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There are an increasingly large number of people who sell apparels online. How would you differentiate your business from them and shoot your sales figures?

Many people avoid buying online because they have doubts regarding how the product would look on them. This is even more pertinent in case of clothes that come in varying sizes, styles, shapes, etc. If you are able to provide a life-like feel to your product, the chances that the onlookers would buy your products are considerably high.

Exhibiting your products using models might appear a good option in the first place. However, it doesn’t reflect your product inside-out. Do you have another option for displaying your clothes for selling? Mannequins can be used. However, they might look unprofessional and divert attention from the main product and its intricacies.

In order to make your clothes stand out, Ghost Mannequin Image Editing is a smart alternative. It helps in creating a “hollow-human” effect by exhibiting the apparel in a way as if it has been worn by an invisible figure (ghost).

It helps your clothes in marking a 3D presence so that they come closer to the life like feel thereby casting a strong impact on the minds of buying prospects. It helps in chiding their concerns related to how the product would look on them.

Why do you need it?

Removing mannequin from your images also involves- adjusting the colour of clothes, ensuring white balance, removing background, merging images, displaying product label, etc. All this makes the images visually appealing. Not only this, you can boost your conversion rates because the editing technique helps to:

Establish Brand Identity– Mannequin product image enhancement helps in creating a consistent experience across your online catalog. Uniform feel across the site helps in establishing a brand identity for your business.

Display Product Label– Your product label can act as a mark of trust for buyers. It helps in establishing credibility.

Ensure Multi- Platform Usability– Removal of unwanted parts (mannequin and image’s background) from the product image make them ideal to be used on a variety of eCommerce platforms (like Amazon) that require white background.

Will it burn a hole in your pocket?

This photo editing technique is more cost- effective than using transparent mannequins that are costly yet, might reflect light and eventually require editing. It allows you to use standard mannequins thereby saving unnecessary expenditure.

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