Why Choose ReactJS For Frontend Web Development In 2022?

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Looking for the best front-end framework for web development?

We present the case for ReactJS.

Discover why ReactJs is so popular, what are its biggest benefits, and why you should choose this technology. We shall also discuss which projects are the perfect fit for this technology and where do ReactJs development services fare in this equation.

Top Solutions That Use ReactJS

Top Solutions That Use ReactJS

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Why Is ReactJS So Popular?

Is React used widely? Yes.

So, why did React become popular?

Because it facilitates simpler, faster, and better front-end development. With the right ReactJS development services, you can expand your business across multiple avenues quickly and seamlessly.

What Are The Advantages Of Using ReactJS?

  • Intuitive
  • Flexible
  • Community-backed
  • Simple learning curve
  • Fast rendering & development
  • Easy to maintain

But, how does React bring about these benefits?

Why Should You Choose ReactJS For Web Development?

Among all the reasons why businesses choose ReactJs, these are the most important ones.

  • Easy to Understand
  • Intuitive UI Creation
  • Easy to Test & Scale
  • Saves Time and Efforts
  • Strong Community Support
    • But, why?

      Because they hold the essence of this technology, i.e., a versatile set of features that enables ReactJS to cut down on the complexity of UI development drastically. Let’s discuss how that happens in detail.

      1. Easy To Understand

      A professional developer can quickly adapt to ReactJS. A simple learning curve and unobtrusive pattern are the most significant advantage of this front-end framework.

      React takes very little time to set up. The documentation is vast, clear, and well-categorized for easy understanding. And, you can start development right away.

      2. Intuitive UI Creation

      With a declarative DOM (Document Object Model,) ReactJS simplifies reading, understanding, and designing interactive UI code.

      You can change the state, write the code you want for how the application should behave. Next, React will take charge. It will use the declared code to interact with the DOM and execute the changes.

      That takes a lot of heavy lifting out of the equation.

      Image Source
      Image Source

      3. Easy To Test & Scale

      React cuts down the time to test codes, monitor feasibilities, and plan a scale-up.


      It allows you to run automated unit and integration tests. With Jest- React’s inbuilt testing tool, you can spot anomalies and identify regressions.

      Because it is component-based, it is highly versatile and hence, less fussy when it comes to scaling, third-party integration, or multi-platform support. Any React app can handle thousands of components at the very least.

      4. Very Time & Effort Saving

      First, let’s talk about the effort that you save when working with ReactJS.

      React supports reusable components which eliminate repetitive coding. React also uses a Virtual DOM to save loading time and increase performance.

      • It renders any change made in the UI on the virtual DOM.
      • It compares the previous and current DOM states.
      • It uploads the new state at once.

      Together, these two features (Reusable components and Virtual DOM) reduce the effort on a developer’s part. Your overall workload will drastically lessen if you know how to utilize these features.

      Eventually, that will save a lot of development time.

      5. Full Community & Resource Support

      Another reason why ReactJS is so popular: assistance is readily available from numerous sources.

      • Extensive and vivid documentation
      • A strong, large, and active community
      • High-quality forum support on GitHub and StackOverflow
      • Many pre-built component libraries
      • Various NPM (Node Package Manager) packages

      Again, as long as you prepare a repository of all spaces, forums, boards, and websites where React developers assemble, there shall be no issues in fixing problems.

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      What is ReactJS used for? How To Use ReactJS For Maximum Impact?

      ReactJS is widely used across industry domains. It is visible across the globe in numerous web & app solutions.

      For instance, look at some of the top websites built with ReactJS.

      • News websites like CNN, BBC, and The New York Times
      • Social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit
      • Utility apps like Uber and Airbnb
      • Media streaming apps like Netflix
      • Payment apps like PayPal and Venmo

      It is evident that ReactJS is a multifaceted piece of front-end technology. Therefore, if you want to ensure high-impact outcomes, use it in projects where ReactJS can shine.

      We have a few industry-proven use cases for ReactJS. Go through them for a better understanding of ReactJS implementation.

      1. Single-page applications

      A single-page application is one page. It interacts with any user by dynamically updating the page’s content. There is no need to fetch new pages from the server and load them on the front end for every request.

      Gmail is the best example of a single-page app, as are Airbnb, Netflix, and Paypal.

      ReactJs is an excellent choice for SPA development because of the virtual DOM and reusable component creation. Since all user interactions reflect on the virtual DOM, the SPAs created using ReactJS are fast and perform better.

      2. eCommerce websites

      A typical eCommerce website looks for simplified scalability and high performance. They need to be dynamic. That’s because their audience seeks quick responses, fast-loading pages, and minimal interruption in their buying journey.

      ReactJS makes that possible with reusable UI elements, atomic designs, quick responses through the virtual DOM, and dynamic interface experiences.

      Take PetSmart or Shopping.com, for example.


      3. Social networks

      The user equation for social networks is similar to that of an eCommerce website. The users demand swift performance, quick load cycles, post previews, dynamic entity behavior.

      At the same time, the website needs to manage refreshes, maintain reactions, and allow multiple agents to work at once (chatbox, post reactions, comments, statuses, etc.)

      With its SPA-creating capabilities, ReactJS makes it easier to implement all those functionalities.

      4. Data visualization tools

      You can build an end-to-end dashboard solution with ReactJS.

      We know how ReactJS can support interactive UI component building for any type of SPA or web app development project. But, a data visualization solution is usually data-heavy.

      React solves that problem with its virtual DOM.

      With optimal UI updates and fast component re-rendering, ReactJS handles heavy inflow of data while also ensuring that the dashboard updates on time and the data on it reflect the changes accurately.

      Image Source
      Image Source

      5. eLearning modules

      Most present-day eLearning solutions are an organized collection of interactive modules that can amplify engagement and promote knowledge retention. Therefore, eLearning software development involves dynamic behavior on the user interface and can require heavy multimedia shuffling on multiple pages.

      With ReactJS development services, creating such a solution becomes more manageable, faster, and less daunting for all parties involved.

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      ReactJS Development Services– The Best Way To Get Faster & Steller Outcomes

      ReactJS has a relatively simpler learning curve. ‘Relatively’ because it will come naturally to you if you have already worked in web development, not otherwise. Even then, you will need to spend some time understanding the odds and ends of this library, its appendages, capabilities, inbuilt functions.

      As a sole developer eager to learn and experiment, that is a feasible idea.

      As a business working on multiple projects and looking for new revenue streams, not so much!

      So, what do you do? We recommend outsourcing this task to a ReactJs development company. Doing so will get you a lot of advantages in addition to the quick results you seek.

      • Hire ReactJS developers- professionals in the field
      • Quickly scale the team up or down
      • Get access to an advanced technology infrastructure
      • Waste no time in troubleshooting with expert assistants
      • Receive priority services with any reputed ReactJS development company

      We are hopeful that this article helped you make more sense of ReactJS from a business point of view. To know more or for any doubts, reach out to us in the comments.

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