Are Your Product Descriptions Seductive Enough To Sell?


Does your eCommerce copy induce your readers to click buy or try? Or do you simply list down the features of your product and let your visitors decide what they want to do with it?

Product description copywriting needs to be optimized to increase your conversion ratio. So how do you sell your product through effective product descriptions? Follow these guidelines, which will help you, or your copywriters, to create unique and informative product descriptions that will instantly push the customer to look for the ‘Buy’ Button.

Clarify “The Five W’s” (and How)

Once you know your product USP and target audience, the 5 W’s can help you write a crisp yet descriptive product description. Here’s a checklist you should maintain before going ahead with the descriptions:

  • Who is the product for? If you know who’s more likely to search for your product, you can mold the descriptions in a way which explains them the value and features of the product
  • What makes your product unique? This section details the basic attributes of your product viz. dimension, material used, and describes what makes you different from competitors
  • Where can your potential customers use this product? You can mention the specifications for use of the product
  • When can your customers use the product? You can mention if it’s a flight risk or meant for indoor or outdoor use
  • How can your product be used? If your product is a gadget, you can attach a How to Use description which makes your description a good read

Include Benefits Within Features

As a seller, you are aware of the different facets of your product and why your customer should invest in it. Including the benefits of the products within its key features gives your customers the required nudge in making the purchase. For example, if you are selling a utensil (a stainless steel pan), you can mention how the stainless steel will reduce corrosion and maintain an unadulterated cooking experience.

Define the Tone of Your Voice

The tone of your voice is the most critical aspect of writing product descriptions. It can differentiate you with your competitors and engage your target audience. Writing look hip with pure-cotton trousers instead of pure cotton trousers can change your customer’s opinion about the product drastically.

Appeal to Audience’s Imagination

Every customer feels guilty even before buying the product. To eliminate this buyer’s guilt, you can let your customers know that it’s a one-time offer, a bargain which makes it sound exclusive to them. You can add phrases which compliments them for finding such an amazing deal. Moreover, your eCommerce site allows limited interaction with client. It’s just through a vivid description of words that you can appeal to their imagination. If you can do that, kudos to your product description.

Use More Verbs, Less Adjectives

In your description, adjectives can make the content body verbose and cumbersome. This might make your description sound false and bland. To avoid this, use of verbs should be encouraged. They reduce the length of your description by making it more precise and adding a little punch makes it appealing to the customers.

Use Social Proof

If your customer is really into a product on your eCommerce site and has more than made up his mind to purchase it, he still goes through one last mile which makes his decision concrete. A social referral or suggestion! Online review sites like Yelp has made this possible. You can include product reviews on them or on your own site to encourage a positive response towards your product inventory.

SEO Optimization

Because people use search engines to find your product, a keyword-specific product description helps you to optimize your content on search engines and allows a greater reach to your audience.

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