How Lead Qualification Services Can Set Your Business Running Successfully From Day One

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Lead Qualification Services

Meaning of Lead Qualification

In short, lead qualification is the identification of potential clients for your business. Imagine working on a business model for years, working on the quality of your products and services. Not having any buyers or takers is the disappointing part, and that is where the process of lead qualification helps.

Lead qualification services help businesses get those crucial leads that have the highest chances of converting into clients for your business. Businesses can benefit a lot by availing expert services offered by experienced specialists that curate top-notch business leads. Read the entire article to know more about lead qualification services in India.

How Businesses get Leads

All companies that offer lead qualification services for businesses have their own way of going about things. While there are a few processes in common, processes differ according to the nature of their client’s business as well as their own unique processes. Companies might list some of the procedures they use in their brochures or on their websites, but they actually do a lot of work – more than what they mention publicly.

The important bit is to identify companies that help you get quality leads by extracting them legitimately. Here is a look at some of the resources experts utilize to get quality leads with high chances of conversion for your business.

1. Industry Databases

Most lead qualification services companies research industry databases to get quality leads. This involves researching the information to get an idea of the people and businesses already working in your domain, besides other industry-specific research. For example, a company manufacturing in-flight entertainment devices would benefit hugely by getting a list of the new players in the aviation industry that haven’t yet finalized a vendor but are looking for one.

Industry databases might be easily available in some cases, but might be very difficult to get hold of in other cases. For example, getting hold of the industry database of an international location suitable for your business is always tough compared to getting local industry databases. Experts help your process a great deal, by not only getting access to such databases – but also scanning the databases to extract those leads that you are most likely to benefit from.

2. Quotation Requests and Website Inquiries

Lead qualification services providers always scan the information received from quotation requests. Most businesses that need to get products, raw materials, machinery, or service providers for their own businesses get in touch with someone they feel can do their job. They send quotation requests to potential manufacturers and service providers for their business, and mention all the information related to their business in detail.

Lead qualification experts specialize in getting the information of such leads. They not only scan first-hand quotation requests, but also get the information of business owners that have sent their requests to other providers – or the lead qualification expert’s competitors. A good reputation and relationship with competitors also helps them get information about leads that didn’t convert for one organization, but might help the other perfectly.

Lead qualification services also involve getting information from inquiries made on the website of a particular business. Since much of the work and transactions these made are online, website inquiries are crucial to business information.

3. Inbound Calls

Inbound calls are an age-old, tried, and tested way of getting quality business leads. Almost 25% businesses feel that inbound calls and other social efforts are crucial for lead qualification. Most lead qualification services experts look for the information received via inbound calls to make a list of potentially suitable leads. This is because businesses think a lot before making an inbound call to a product or service provider – and the chances of conversion in this case are more than in the case of quotation requests.

Again, experts search for as much external information in this case as well besides just first-hand inbound calls. Getting information from inbound calls is crucial as it is more detailed, and you can directly reach out to businesses that have exchanged information using inbound calls.

4. Referrals

In today’s day and age, referrals are a great way of getting crucial information for your business. Satisfied clients are most likely to provide you with the information of other businesses or refer your business to their family, friends, acquaintances, and business partners. The significance of referrals cannot be ruled out, and you must keep looking for such information to really excel at work.

Besides expert assistance, you can also create referral forms, deals, and commissions to create a call-to-action and also to compel your clients to act by offering them incentives. Hire lead qualification experts to get quality leads for your business through referrals.

5. Online Events and Downloadable Material

Online events and free digital resources are a great way of getting quality leads for your business. By organizing an online event like a free webinar, you can get direct information of thousands of interested clients for your business. For example, digital marketing institutes organize multiple such events to get quality leads that are most likely to subscribe to their courses.

Creating digital material that can be downloaded – such as self-help digital cookbooks – can help you get a lot of information as well. Once users provide their email id for downloading, you can target them to attend your paid classes. If you avail lead qualification services, you can get better leads even after creating online events and downloadable material.

How Lead Qualification helps Businesses solve Real Problems

Lead qualification indeed helps businesses solve real life problems. For example, an education consultancy looking to pitch their services to students can benefit a great deal using such services. Lead qualification in this case would mean getting leads from students that are really interested in getting services related to admission counseling, coaching, visa, passport, travel, and foreign exchange assistance.

Another great example would be companies selling B2B products. For example, a company that sells luxury recliners specifically made for theaters and cinema halls would want leads from multiplex chains. If you are a business owner too, you can also benefit greatly by reaching out to companies that offer lead qualification services for businesses. Here are some ways lead qualification impacts businesses positively.

1. Get Quality Leads that Convert

Lead qualification simplifies the lead funnel. Imagine having a database of thousands of people residing in a geographical area. If you want to sell domain and hosting services, you cannot target each person individually. However, if you know the people who have been looking for such services or might be interested – you can get clients instantly by targeting these people.

A good lead qualification services company would conduct extensive research to identify such potential customers, on the basis of their work background and information gathered through first-hand submissions. The whole idea of getting quality leads is getting those leads that are more likely to convert than a large database with a small percentage of such genuine leads.

2. Improve Business Productivity

Availing such a facility from a lead qualification services provider would definitely help business productivity. Getting quality leads helps business efficiency a lot by getting quality clients and helping your business generate revenue almost instantly. Wholesale heavy electric goods sellers are more likely to benefit if they start selling in the first quarter of the year (Q1) than in the third quarter (Q3).

Obviously, some of the leads generated as a result of availing such services might not actually convert. Knowing this would help you separate the chaff from the gain further. Targeting quality leads and investing resources to help their business would really help your business in the long run as well.

3. Save Time

Quality lead qualification services experts save your time in many ways. First of all, acquiring a database of leads – good or bad – takes a lot of time itself. Getting experts to handle this part really saves a lot of your business time. This also saves the time wasted in targeting ineffective or poor leads that might show some interest, but have very low chances of conversion.

As mentioned above, getting clients in the first half of the year also helps your business generate revenue so that you can take care of your resources and cover your business running costs. You are definitely more likely to do better business in a year with expert services rather than trying to acquire customers all on your own.

4. Save Money

Along with time, getting expert lead qualification services really helps businesses save a lot of money. First of all, the costs involved with research in businesses is high. Secondly, such costs are not always calculated in real time only – you should also multiply the sum by the number of days you worked without having any client – which really amounts to a lot.

High quality experts can also offer services at reasonable prices and offer affordable packages. The amount of money spent on hiring such services is really just a fraction of your investments, if you get quality leads as a byproduct of the process. Outsource offshore lead qualification services to experts for the best results.

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Offshore Lead Qualification Services are really helping businesses by saving time, money, and other valuable resources. Businesses benefit a great deal by outsourcing lead qualification services to experts with years of experience and a trained group of specialists that know how to get leads in a legitimate, yet effective way.

While you might know many service providers, getting quality lead qualification services in India can be tricky as all service providers might not be suitable for your business type. Look for experts that cater to multiple business verticals and have a proven track record in providing quality services to clients from all over the world. You can know more about the significance of lead qualification services and ways to get the most out of your service provider here.

SunTec India offers lead qualification services to all business verticals at the most affordable prices and with minimum turnaround time. With 1000+ clients in over thirty countries, SunTec India has been a pioneer in lead qualification services for the past two decades. Hire lead qualification experts now by emailing all your requirements to

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