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Hostile business environment and increasing competition has made it quite challenging for eCommerce store owners to effectively manage their online stores. No matter what you are selling, there are chances that your eCommerce website will face stiff competition from other online businesses, especially well established players selling through massive marketplace platforms like Amazon. Also, driving traffic to your eCommerce website will require you to derive backlinks, which is really a challenging task. So, what next? Is there any other option?

Well the answer is ‘YES’. You will be surprised to know that there is a sure shot way to build these backlinks and drive traffic to your website. eCommerce content marketing can prove to be the backbone for driving traffic, links and most of all, establish you as an authority among your peers in the eyes of Google.

Through this post, you can learn about various facets of eCommerce content marketing.

By implementing eCommerce content marketing to your business, you will:

  • Develop unique product descriptions and authority content capable of attracting backlinks and prompting social shares
  • Attain recognition in your respective field of business
  • Develop long term relationships
  • Formulate a strategy capable of delivering results in the future as well

Steps Involved in eCommerce Marketing

1. Defining buyer persona

The first step involves creation of buyer persona. Identify the target audience and gather all the information pertaining to their location, income, requirements, preferences and all such information that provides more insights about them. Sure, the information so derived won’t be 100% accurate. However, it will still be crucial in giving you a fair idea about people towards whom you will be targeting your content marketing strategy.

2. Identifying influencers

eCommerce content management is not merely about creating great content. It is about expanding the possibilities and reach of your eCommerce content. Surely, you can keep working on your content for years and eventually it will get noticed. However, there is a much quicker way of doing it. It involves figuring out the influencers in your niche who can help you in content promotion.

Three important characteristics of Influencers include:

  • They must have an engaging blog with ever growing subscribers
  • Impressive social media presence with several thousand followers
  • They operate in a non-competitive niche that has a similar target audience like you

Once you have identified influencers and your mailing list is ready, launch your campaign to connect with them. This can include following them on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc., commenting on their posts and other similar platforms. Doing this will help you in creating better content, because as your popularity will grow you will attain confidence to create content with a more direct approach.

3. Content for traffic

Most of us are already aware of Google’s policies for websites with thin content and uncertain linking profiles. So, if you want a good ranking on Google search, you will require backlinks from trusted quality websites. Of course, this won’t be easy. But thankfully there are numerous other content types that can get you more backlinks as well as social shares. These include:

  • Expert Guides: Anything that gives an impression that you are an expert on a particular subject. Definitely, creating an ‘Expert guide’ is like to consume a lot of time and effort, but has the potential to position you as a leader in the industry you cater to.
  • Content in the form of lists: Readers love numbers – ‘Top 10 Picks’, ‘Top 15 Trends’, etc. The best thing about these content types is that they are easy to create, highly engaging and extremely popular amongst masses.
  • Content created by influencers: Identify a topic that relates to the industry you serve, pick a question and ask the influencers to share their opinion on the subject matter. This way, you will have valuable content, which will get support from influencers on social media as well.

4. Prospect Conversion content

If you believe that content is only for driving more traffic, then perhaps you need to rethink. Powerful content can be equally useful at the end of sales cycle, when you already have visitor engagement on product pages – in converting and retaining your client for good. These include:

  • Buyer’s Guide– Your customers don’t have the time to evaluate each and every option that is available to them. A buyer’s guide that is well written can help customers to get impartial advice on making informed purchase decisions. Simply put together relevant data in informative buyer guides.
  • How to Guides: What solutions are your customers looking for? Identifying who your customers are, can help you understand their requirements and develop some high quality how to guides.
  • Product Videos: Make your products more inviting for your customers with highly engaging product videos. This will drive traffic and boost conversions.
  • Case Studies: Case Studies are a proven and favorite conversion tool. Crafted to present how you addressed a particular challenge, a well written Case Study speaks with a genuine voice of your customer and provides them with an assurance that you will deliver on your promises.

5. Content repurposing and optimization

Optimize and repurpose your content. How well you present your content is directly related to its popularity. Customers like to share visually appealing content. Also, your customers have different preferences when it comes to content consumption. So, content repurposing is a great way to reach out to different customers with the same content through slides, PDF, Videos, and Audios.

Optimize content by using appropriate keywords, titles, Meta tags, optimized images, social sharing buttons, etc.

6. Content distribution

The last step involves content distribution. If you have good relations with influencers then this will be easy. Send emails to your subscribers and notify them about the latest content via social media platforms. Email the content links to influencers as well and invite them to share and comment on the same. Use scheduling tools to promote content on various social media platforms.

For More Information

Like majority of overwhelmingly busy online merchants, you might find it somewhat difficult to create, manage and publish content on your own. Hiring a reliable service provider with good experience and skilled resource pool can help make your eCommerce content marketing strategies, a success. SunTecIndia specializes in providing eCommerce content creation, optimization and marketing services that can help you to drive traffic and increase conversion rates. Get in touch with us at info@suntecindia.com and we will get back to you shortly.

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