Sell More Properties with Real Estate Photo Editing Services

Real Estate Photo Editing

Real Estate Photo Editing Services

In a day and age where the success of a business hinges largely on the visual effect you create on your target audience; the real estate business is not an exception. If your business is to sell/rent properties, you must be aware of the importance of the right images. Photos not only help you to engage your target audience but also prove to be highly effective selling tools. But randomly clicked photographs won’t serve any purpose unless they depict the property in the right context, color and hue. All these attributes create a spell on the buyer and inspire them to visit the property. To highlight the most important features of your property, you have to fall back on photo enhancement techniques and the expertise of real estate photo editors.

Properties listed with quality photos sell 32% faster. No wonder, real estate photo editing services have become an integral part of the operations of realtors around the world. While clicking photos of real estate is one thing, creating the desired effect on the buyer is a different ball game altogether. It takes in-depth understanding of the latest photo editing techniques and the ability to use them to your advantage. You as a property seller/manager don’t have time to master every aspect of sales, hence the need for real estate photo editing services.

Let’s take a deeper look at the different real estate photo editing services and find out how exactly they enable you to sell more. We will also try to zero in on the best ways to leverage photo editing services.

The most important real estate photo editing/retouching services include:

  • Real Estate Photo Enhancement
  • HDR Image Blending
  • Real Estate Panorama
  • Color Cast Removal
  • Sky Replacement
  • Perspective Correction
  • Virtual Tours
  • Day to Dust Conversion
  • Real Estate HDR Blending
  • Floor Plan Conversion

1. Real Estate Photo Enhancement

You might be using the latest DSLR camera to click your property photographs, but the results are usually far from perfect. This is due to several factors such as lighting, camera shakes and unwanted objects in the frame. To correct all these minor and major anomalies of the raw property images, professional photo editing experts use the latest technology and tools. As part of the real estate photo enhancement services,they retouch the property photos to make them free of all sorts of distortions. When you post such enhanced photos on your property listings, you get better traffic and more conversion.

2. HDR Image Blending

HDR Image Blending Services

HDR real estate photo blending services transform your property photos by blending multiple bracketed exposures and tone mapping. This technique not only enhances the overall appeal of your property but also engages your target audience by highlighting the details of the interior and exterior. Real estate photo editing experts take high resolution photographs of the property clicked from different angles and lighting conditions. Then by using HDR techniques, they put the best shots together and merge them perfectly to create a new image that highlights every detail of the property.

3. Real Estate Panorama

Buyers who throng the online real estate marketplaces want to have a detailed look at the interior and exteriors of the properties listed. If you really want to sell your property, you need to give them a panoramic view of real estate. Normally clicked photos have their own limitations in projecting the property in its full glory. Real estate photo editing services come to your rescue in this scenario. Experts blend the photos taken from different angles to create a panoramic view. Such panoramic photos subtly nudge your prospective buyers to make the buying decision.

4. Color Cast Removal

While a certain amount of color cast in property photos is good, excessive exposure to certain lighting may ruin the photograph completely. Professional cameras often capture certain hues that are detrimental to viewer experience. Real estate color cast removal services present your property in the right hue that is pleasing to the viewer’s eye. Experienced real estate photo editors use their industry insight and expertise on Photoshop to present your real estate in the right hue.

5. Sky Replacement

Sky Replacement Services

You might have captured the perfect shot of the property, but the image is not ready to be listed unless the sky in the background looks equally great. At times the sky looks dull and on other occasions it is too overcast. Such a shot can ruin the whole appeal of the real estate photo. In sky replacement services, professional real estate photo editors rework the image to give it a perfect look. By using Photoshop tools, they change the color of the clouds to match with your property photo.

6. Perspective Correction

Beauty is all about symmetry and the same is true for your real estate photographs. Most of the time, property photos are not in symmetry with the background or the surrounding areas. If you post such raw photos on your property listings, customers tend to ignore them. This is simply because the human mind is hardwired to look for symmetries. Hence it makes sense to get all your property photographs corrected of the right perspective. Especially if you deal in high-rise offices and residential buildings, perspective correction is an absolute must for you.

7. Virtual Tours

In today’s world where all of us are hard pressed for time, we want to make the most of our online resources. Real estate customers who get a comprehensive view of properties they are interested in are more likely to buy. Real estate photo editing experts can help you sell more by creating 360 degree virtual tours. They mix and match photographs of the property in such a way that the customer can explore every corner of the property by clicking a few buttons on the screen.

8. Day to Dust Conversion

Sales is all about giving your target audience a rich buying experience and property sales is no different. Anyone who is interested in your property listing would love to imagine it at different times of the day. What if you are able to bring this imagination to life by creating a day to dusk portfolio? Well real estate photo editing experts can portray the same property image at different times of the day. When you are able to give this rich experience to your prospective buyers, the chances of conversion multiply manifolds.

Not an expert on real estate photo editing? Hire a specialized agency

To leverage all these real estate photo editing techniques, you have to maintain a team of well trained photo editing experts. While hiring such a team of experts takes a lot of money, managing the team eats into your productive time. The best way out of this situation is hiring dedicated real estate photo editing experts with a specialized agency. This business practice can give your customized results that add value to your overall business. In addition to this, you also get:

  • Easy access to the right skill sets
  • Dedicated real estate photo editing experts
  • Freedom from overhead expenses
  • Quick and customized photo editing services
  • More time to concentrate on property sales
  • Complete control of your outsourced services

Want to Sell More Properties?

SunTec India is one such outsourcing company that offers the widest range of real estate photo editing services to realtors around the world. We provide you with dedicated photo editing experts that work exclusively for you. Being a real estate photo enhancement services provider based out of India, we have access to abundant talent and world-class infrastructure. All these unique advantages add up and enable you to sell more properties in a day. Drop a line at to get started.

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