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Storytelling remains a classic marketing technique. Since time immemorial, people have created compelling narratives and used them to establish a connection with their target audience.

Times, however, have changed. So have the rules of storytelling-sales.

In the era of the internet, people rely on visual cues more than ever. Videos and images have become significant social media marketing assets. Any information in an image-form is retained for longer than plain text. Marketers prioritize the use of visual content in their strategies and campaigns.

Right now, for sellers who want to put their best foot forward, images matter the most. That applies especially to jewelry images because they need to be aesthetically appealing to captivate a buyer.

That’s why, for eSellers in that domain, jewelry image retouching has become a skill critical to success.

Why Is Retouching Jewelry Images Important?

The term ‘Jewelry’ covers a wide range of items.

Whether it is a nose stud or an elaborate diamond-studded three-level necklace with pearls at the center, everything is jewelry. It comes in several designs, simple as well as elaborate. Made out of metal, plastic, precious stones, gold, silver, platinum, amber, coral, beads, shells, and even paper, jewelry items offer a huge range in terms of variety.

When it comes to jewelry, quality matters just as much as its appearance, shine, stone shape, cut, placement, etc. And, a prospective buyer shopping online can not touch the material or the item to test its quality. They have to depend on the image to assess the product’s value and appeal.

That’s where retouching jewelry images helps. By applying this technique post-photography, you can-

  • Clean the appearance of the product
  • Showcase the best features of the product
  • Remove visible scratches, blemishes, fingerprints, dust, marks, etc.
  • Increase focus on the product
  • Level & crop the picture, eliminating distractions, to make the item more appealing in appearance
  • Improve brightness, shine, and clarity in dull pictures
  • Create a sparkle that’s usually desired in jewelry images

4 Things to Focus on When Retouching Jewelry Images

1. Remove Cluttered Backgrounds- Use a White One

using white background in jewelry product images

In the eCommerce industry, using a white background for images is a prevalent trend. Most eCommerce platforms, like Amazon & eBay, prefer product images with a white background. Amazon even makes it necessary for the first product photo to have a white or transparent background.

And for good reasons too!

A plain white backdrop draws attention to the product. Different colors and styles look brilliant over white. It makes the jewelry image pop. Plus, stones and metals come out prominently in a white environment.

2. Tread Lightly with the Reflections and Shadows

remove reflections and shadows - jewelry image retouching

Most jewelry pieces have stones, metal, and other elements that shine. No matter how careful you are, their photographs are bound to have some reflections and shadows.

Jewelry images can come out as breathtaking, as long as you wisely use the lighting, shadows, and reflections. But, it’s important to note that these three elements can also create a nuisance if left unattended.

Here’s how reflections & shadows can work in your favor.

  • They make the image appear realistic
  • They add depth to the photo and make the item stand out
  • They give off an aura of professional photography

But, you need a proper understanding of illumination and lighting control to capture appropriate jewelry images with neat shadows and reflections. Otherwise, your next best shot is trying to achieve that effect post-photography, i.e. while retouching.

If doing it yourself, you can try using photoshop. Black reflections can be removed using its brush tool and healing tools.

Otherwise, you can take help from any professional jewelry photo retouching services. They maintain a library of ideal reflections. Those are used for substitution in a poorly-captured picture whose reflections and shadows are too critical to retouch.

3. Use Color Correction to Maintain the Integrity of the Material

In jewelry images, getting the color just right is vital. Vague colors can distract online buyers. Hence, every color & shade should stand out from others.

jewelry (Stone) image color correction services

For instance, a buyer would expect to see evident variations in the images of a ring studded with aqua, turquoise, and misty teal stones. They would expect to differentiate 18K white gold from silver or platinum in one look.

That’s where color correction comes in handy.

Color correction is an excellent tool for retouching jewelry images. It can make the final image appear outstanding and gives it a professional, finished edge. Plus, it can help maintain the actual shade of the material/stones.

Additionally, color correction is also used by online jewelry stores to save time and manufacturing costs. They create one authentic design of any piece and use retouching to create variations of that sample. This practice protects them from the risk of maintaining a large inventory and not selling every item in that catalog. It also helps them by making it easier to showcase all sorts of possible designs and shades that can be made-to-order.

4. Pay Special Attention to Diamonds and other Stones

gemstone retouching services

Photographing gemstones is tricky. They are reflective by nature, with all sorts of shadows and light bending between them and the camera lens. The result- reflections, shadows, blind spots, glares, colored dots, and all sorts of distortions in the image.

Retouching jewelry images is necessary to fix those flaws.

It is also important because a buyer willing to buy a diamond online would like it to look as spotless as it’s advertised to be. The angles should be sharp; the light a perfect sparkle. The luster, reflection, and shine should be just about right.

Retouching can fix the brilliance of the gemstones just enough that its intricate details are visible to the naked eye. Remember, the aim is to make it look natural without affecting its original texture, beauty, or value.

Boost Your Brand’s Stature with Perfect Jewelry Photos

The jewelry market is extremely competitive. Not to mention, online sellers have to overcome their online competitors as well as the offline jewelers. In such marketplace circumstances, retouching helps eSellers elevate their brand status and create a unique niche for themselves.

Note that while retouching is critical for eSellers, it is also an umbrella term that covers many different techniques. If you’ve made it this far, then you already know about a few of them. They require proper understanding and enough time to achieve results that can appeal to an audience.

Let the Professionals Handle It!

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