Eight Unique Ways To Enhance Your Real Estate Portfolio

Real Estate Photo Editing

Eight Unique Ways To Enhance Your Real Estate Portfolio

According to REALTOR, a property listing with professionally edited photographs gathers 61% higher views than other properties listed at a similar price.

So naturally, you would want to post your listings with impeccable photographs.

But, due to the precautionary living standards imposed by COVID-19, entering premises to take photos is heavily discouraged nowadays. You may ask the owners to send some shots or use photos from older listings.

However, neither will serve the purpose, not when you need stunning, high-quality pictures. You will have to-

  • Edit the pictures on your own (which will take a great deal of time & effort)
  • Use the raw/old photos provided by the owners (which will risk your outcomes)

But here’s what you can do:

By using some of the best photo retouching and enhancement techniques, you can create stunning pictures that will instill interest among your potential buyers, get flocks of traffic on your listings, and encourage more people to visit your property.

Let’s explore the top techniques & tips that can level up your real estate images & boost sales.

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Real Estate Photo Editing- Tips That Can Make Your Images Stand Out

When it comes to real estate photo editing, the possibilities are endless.

No matter how well your images are captured, there is always a scope for improvement. Especially when competition in real estate is soaring like never before, making your images stand out is no more a choice but a necessity- if you want to thrive.

Whether you want to emphasize your property’s most attractive parts, boast its lavish interiors, or showcase the exteriors from the best angles, photo editing services can do it all. By using advanced software, tools, & techniques, you can tweak your pictures, thereby making them perfect for attracting tenants or buyers.

You can do a lot more, from adjusting your interior lighting to changing weather backgrounds, removing unwanted elements, etc.

Real Estate Property Interiors- Best Techniques To Make Your Photos Pop

real estate photo editing

Do you see a difference in these pictures? Well, this is the magic of real estate photo post-processing services!

When it comes to interiors, you will find a lot of scope for improvement. For instance, consider these-

  • Are your photos poorly lit or over-exposed?
  • Are your photos not providing a clear view of the entire room/kitchen & other portions of your property?
  • Is your furniture & other objects placed haphazardly?
  • Are too many objects making your overall property look small?
  • Are your walls & other interior shades looking dull & faded?
  • Or, do you think your images could be better?

If the answer to any of your answers is yes, you definitely need real estate photo retouching!

To fix this, here are some of the tried & tested techniques that can help you bring out the best in your property interiors:

1. High Dynamic Range or HDR blending

Some cameras may have a limited dynamic range. But the good part is, it can be corrected with a photo editing technique- “HDR Blending.”

HDR image blending

This technique refers to an approach in which images from different exposure, brightness & contrast ranges are combined to bring out your interiors’ true grandeur.

As colors & brightness play an important role in your real estate photos, HDR blending will help you balance colors & adjust exposure, leaving behind desired photos with perfect hues & brightness.

There are several tools & software like Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Affinity Photo, etc., that can help you perform this task wonderfully. But since this can be a little complicated, you can also outsource real estate photo editing services & get experts to do this job.

2. 360-degree panorama photo stitching

Often, regular-sized photographs fail to provide a complete view of the property to your customers. But thanks to panorama stitching, we can have a 360-degree view of any space.

panorama photo stitching

Isn’t it great to have a complete view, all in a single frame? Furthermore, you do not have to upload multiple images from different angles to show what your space looks like.

The panorama photo stitching technique is widely used to provide a 360-degree virtual tour or present a comprehensive view of your property. Also, this is a great way of displaying your real estate interiors more artistically.

Again, this can be done by using photo editing software/tools, or you can alternately turn to panorama stitching services and have professionals do it for you.

3. Virtual staging

If you have vacant properties to sell, do you think it will attract prospects?

Well, the answer is NO.

The reason is, buyers cannot always conceptualize how the final property would look after furnishing. And, this is where Virtual staging is of great help.

virtual staging solutions

This technique allows you to present fully furnished houses and commercial spaces to give your prospects a clue of what the property may look like once they move in. This is a proven way to show your property photos at their highest potential.

