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real estate photography trends 2020

It has been amazing to witness the real estate sector transforming over the last ten years. Despite constant high and lows, its overall rate of progress not only grew but also branched out. A significant part of that credit goes to innovation and the internet. They came together to generate many strong trends for the industry over the decade.

One of those is real estate photography.

In present-day real estate, HDR photo editing & high-quality photography play a critical role in inspiring buyers. So much so that the visual aspect of a property listing is now a primary sales-differentiator.

  • Property listings with high-quality photographs sell 32% faster
  • Staged homes(virtually or otherwise) sell 25% faster
  • Over 80% of online buyers expect visuals of a property before visiting it
  • 54% of buyers won’t even look at a property listing that has no images

Now, more than ever, it’s about what your images seem to convey or hide. Going ahead, the impact of photography on conversions doesn’t appear anywhere close to piping down. Here’s our take at the trends that are likely to drive this vital aspect of online real estate in 2020.

Global Property Landscape, the Internet, and the Growth of Real Estate Photography

Owing to technological advancements, the way people buy and sell properties has entirely changed. Businesses, too, have let go of the old ways and began redefining themselves as a tech-enabled, truly modern brokerage firm.

How Property Buyers Changed
50% of home-buyers found their dream properties online, as per the National Association of Realtors
76% of buyers found their homes on a mobile device
Social media, MLS sites, and websites were the three highest lead providers for realtors
87% of home buyers find property photos the most helpful things in a listing
A majority of buyers now expect virtual house tours and real-time updates
Buyers within the age range of 53-71 assign high value to virtual house tours
Real estate industry is responsible for nearly 20-25% of commercial drone usage
How Real Estate Sellers Changed
93% realtors contact clients through email, 92% through text, while 37% use instant messaging
49.5% of real estate agents plan to incorporate video content into their marketing strategy
84.6% of brokerage agents primarily use Facebook for social media marketing
Nearly 48% of businesses have either used a drone or plan to use one in near future for aerial photography

Needless to point out, technology allowed for some real progress in this industry. However, the advent of online listings created an urgent need to impress buyers. They had too many options to consider. And, grabbing their attention was getting tougher by the day.

That’s where real estate photography made its entrance.

The first whispers of professional property photography began way back in 2003. However, it wasn’t until 2010 that real estate photography firms propped up nationwide. Studies conducted into how people searched for properties online led to revealed preferences. Visual mediums, i.e., photos, videos, virtual tours, infographics, etc. became the best tools for marketing property listings online.

In simple words, photos worked! And they still do. They are user-friendly ways to showcase homes and their bundle of features. They are also the route to access a broad range of audiences and motivate them to consider or purchase a property.

Under the Spotlight- Top 3 Trends of Real Estate Photography in 2020

Staying ahead of the competition is a full-time job in this industry. Studying the latest trends can help you gauge the market and consumer sentiment. At the same time, you can incorporate these insights into your current marketing strategy and beat your competitors.

1. Minimalistic Staging

real estate staging tips

Millennials are increasingly moving towards the ‘Biggest Homebuyer Demographics’ title. But, their requirements and preferences vary from their predecessors in various manners. Minimalism is one such inclination, i.e., cozy, yet efficient spaces.

As a concept, minimalism is quite ethereal. Meticulously crafted yet simplified to its last grain, this trend is claiming the younger generation. Millennials want to experience life, responsibly utilize energy, and be authentic. However, reflecting that sentiment in a photograph is quite an arduous task at times.

That poses a unique challenge for both photographers in real estate & HDR photo editing services.

Calm & simple- these are the two building blocks of a minimalistic image, believes photographer Ante Badzim. As per Badzim, as long as you can establish the right amount of distraction and the lack thereof, the image will turn out fine.

Of course, less noise in any image helps throw more focus on the subject. When shooting, that can be achieved by removing things from a frame. But, there could be hindrances to that approach. The property could still be occupied by tenants, too old, or not in up-top shape.

