Ultimate Guide for Optimizing Amazon Product Listing in 2021


Tips and Tricks to Optimize Amazon Product Listing in 2021
There have been massive changes in the way people are buying things all over the world. Consumers are using technology to order their goods and services online from the safety of their homes. They are making use of eCommerce websites like Amazon to get the delivery of items right on their doorstep.

Businesses need to recognize this trend and gear up for some major adjustments. Most retailers are investing in Amazon optimization services to meet their consumer’s needs and expectations. They aim to take advantage of the platform’s tremendous sales to speed up their growth.

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Amazon: An Overview

Amazon is a multinational conglomerate and one of the most valuable global brands. The company reported net revenue of 280 billion U.S. dollars in the year 2019. This is all because of the excellent sales of products, AWS activities, seller revenues, and subscription services like Amazon Prime.

The company also offers online retail, digital content, computing services, consumer electronics, and local services of delivering essential items.

Amazon contains the biggest eCommerce store in the world. It is the primary point of reference for online shopping. Many retailers enter the Amazon market in the hopes to keep their business afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic. Once they see the benefits that the platform offers, there is no looking back. However, this means more competition for sellers.

What is Amazon SEO?

Most of the time buyers do not look past the first page of search results. With the market full of so much promise and competition, you need an effective arsenal to stand out as a business owner and gain more profits.

It means you need to optimize your product listings to rank higher in searches. This is Amazon SEO. It is designing a product listing in a manner that attracts the right audience, increases conversions, and boosts sales.

It is like how you optimize your site to rank higher in Google. The only difference is that Amazon is a closed marketplace where all endeavors must bring more profits to a single entity – Amazon.

You can hire Amazon SEO experts to help you with optimizing your product listing if you find it confusing or try reading this post. It covers some important tips and tricks to increase your product inquiries, boost your sales, and grow your business. Continue reading to find out more.

How Do I Optimize My Listing On Amazon 2021?

You need to be competitive and smart to increase sales in the Amazon marketplace. You need to level up your marketing strategies by improving your product listings. Here are some tips and tricks to promote your brand and maximize conversion opportunities.

Focus On Product Title

This is the first thing a consumer notices while browsing through a list of products they want to buy. For most categories, Amazon provides your product title length of 250 characters. You must use all the characters intelligently to get the maximum benefit.

Here are some key points that are useful to anyone looking to improve their product title:

  • Include Primary Keywords: The product title must contain the main keywords that attract the attention of buyers. You can add 1 – 3 keywords in your title that are highly relevant and fit naturally in the sentence you are creating.
  • Write For Actual Consumers: Do not stuff too many keywords into the title. Be cautious and choose ones that are specific to your product.
  • Add in the Right Information: You can include features and information into the title. Think on the lines of information you would like to see when searching for your product. It may include specifications like color, size, model, brand, quantity, etc.
  • Mention the USP of Your Product: Enter information unique to your product, details that distinguish you from your competitor. Think about what will make your audience like and buy your product.
  • Mention Brand Name: This will help attract repeat purchasers who know your product and willing to buy again from you.

Optimize Your Product’s Description

This is the area where you can talk more about your product. Amazon gives you 2000 words to explain carefully why your product is unique and superior to other similar products. Here are some rules to optimize this area:

  • Use Minimal Keywords: You can add relevant keywords in the description but make sure not to add too many or otherwise it may not read well.
  • Write in Bullet Points: Break down the information that you want to display into bullet points. They are much easier to read and browse through. The buyer can look through the information faster and feels more informed to make a purchase.
  • Create A Narrative: You can also choose to tell a story about your product or the brand. Use brief sentences and smaller paragraphs for it.
  • Add Correct Details: View the product description as virtual packaging information for your product. Explain all the right information about the product style, model, and features.
  • Keep it Simple: Do not go too much into details and instead try to explain how and why the product will improve their lives. You need to make them realize the importance of buying your product.

Use High-Quality Images and Videos

When a buyer shops online, he or she cannot touch products in person. The product images should catch the customer’s attention and enable them to visualize the product in their hands. They should also show the product completely, letting the buyer get a sense of what the product is all about.