Furthermore, leveraging this technique can amplify your marketing efforts by creating realistic & attractive images. By using tools like Photoshop or employing 3D rendering technology, you can seamlessly perform virtual staging & create enticing images.

4. Digital decluttering

Your interiors could be messy and full of unwanted elements. These objects hamper the aesthetic look of your images, distract your prospects, and create a negative reputation.

But again, thanks to digital decluttering- you can have neat & clean property photos without any issues!


Have a look at the above picture. Do you think your prospects would like to visit the property (the one shown on the left)? NO.

But to make this property look desirable and attractive, all you need is to use digital decluttering photo editing technique.

Broadly, digital decluttering can help you remove toys, clothes, clutter, and other unwanted objects. Additionally, you can also replace your old furniture with new-looking furniture using this technique.

Proven Techniques To Ramp Up Your Real Estate Property Exterior Photos

exterior image editing

Now, coming to exteriors-

  • Are other objects like trees, buildings, etc., overcasting your subject?
  • Do you have dogs, garbage bags, or other disturbing elements in your pictures?
  • Do you think the weather (clouds, rain, wind) has negatively affected your photos?
  • Are your image colors dull and lacking vividness?
  • Is there too much sunlight; or is it too dark? Has that ruined your real estate images?
  • Do you think there is scope for improvement?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you assuredly need to edit your real estate photos.

Here are the top techniques to help you get mesmerizing real estate exterior photos:

5. Sky change

Your outdoor images have sky in the background. Altering them can significantly improve the outlook of your property photos.

Have a look:

sky change services

This technique can help you replace a dull sky with a clear sky. Even if your photos are taken in bad weather, you can change & enhance the skyline, to make it look enticing.

If you have been doing editing tasks for quite some time, changing the sky won’t be burdensome work for you. But if you don’t have much editing experience or have a bulk of images to edit in a quick turnaround time, using real estate sky change services is the best bet.

Another benefit of hiring experts is- if you have tall buildings and trees in the background that are spoiling the outlook of your picture, experts can meticulously remove them and add a modified or manipulated sky to your pictures.

6. Day to dusk conversion

Photos captured during dusk time or ‘golden hour’ can be absolutely mesmerizing.

But the problem is- how to capture stunning images under inadequate light?

The solution is- day to night conversion!

day to dusk conversion services

Even if your pictures are taken in broad daylight, you can add a dramatic effect to them and make them look as if they were taken during dusk time. Other than adjusting contrast, sharpness, and brightness, you can also play around with your images by adding stars, clouds, sky, snow, casting shadows, etc.

However, accurate day to dusk conversion can sometimes be tricky and this is one of the reasons to outsource real estate photo editing services. Having a reliable real estate photo editing company by your side is the best way to get the desired output.

7. Color Cast Removal

Do you want to get rid of undesirable colors in your real estate photos? Color Cast Removal technique can help you!

color cast removal services

Adjusting a photo’s color constituents can make your images look more realistic and natural. If your original photos were taken in poor or incorrect lighting or in bad weather, you can also fix those issues with the right color casts.

However, identifying, removing, and applying color casts requires attention to detail and great editing skills. Hence, unless you are a pro in editing, it is better to get it done by professionals.

8. Perspective correction

perspective correction services

If your images have been taken from a wrong angle or have misalignment & distortion, image perspective correction is a great way to fix it.

Using this technique, you can rectify vertical, horizontal, and angular distortions to make your real estate images look better. The more you play with angles, the more engaging pictures you can have!

Summing Up

The above-mentioned techniques are worth a try! But, they will still eat into your time.

If you don’t want to invest any time in tedious editing work, the best thing is to leverage professional real estate photo editing services. Seeking help from a professional photo editing company will ensure:

  • Budget-friendly services
  • 12-24 hour turnaround time
  • Access to the best editing software & techniques
  • Unlimited revisions

At SunTec India, we have been practicing photo editing for over a decade. Our experienced professionals are available round-the-clock to help you overcome any photo editing challenges. Using the latest tools & advanced software, we can help you get stunning real estate images that attract more views & sales.

To get started, please write to us at info@suntecindia.com


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