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Looking forward to 2022? We all are. The year 2020 has brought social distancing and an unfavorable economic climate because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been a challenge to do business anywhere, especially for real estate agents. Despite the obvious hit, we all want to know how the real estate market is doing and what to expect in the coming year.

Last year saw several agents learning new tips and tricks to stay in the business. Innovation, technology, and photo editing services have been an enormous help in navigating through unforeseen circumstances.

As a real estate professional, you need to keep up with these changes and advancements to meet the competition. You can get all the information from this post. Here we will discuss some of the latest trends and advantages of photo editing for real estate businesses in 2022. We mention the ones that have been prominent this year and will continue to do so in the new year.

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Some Facts

    • According to a study by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), a typical buyer uses a mobile device to search for properties online. They search for websites that have lots of photos, home listing, and a lot of information. It is possible that they visit 10 such houses over 10 weeks.
    • According to their research, 90% of home buyers search online before making a purchase. And a whopping 98% of older millennials go online to search for homes.
    • They also found that photos of the property and associated information were the most valuable aspects of a website for all generations. Out of them, 87% found photos very useful, whereas 46% of them found virtual tours to be more useful.
    • According to Redfin, homes with professional photography fetch more money and sell faster.

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Image Source: Redfin

  • According to a new study of Chicago-area real estate sales by, listings with high-quality images sell 32% faster than all other ones.
  • According to the Wall Street Journal, 61% of images that are high quality get more views online.

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Top Trends of Photography Editing for Real Estate Businesses in 2022

Technology influences a lot of businesses in the market. The real estate industry also needs to keep up with the changing times to stay relevant. A lot of realtors are now relying on digital tools for their marketing. They realize the impact of high-quality images in making a sale.

This is just one of the most important trends that have come into effect considering the recent COVID-19 pandemic. They will continue to be of importance even in the foreseeable future. Here we list some emerging trends of photo editing for real estate businesses in 2022.

Trend 1: Home Buyers are Searching For Real Estate Services Online

Many of the buyers are looking online for a property on the internet now more than ever. There they can gather more information and check out photos of the listing before they meet the realtor. In fact, there have been studies by Google and the National Association of Realtors (NRA) on this emerging trend. It mentions some important revelations:

“According to the study by the NAR, internet searches for real estate on Google have been increasing at a rate of 253% over the past four years. It will continue to do so in the year 2022”

Real estate agents recognize this trend of using digital channels and tools to meet new prospects. They want to be part of this digital transformation to remain competitive and relevant. It is important for them to have a strong and attractive online presence. For this, they need high-quality photos and engaging content.

Trend 2: It is a Mobile World For Real Estate Players

Most of the conversations between realtors, agents, sellers, and buyers take place using a mobile device. It helps them to connect with each other while being on the move. This is how they search for listings, gather intelligence about the industry, and conduct business effortlessly.

“According to NAR, 89% of new home shoppers use a mobile search engine for their research. Also, 68% of them use mobile applications at the beginning or throughout the buying process. “
real estate photo editing services

Image Source: NAR

“According to Google, more people use mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and notebooks than desktop.”

Hence, it is important to have a mobile-responsive website. Images should be scalable, viewable, and zoomable for many handheld devices. It needs to display high-quality photos where the primary object is clearly visible. Or else viewers will shift their attention to their competitors.

Trend 3: Real Estate Agents are Partnering With Photographers

With the rise in demands for high-quality photographs of a property, many realtors are partnering with professional photographers. This gives them a chance to look at their listing stand out and attract more clients.

A real estate database like Zillow is already offering mutually beneficial partnerships with real estate photographers. All one needs is to submit a few requirements and pass all quality checks. Then they become a Zillow certified photographer.

Trend 4: Photographs are Using Drones to Take Awesome Aerial Shots

It is a relatively new technology that can be useful in capturing some brilliant images of the topography. A viewer can easily understand the landscape through an aerial photo and video of the property. All one needs are good navigation skills and a high-definition camera.

Attach the camera to the drone and you are good. Gather as many videos and stills of the property as you want from above. The operator can see the view of the drone in real-time and position it accurately to get that perfect shot.

Using a drone is easier and cheaper than you think. You just need to invest in one or partner with someone who already has the equipment. It will give you the image perspective that you need and photos that are really exceptional. You can also make short videos of the interior that market for themselves.

