications to engage this digital audience. Owing to similar factors, the web development market is growing globally.

Why Companies are Turning to India for Web Application Development

Shifting your operations to India would bring a host of benefits for your business. From cost-effectiveness and access to skilled web developers to technical expertise and a robust IT infrastructure, the country is emerging as a global tech superpower. Here are a few reasons:

  1. Cost-Effectiveness

Shifting your web application development in India can bring in significant cost savings for your business. Compared to many Western countries, the cost of hiring skilled web app developers is considerably lower here, starting at a modest $14/hour. Moreover, the cost edge also extends beyond salaries to operational costs, making it an attractive option to shift your operations here.

  1. Access to Skilled Talent

India is home to a vast pool of highly competent web application developers and IT professionals, educated from prestigious engineering colleges and technical institutes like the IITs, NITs, etc. The country is known to produce a significantly large number of qualified graduates each year, proficient in the latest web technologies and programming languages. Moreover, there’s an increasing focus on enhancing skills in light of emerging advanced technologies like AI, IoT, Blockchain, etc. Companies like TCS, Infosys, and Wipro are leading the pack by training lakhs of employees in generative AI.

  1. Time-Zone Advantage

India’s location offers a unique advantage for many businesses in Eastern, Middle-Eastern, and Western countries. Being located centrally and having two time zones allows for round-the-clock development cycles, as Indian web application developers often extend their services beyond their counterparts’ working hours. This often allows client companies to benefit from faster project turnarounds and more efficient use of time. Moreover, Indian developers often have overlapping work hours that also enhance real-time collaboration.

  1. Cultural Compatibility and Effective Communication

Almost 10% of India’s population (accounting for almost 125 million people) can speak English, making it the second-largest English-speaking country. This proficiency, combined with its rich cultural diversity, allows IT professionals and developers to effortlessly communicate and collaborate with global clients and companies. Moreover, as a hub for numerous multinational corporations (MNCs), professionals in India are highly adaptable to diverse client requirements. They can adjust their workflows and customize services to align with each client’s unique expectations.

  1. Security and Compliance Benefits

Another added benefit of moving your web app development operations to India is that developers prioritize data security. Many Indian firms adhere to internationally accepted standards like ISO certifications and GDPR, ensuring your web applications are globally compliant. This commitment to data privacy and security offers peace of mind, knowing your sensitive data is safeguarded.

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Future Outlook: Emerging Trends in Web Application Development in India

With advancing web technologies like AI, Web3, and serverless frameworks, web applications are on the cusp of transformation. Let’s explore some of the emerging trends in light of such developments.

  1. Blockchain Integration

Blockchain integration is another web development trend that’s transforming online applications. By securing data with cryptography, integrating this technology makes it nearly impossible for malicious actors to tamper with sensitive user data. Its impact is particularly reshaping how finance, healthcare, and supply chain applications operate without significant reliance on a centralized authority.

  1. Voice User Interfaces

Web applications today are all about making interactions with technology feel more natural and intuitive. The majority of developers are doing so by letting users talk to their devices or applications. As a result, voice user interfaces (VUIs) are rapidly emerging as a transformative trend in the web application development industry.

  1. Single-Page Applications (SPAs)

Single-page applications are becoming the go-to choice due to their ability to load a single HTML page and dynamically update content without the need for page refreshes. This approach results in a smoother, faster user experience and reduces server load, making it ideal for real-time applications like social media platforms and personal finance tools​.


The advancements and growth in web application development, in India and globally, reflect the increasing demand for tech solutions that enhance online presence. This boom isn’t just a trend; it’s an opportunity to future-proof your business.

With significant cost advantages, favorable time zones, cultural compatibility, and a focus on security measures, India, in particular, has emerged as a pioneer. From bootstrapped startups to global giants, Indian developers can transform your online presence, enabling you to meet the evolving demands of all companies, even those across borders.

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