Here are some factors that can help optimize Amazon product listing efficiently:

  • Optimal Size: The eCommerce platform has specific guidelines for the use of product images. Amazon allows you to use product images that are greater than 1000×1000 pixels in size. The more images you add, the better it is. This way users can take advantage of the Zoom feature that will highlight all the components of your product.
  • Optimal Number: Amazon allows you nine product images, 7 of which are available in the product listing. The rest 2 are available when customers click on the photo gallery on the product page. You must use each efficiently and add as many as possible.
  • Professional Shots: Take pictures from different angles and sizes. Make the consumer better understand your product. This will make them more comfortable and confident in buying the merchandise that you are selling.
  • Follow Amazon Guidelines: According to Amazon, the lead images must have a plain background. There should be no watermarks, product blueprints, sketches, or infographics.
  • Add Keywords: Include keywords and descriptive words in the tags of your images.
  • Use High-quality Images: Hire a professional photographer to take some amazing high-definition shots of your product. You need to capture some that show the product in use and in the best lighting.
  • Include Lifestyle Images: Include photographs that show the scale and size of the product. Use ones that attract the buyer and enable them to make a purchase.
  • Include Infographics: Create colorful and informative infographics that display important information about your product.

You can even use videos to show steps to use your product. Make sure they too are of high-quality and adhere to guidelines by Amazon.

Images and Videos are a big selling feature of a product. They can be the difference between a shopper buying the product or just skipping through your listing. Spend some time and money in creating clear and easy-to-read images. This way you can benefit from them and reach the right audience.

Identify Keywords

Amazon uses keywords to rank your product in a particular category. You need to choose them wisely as it can be the deciding factor where your product will rank in search results. You must use relevant keywords to appear in the right search results.

Here is a list of key parameters that can help you identify the right keywords you need to rank higher in searches:

  • Do Proper Research: Most sellers need to do proper research. They need to find out the terms that people are using often when they look to buy the products you are selling.
  • Create a List: You need to research keywords extensively and enlist the relevant ones.
  • Use Long-tail Keywords: You need long-tail keywords that have less competition from other listings. Thus, they can get you a higher ranking compared to shorter keywords.
  • Search terms change often throughout the year. You need to keep a list of all the keywords and where you are using them. Revisit this list, at least once a month to update it.
  • Check The Competitor: Look at the competitor’s listing and the keywords they are using. Include some of them in your listing.
  • If you are not sure about a keyword, just go to Amazon.com and type that keyword into the search bar. Select the ones you find useful and add them to your content.
  • Make sure not to repeat any keywords and try to form meaningful sentences with them. Do not stuff keywords as it can decrease your chances to rank higher.

Product Reviews

Reviews are an important part of improving the rank of your Amazon product listing. It gives a social validation that your product is of a high standard. People also prefer buying from a seller that has excellent reviews and ratings. Hence, you need to get as much feedback as you can.

For reminding your customers to leave honest feedback, you can drop them an email after they receive your product. You can inform them about when they should expect their products and follow up. Make them feel valued and then ask for a recommendation.

If the feedback is not good, work on the part where you are lacking. The way you handle negative reviews allows shoppers to see how you handle negativity. You need to respond to their queries immediately, offer them a return, replacement, or refund. This will make them see that you take your customers seriously and know that they will probably get a quick response for any issue.

How SunTec India can Help Improve Your Sales?

We help to establish your brand in the Amazon marketplace and ensure an increase in revenue. We achieve this by optimizing your product listings and making them stand out from the rest of the competition.

SunTec India is a leading IT outsourcing company that has been operational for the last two decades in the industry. Our Amazon store optimization services experts are flawless, affordable, and fast. We aim to provide you with world-class services that increase conversions, boost sales, and get you a high Return on Investment (or ROI).


Amazon is a leading eCommerce store that has millions of products and users. To stay competitive on this platform, you need to change your marketing strategies and continuously improve them. This post explains some major tips and tricks to optimize your Amazon product listing to get better traffic and sales. It guides you towards growth and change as we enter the year 2021. You can use this guide as a checklist of things to keep in mind while posting a new listing. It will help you get the profits you desire and a better shopping experience for your customers. For more information and to discuss your project, drop us an email at info@suntecindia.com.

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