Here Is Why You Need IoT Development Services For A Smart, Future-Ready Office

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IoT Development Services For A Smart, Future-Ready Office

Technology has moved from being an additional aspect of our lives to a ubiquitous one. Seamless integration with some piece of technology or the other is the present-day mantra. And just as well, because that’s the only way a business can run in the coming future. 

The office space has transitioned to a tech-savvy space, and the Internet-of-Things is set to accelerate this transformation. IoT app development services will be an inescapable part of it. They are required because there will be a lot of things going on during and post-adoption of IoT.

Every task that can be automated helps companies immensely. Such benefits are pushing the Smart Office IoT market to new heights. It is set to grow from $31.37 Billion in 2020 to $90.63 Billion in 2030, a CAGR of 11.1%, as recorded by Allied Market Research. If you still haven’t gotten on the IoT transformation bandwagon, there’s no better time than now. Just hire dedicated software developers and get the ball rolling on it. 

You’ll get to enjoy increased productivity, reduced costs, retention of market edge, getting future-proofed, greater employee satisfaction, improved brand image, and many other benefits. 

So, what’s in the workplace IoT exactly that lets it be this transformative and essential? Continue reading to find out more about it.

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Defining A Smart Office and Internet Of Things

In simple terms, “Smart” means an apparatus/object has an added electronic circuit to automate it to some degree. With this technology, a mobile app development company can give you access to various appliances in your office from an app on your phone. The sensors or even micro-computers in those circuits let you control and monitor the objects. 

The devices also communicate with each other using certain protocols, gaining the moniker Internet-of-Things (IoT). They can also be controlled remotely via the internet. Combine many such devices in an office and you get a “Smart Office” that can do the mundane, repetitive tasks by itself. It leads to the creation of an efficient and intelligent workplace ecosystem. 

The Smart Office Applications That IoT Development Services Help With

The office, or any other commercial space for that matter, is chock-full of opportunities for smart devices to play their transformative role. Hire dedicated mobile app developers for your IoT shift, and manage these functions efficiently and conveniently:

1. Communication and Collaboration

Say goodbye to miscommunication and the miscoordination that results from it with a smart office. Workplace communication tools now have smart AI integrated into them. Authorized personnel can initiate Smart device actions using simple voice commands. A conference room can be prepared in advance with all the necessary settings like temperature by integrating a schedule with the corresponding devices in the room. 

A person can authorize a printer to print out an important document while being on the other side of the planet. You can hire dedicated software developers to make IoT systems between two or more departments/sections of the company to collaborate. 

An upstream system can finish its portion of a task and automatically push the downstream system to complete its segment and vice-versa. The possibilities for efficient and effective collaboration and communication offered by IoT are endless.

2. Energy Efficiency

Did you know that in the US, a large office building (100,000 sq. ft. and above) can consume over 20 kWh of electricity and 24 cubic ft. of natural gas per sq. ft. annually? These resources go towards ventilation, heating/cooling, lighting, and computing. They can rack up a hefty bill too, depending on the construction of the building and workplace habits.   

Thankfully, Smart IoT devices can help reduce those consumption figures. Mobile app development companies can link Smart meter data to the required system through an app. They can program it to actively seek out opportunities to reduce resource consumption automatically. For instance, smart cameras in a room can indicate the presence and number of people there. It can send that data to the Smart ventilation system that can reduce airflow to the room or shut down the AC there. 

The administrator will get real-time updates of the same. They will have the ability to manually conduct such operations through the app too. Such measures will help reduce overall energy consumption. 

3. Smart Security

smart security

Both physical and cyber security is a challenge to maintain and enforce in an office environment. IoT app development services can tackle the challenges in both cases. Physical security can be improved by linking smart security cameras with automated alarms. 

An AI security application can use the data from the former for detecting anomalous behavior. It can then send the appropriate threat level alarm to the administrator, or in extreme cases, directly to law enforcement. 

Multiple local devices’ interconnections can pose a cybersecurity threat. However, developers are innovating constantly toward reducing such risks with encryption and authentication. Things are so secure now that a majority of business personnel (74%) don’t consider IoT to be any more threatening than other novel technologies. 

4. Smart Furniture

One of the more visible results of IoT development services is Smart office furniture. Sat for too long at your desk? It might just raise itself to become a standing desk and help with your health after a period. Offices with relaxation chambers can have chairs that sense the user’s vitals and perform the appropriate massage action. 

