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eBooks have taken the world by storm and publishing interactive ebooks is the next big thing to happen to the publishing industry. Over the last couple of years, ebooks have enabled thousands of businesses to connect with their target audience in a better way. It is the easy availability of content, customized learning experiences, and the ability to access content anytime anywhere that has led to the huge popularity of ebooks among businesses across the board.

In 2018 an estimated number of 335.7 million ebooks were sold in the US. The revenue generated from the sales of ebooks in the US was in excess of 1 billion dollars.

Here’s what makes ebooks such popular tools for authors, publishers, and businesses alike:

  • Easy Accessibility
  • Ability to read anytime, anywhere
  • Customized user experiences
  • Availability of a variety of content
  • Beneficial for authors and publishers

Looking at this phenomenal growth of e-publishing, you would also like to take a plunge into this growing business. But to achieve success in this emerging business you need to take a planned approach. As a new player in the ebook publishing business, you should have an in-depth understanding of the e-publishing industry. Things like the scope of business, the technology used in the trade, and the availability of the right talent should be very clear in your mind.

Whether you are an author, publisher, or entrepreneur, you can make the most of ebooks for yourself by reading through this exhaustive piece. In this article, we will try to answer all your questions about ebooks, epublishing, and everything related to the business of creating interactive ebooks.

Let’s get started

To start with, let’s find out what eBooks are and how interactive ebooks can help authors and publishers.

Contrary to the popular belief ebooks and not merely digitized form of regular hardbound and paperback books; rather these are comprehensive learning solutions that give immersive reading experiences to the readers. So, what exactly differentiates ebooks from regular books?

While in a paper book the reader has to go through massive chunks of text to understand a concept, in an interactive book learning is augmented by the use of graphics, design, and videos. A variety of interactive elements are added to ebooks to facilitate quick learning. As ebooks cater to a larger audience including businesses, these have to be customized to suit the needs of individual readers. Here’s how ebooks are better learning and engagement tools:

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Better Engagement

In a world where the attention span of the reader is decreasing by the day, regular books are proving to be a hindrance to learning. A book filled with text not only distracts the reader but also makes grasping the concept difficult. Interactive books on the other hand enhance the reading experience by making rich use of graphics and engaging videos.

When the reader reads through the text, they have access to a variety of graphs and animations to get a gist of what is being said in the text. It is just like an additional teacher who is explaining the intricate concepts while you read through the text. This reading experience is not only immersive but also engages the reader for a longer period of time. As a result, the reader is able to understand more.

Customized learning experiences

Learning for different people is based on their intellect, willingness to learn, attention span, and ability to grasp concepts. Regular books are only meant for people who have all these attributes in place. But in reality, every person is different; while some are highly intellectual, others have problems with attention span and there is a huge majority of people who can’t read the massive text.

While paper books don’t offer options to enhance the reading and learning experience, ebooks have something for every type of reader. For those who dislike text, ebooks offer videos, and interactive games. For those who have difficulty concentrating, ebooks offer interesting images and graphs. All these attributes make ebooks better learning tools.

Potent marketing tools

eBooks have emerged as highly effective marketing tools. To spread their marketing message among the target audience, marketers rely on ebooks. Say for example you intend to start a business and have to come up with a whitepaper. A written whitepaper proves to be hopeless collateral more often than not. If you present it in the form of an interactive ebook, you can engage more people with it as it offers a great reading experience and you can keep the audience engaged with graphics and videos.

Empower authors to self-publish

eBooks have become a boon for authors who struggle to find the right publishers for their written work. By simply hiring ebook creation services, they can easily bring their book to life. Similarly, writers can expand their customer base by converting their existing books into interactive ebooks. All they have to do is hire ebook conversion services of a reputed vendor, and they get the ebook within quick turnaround time.

Easy accessibility

The one thing that makes ebooks a far better option than a regular paperback and hardbound books their easy accessibility. Readers don’t have to carry them in their backpacks; they can simply download their favorite ebook and enjoy reading anytime, anywhere.

How to Create Interactive eBooks?

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Now that you have understood the potential of ebooks as learning and marketing tools, it’s time to understand what it takes to create an ebook.

There are three basic steps for creating a great interactive ebook:

  • Conceptualization
  • Writing
  • Designing


In this step, you have to come up with a broad strategy to create your ebook. The essential elements of an interactive ebook include:

  • Identifying the buyer’s persona
  • An interesting title
  • A meticulously designed book cover
  • Table of contents
  • Chapter titles
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Visual elements
  • Interactive elements
  • Call to action

While you might have the basic concept of your ebook clear in your mind, integrating these elements in an engaging form calls for experienced hands. You work on the concept and the messaging of the ebook and outsource the rest of the work to a reputed vendor. Hire interactive ebook creation services of a good service provider and they will integrate all the other elements to come up with an interactive ebook.


If you are an author, you are obviously the best person to write the content for your ebook. But if you are an entrepreneur who is looking to create an impact with your ebook, it’s best to hire ebook creation services of a reputed services provider. These vendors have access to the right talent that can come up with interesting content to convey your concept to your target audience.


Designing the ebook is the most intricate part of your interactive ebook creation process. To take care of this function, you have to rely on the experience and expertise of professionals. You can get easy access to these professionals by outsourcing interactive ebook creation services to a reputed service provider. They have a team of ebook creation experts that can take care of all the designing needs including:

  • Converting all the written work into PDF files
  • Adding interactive elements
  • Adding visual and audio content
  • Incorporating charts, animations, and graphic design elements to the content
  • Adding games, interactive quizzes, and interesting widgets

Why is it important to outsource interactive ebook creation services?

While it is easy to conceptualize an interactive ebook to help your marketing effort or to reach out to millions of readers, creating a truly immersive ebook takes the skill of professionals. If you have a team of such professionals at your disposal, there’s nothing like it.

But if you are an entrepreneur looking to make a mark in the ebook publishing arena, it’s best to outsource ebook creation and conversion services to a reputed vendor. Outsourcing gives you:

  • Easy access to the right talent
  • Access to the latest ebook creation technology
  • More resources to concentrate on ebook sales
  • Freedom from the tiring design work
  • Interactive ebooks that add value to your business

With all these facilities, you can easily carve a niche for yourself in the highly competitive ebook creation market.

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