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With Adobe declaring the end of Flash by 2020, the tech world has gravitated towards a new promising blend of open web technologies especially HTML5. It is now a globally accepted standard incorporated by most of the browsers in their latest released versions. HTML5 is a host of promising features that have sparked a trend shift in the tech industry. Here are the listed features with their corresponding capabilities:

Video,audio and graphics available as native features

The version 5 of HTML packs disruption inducing elements which render use of external and third party plugins such as flash player obsolete. It eradicates the impending doom of constantly installing and updating external plugins. It also provides a better multimedia experience with lower memory usage and an improved battery life for mobile devices. That makes it more than a handy tool to enhance your business reach.


  • Makes ads easier to display, utilizing lesser space and incurs lesser costs.
  • Makes targeting your audiences a walk in the park .
  • Magnifies chances of premium app purchases and meeting conversion goals.

Cross platform compatibility and SEO friendliness

It hardly matters what device you use, HTML5 apps work on all. HTML5 removes the platform-compatible code constraint.Thus, developers don’t have to code separately for a particular platform. The semantic elements of HTML5 make SEO for your website easier. They aptly describe the structure of the web pages and the type of data. Additionally, features like Geolocation enable access to a particular users location.


  • Conflict free updation across all platforms
  • Increased readability by browsers
  • Easy access to location specific trends and insights

Transition of gaming towards HTML5 – flash games no more

HTML5 is already a multi-million dollar game platform. The potential for virality and and widespread distribution makes it a hot spot for game development. The inbuilt canvas feature in HTML5 is a vital element in the creation of games. Various stakeholders have migrated from flash to HTML5 with certain gaming engines introducing HTML5 support.


  • Can be embedded into anything; messengers, apps or browsers.
  • Playability on both desktop and mobile without installation.
  • Multi-player game development by means of webSockets technology.

Evolution of learning platforms to HTML5

HTML5 is the current benchmark for the eLearning industry in matters of content creation and deployment. It is the preferred choice for MOOC’s due to magnified prospects of content accessibility and multiple device support for learners.


  • Enables creation of dynamic and attractive content with a load of interactive media rich elements.
  • Offers learner tracking ability and transfer of aggregated reports.
  • Easy course progress monitoring and LMS support.

The paradigm shift in the industry necessitates migration from flash to HTML5. Flash based legacy e-learning courses seldom run on platforms like iOS. The only way to make such courses available on multiple platforms and to wider audiences is by conversion to HTML5.

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Now that you are acquainted with the power of HTML5. Take a step further to explore our HTML5 services and experience first hand the wonders of HTML5 in action. For more info write to us at and allow us to craft your way to success!

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