That’s why a great deal of minimalism is introduced in property photos post-shooting. You can tweak the background, virtually stage the space with different aesthetics, etc. it’s primarily why many real estate photographers use real estate image blending services to refocus their image towards minimalism.

Here’s what you can do to add a minimalistic touch to your photos-

  • Compose your shots with simplicity in mind
  • Include bright colors that work well together; avoid excessive color corrections though
  • Add texture to optimize the image’s appeal; don’t abuse contrast or saturation
  • Use patterns, lines, and lone objects to add a creative twist to minimalistic images
  • Try to aim for a dramatic composition but do it carefully to avoid chaos in the image

2. Drone Photography

drone photography editing services

Real estate is far ahead of industries that are still playing with the idea of utilizing drone tech. It adopted the hi-fi aerial tool when the technology had just begun to take its first steps.

As opposed to the grave & imposing expense of helicopters/planes for aerial photography, drones are cheaper. They are also easier to control and require less human resources. You can take unique shots from otherwise steep angles quickly by using drones.

Best of all, they can do wonders for property listings by providing accurate & engaging visual content.

  • Homes with aerial shots sell 68% faster
  • 83% of home sellers prefer agents who use drones
  • Large properties perform better with aerial images

Not surprisingly, drone usage is expected to increase going forward. So, you can prepare for that trend by getting an adequate understanding. Get to know their set-up cost, general expenses, related photography skills, and associated rules to get the best out of your shots.

3. Mobile Responsiveness

real estate HDR mobile responsive photo

We’ve already shared how 76% of buyers used mobile devices to look for their homes. Imagine then the frustration of a buyer and hence the subsequent loss of a lead if an image/video loads poorly on a mobile!

Optimizing websites for mobiles is one of the essential practices right now. Even Google keeps reiterating how conversion rates and rankings are directly hit because of poor mobile transition. That’s why, as shopper behavior continues to incline towards mobile, real estate businesses need to take the next step.

It would be best right now to refine every aspect of property listings, streamlining the process for better acquisition and conversion. That includes the photography process as well as real estate photo editing.

Take a look at some figures

  • By 2021, mobile will be responsible for 41% of the entire time spent watching digital videos
  • A bulk of social advertising revenue comes from mobile users
  • Live video & digital video ads have become significant social media marketing tools
  • Businesses have only eight seconds to impress a user before his/her attention shifts
  • Voice interaction is a rising trend right now

The lesson these numbers are trying to teach you is simple- you must create content that today’s audience resonates with.

So, when shooting a house or property, create shots in a format that can be easily edited. If you outsource HDR photo editing services, make sure they make the final photos responsive to different screens. Use drones to create aerial videos that can drive more engagement on social media. Create property tours, short videos highlighting features, 360-degree shots, panoramic pictures, etc.

Simply put, focus on creating visual content that has the potential to attract an online visitor on mobile and otherwise.

Bonus Tip- Outsource Photo Editing

Real estate leaders of this era are driven continuously by the pressure to add strategic value. As a result, they are testing new hypotheses, looking beyond the traditional approaches, and experimenting.

36% of real estate leaders worldwide plan to outsource within the next few years. 41% admit to outsourcing currently. A majority of photographers delegate real estate image blending services, HDR photo editing, etc. to a third party. Their decision to hire an external helping hand is based on four main pillars-

  • Leverage- Upskill the in-house team while getting time-taking jobs performed with precision by an outsourcing provider
  • Expertise- Choose from a global talent pool of world-class photo editing experts
  • Risk Management- With a third party to help you along, the aggregate risk goes down
  • High Standards- Reputed HDR photo editing services automatically translate to high standards

Outsourcing is perhaps one of the biggest trends of this millennium. The possibilities of its growth are endless, especially in a fruitful industry like real estate. So, keep your eyes open for what’s to come.

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Visuals will continue to play a significant role in real estate, at least in the new decade. It’s wise, in such circumstances, to have a reliable and efficient partner by your side.

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