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3 Reasons Why Your Product Photos Need Perfection


 jewellery photo retouching services

While making a purchase, about 67% online buyers go for a product with a quality photo. SEO optimization and fancy product descriptions bring the customers to your page. But the road to conversion is lead by your product photo. It’s the visuals of the product that are likely to entice your customers into buying. Which is why, you should avail Image Editing Services, and ensure that your image is up to the mark.

If you have ever shopped online, you must be knowing how important the product images are. In fact, it is the photograph of the product that attracts us in the first place. So much so that we go about checking the product details, thinking of giving that product a shot. This especially happens in the case of jewelry. Since it’s all about visuals, which need to be right on point. Jewelry Photo Retouching Services can help a lot in creating alluring jewelry images.

Here Are 3 Reasons Why Your eCommerce Photos Need Perfection:

1. It’s a Sure Shot Way To Generate Leads

Being an eCommerce merchant, your primary goal must be to increase your sales rate. Not to mention, making huge profits. For that to happen, your visitors must convert into buyers, fast. Including clear, high-quality, enticing product images is the way to do that. People are likely to trust your products more if their visuals are tempting enough.

2. Low Quality Images Can Hurt Your Online Business

Not only your online business, it can also hurt your brand reputation for that matter. Blurry, distorted, and unclear images are an instant turnoff for a buyer. If this goes on, forget generating leads, your brand reputation won’t even hold up for long.

3. Visitors Ignore Bland Images At The Speed Of Light

It takes only 50 milliseconds for a visitor to form an impression of your product. The entire basis for which, is, your product image. All the more reason to avail good Image Editing Services, right? Bland images comprise pictures with zero editing, uncorrected colors and backgrounds, etc. They do not make a very favorable impression.

Jewelry Photo Retouching: Attractiveness is the Key

Jewelry photos need quality retouching, more so than anything else. The designs, the metal, the stones, etc. must be clear and tempt the buyer enough to go for it. For this, you must avail Jewelry Photo Retouching Services. Because professionals know the ins and outs of photo editing and can do the job better.

Here Are Some Ways To Improve Your Jewelry Photos:

1. Let the Colorful Background be gone

There’s a reason why white background is so important. It is because a white background defines your product edges in a clearer way. Compare the two photos below and see the difference for yourself.

 jewellery photo retouching services

2. Adjusting Brightness And Contrast

There’s nothing that makes up for a dull, ill-lighted photo of a jewelry piece. Retouching services work on adjusting the brightness and contrast of your photos. This retouching helps in bringing out the notable features of your jewels.

3. Correcting The Metal Color

It may not be possible to have the perfect lighting at the time of product photoshoot. Which is why, retouching is important to correct certain aspects of your image. Metal color, for instance, needs retouching to bring out the real color. The same holds true for diamond colors.

The need for flawless product images is undeniable. Especially if you want higher sales and increased profits. Which is why, it is always better to consult professional image editing service providers to get the job done.

On the lookout for quality Image Editing Services? Or need Jewelry Photo Retouching Services to perform a touch up on your jewelry pictures? Your search is over. Write to us at to get started.

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