Robots may bring snacks and beverages at the scheduled moment to cubicles or elsewhere. Desk surfaces can automatically start charging smartphones wirelessly when detected on the surface. They all converge on one purpose: to make the office a more comfortable, safe, and productive place. 

The advent of yet-unknown use cases in the future will only extend the capabilities of office IoT setups. Thus, IoT will become an ever-increasing necessity going ahead. 

Benefits That IoT Development Services Offer By Making Offices Smart

Hire dedicated software developers for your Smart office needs and you’ll experience a slew of advantages. These will help sharpen your competitive edge by improving your internal operations. They will introduce new approaches and possibilities that increase efficiency and productivity. 

Here are the pros of making IoT a mainstay at your office:

1. Cost Savings

Energy consumption can constitute about 19% of a typical office’s expenses annually. Smart IoT systems will cut that down significantly. They can also track wastage in other aspects of the business and help reduce them too, saving significant costs.

2. Enhanced Productivity

Improved employee comfort, information access, communication, collaboration, resource monitoring, production risk mitigation, troubleshooting strategies, etc., all contribute to smooth productivity. 

3. Better Data Management

IoT app development services have excellent data management support built into them. They will perform all necessary data-related functions on the data generated by these smart devices. You’ll also get real-time or periodic reports of these functions in a customized, comprehensible format. 

4. Improved Security

Smart Tags and other identification devices can protect an office from untoward incidents. Smart algorithms integrated into IoT-device communication protocols will keep data safe and prevent cyberattacks. These measures will keep the Smart office going by reducing data and physical security risks. 

A Look At How IoT App Development Services Are Already Impacting Workspaces

Business owners are still averse to adopting IoT devices to modernize their offices, despite the momentum in that direction. Some worry about the return on investment for new technology while others are comfortable with how things are going. 

If you are such a decision-maker who needs the motivation to do so, perhaps this example can help you to get IoT development services:

IBM: As a developer of cutting-edge technologies, global tech giant IBM is going all-in on the IoT-Smart office transformation. And that includes their numerous data centers, manufacturing facilities, and research labs. Its Real Estate Strategy and Operations (RESO) division is in charge of those facilities, spanning over 82 million square feet of space in 1400 locations worldwide. 

It has equipped them with the IBM TRIRIGA Energy Management Module (TREES) for in-depth building insights. Being a company that others use to hire dedicated software developers, IBM has extensive knowledge about the IoT ecosystem. TREES is a result of that expertise and is integrated into its highest energy usage properties’ building management system (BMS). 

It is used to predict possible data center failures and capture opportunities to reduce energy consumption. IBM is also constantly improving its sensor and other IoT technologies to improve accuracy and speed. You can learn more about it on this page.

In Conclusion

The Smart Office revolution via IoT integration is still in its early stages. Therefore, you need to hire mobile app developers today to make your office IoT-laden and future-ready. You’ll get early access to the many advantages they have to offer, and be open to incorporating new devices. 

You will save on many resources as your operations, security, market presence, competitive edge, customer/vendor relationships, and other aspects improve. It’s the best investment that will continue to give returns well into the future. 

Make SunTec India Your IoT App Development Services Provider

We are a sought-after company due to our excellence in developing IoT applications for workplaces. We are an award-winning data management services provider who’s ISO certified for quality and information security. 

You can hire software developers in India from us to get the best IoT development advantages. The scale of your operation or its complexity won’t affect our services’ affordability or quality. We will use the latest technologies and techniques to give you the best IoT experience. We will let you have true knowledge and control of your office to help realize its true potential. 


1. How does one connect with the many IoT devices in an office?

The general preference is to link all systems to a central command hub that is tied with other process software. A single application can be used to manage all devices or have specialized apps to control a limited number of IoT devices. Some IoT components may be completely automated, working on a fit-and-forget model. 

2. What are the technologies used to manage IoT devices in offices?

IoT devices rely on either Ethernet/TCP-IP, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi for most of their communications and control purposes, depending on various factors. TCP/IP is the standard internet protocol. Some go with ZigBee, but it is being curbed due to potential health hazards. Lora is another that’s useful for long-range applications. Others use proprietary protocols, especially when confidentiality is needed. 

3. What are some of the drawbacks of using IoT in an office space?

IoT is still new with some deficiencies. Users have to compromise between security and speed. Encryption protects data but the process adds latency. Its installation and maintenance add to the overall expenses. More devices also mean more points of failure.  Over reliance on it can halt operations when there’s a breakdown. And despite the best cybersecurity efforts, there’s room for hacking and critical data loss/destruction/leak/ransom-holding. 

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