Using drones is one of the real estate photography trends in 2022. It is a great way to market a property by differentiating oneself from the local competition. It captures an encompassing view of the land surrounding the property and presents an alternative possibility in real estate photography.

Trend 5: Photographers are Outsourcing Their Photo Editing Tasks

This is yet another one of the many trends in real estate photo editing. Many of the real estate photographs are now outsourcing the major part of their image retouching work offshore. It helps them save time and focus on their core task of taking photos. It also saves them a lot of money to hire in-house professionals to do major rework on images. This way they get fast, high-quality, and affordable results by using the latest technologies.

Trend 6: Transform a Room With Virtual Staging

Often the seller leaves the room before you sell it. This makes it difficult for buyers to visualize empty rooms with no furniture and take any decision on making a purchase. To make the space livable, sellers spend thousands of dollars in making repairs and buying furnishing.

Virtual Staging provides a unique alternative from doing all the cleaning, hauling, and other labor-intensive tasks. Designers use sophisticated graphics programs to present a property in the best manner possible. It is quick and affordable.

Many photographers use virtual stagers to place the correct lighting and furniture on their properties. It showcases a room in a fresh way that piques the interest of buyers. Choose professionals with the experience to render realistic-looking furniture or else they can end up looking comically fake.

Trend 7: Using Social Media to Market Properties

Social media is a powerful tool to promote any new listing. It connects a lot of millennials and older generations looking to buy a house online. Real estate agents will use this technology to their benefit. It is an upcoming trend and will continue to be so in the coming few months.

“ According to a study by NAR, 97% of realtors use Facebook to interact with buyers. LinkedIn pursues Facebook with 59% of realtors using this social media platform to promote and advertise their service. While others use Instagram and Twitter to interact with prospects and clients in real-time”

real estate property marketing trends

Image Source: NAR

Many even optimize images for different mobile applications and devices. This helps them reach a wider audience. Social media is affordable, fast, and most far-reaching of all the different ways of marketing a real estate property. It is an effective way to reach lots of people in the least amount of time.

Trend 8: Use of 3D Virtual Tours

This is another one of the upcoming new real estate photography trends in 2022. It allows a buyer to examine accurately the place without ever setting foot. They can navigate through each room and better understand the flow and layout of the house. 3D images and videos are in high demand and growing quite popular in the real estate industry.

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Why Use Real Estate Photo Editing Work?

There are lots of benefits of using real estate image editing services for agents, sellers, and photographers. It gives the photograph a visually attractive appeal that gets buyers to purchase a property. Here we list the top advantages of using photo editing services that can benefit anyone looking to sell real estate.

    • Removes Any Imperfection

You can use photo editing services to bring the best out of an image. It can be achievable by removing unwanted objects, backgrounds, and noise from images. It is also useful to correct hues, white balance, color, alignment, brightness, contrast, and much more.

    • Adds Additional Effects

You can easily add details to an image to attract more buyers. You can place furnishing, TV screens, and fireplaces to make an empty room look alive. It brings the best out of the property and influences a sale.

    • Creates More Business

Adding high-quality images and editing them is an obvious and smart choice to grow your business. It brings out the best features of a real estate property and allows buyers to visualize the place. The more they see and like, the more they are likely to book an appointment to visit the place, actually.

    • Enhances the USP of the Property

Each listing has a unique selling proposition like a spacious bedroom, balcony overlooking the ocean, or an amazing backyard. You can expect real estate image editing services providing experts to enhance the images and bring out the best in each. They can add lovely scenery, eliminate reflections, and add majestic views, providing buyers with a view of what awaits them after they buy the house.

  • Increases Sales

We know beautiful images draw an audience. It gives them a glimpse of how a house will look after they buy it. This provides an opportunity for realtors to showcase a property and make a sale. The more the people visualize living there, the more they are likely to buy the place.

Final Words

The advancement in technology requires realtors to update themselves regularly in order to stay competitive. Lots of agencies are already embracing these new trends of real estate photography. They will continue to do so in the year 2022. There are lots of benefits of real estate image editing services in today’s modern world. We mentioned some of them in this post. It will clear all your doubts and hopefully guide you to increase sales and business in the real estate industry. For more information, you can contact us at

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