5 Tips to Sell with Appealing Jewelry Photos on Pinterest

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Sell with Appealing Jewelry Photos on Pinterest

Social media platforms are not limited to interacting with your peers. Their popularity has enabled them to widen the platform’s scope and evolve as a market. With over 4.95 billion reported users, almost 60% of the world’s population is on social media, making it a great place to sell.

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Pinterest is the fourth most popular social media forum. It has facilitated retailers with features to easily catalog their inventory. Product images are a crucial aspect of Pinterest shops. Retailers who understand the role of images in their Pinterest jewelry shop hire jewelry image editing services and sell more.

Few Tips for Jewelry Photo Editing

To get a professional product catalog look for your Pinterest shop, the jewelry photoshoot itself needs to be well organized. Consider using a professional camera, tripod, and proper platform to place ornaments, white background, whiteboards, and lighting equipment.

If you run a pretty small shop inventory, you might consider trying to enhance jewelry photos, all by yourself. Here are 5 tips to edit the jewelry images:

  • Work on color temperature and contrast, match it with the page and background. Make sure the overall look – product image, background, and page setup is soothing to the eyes. The product photo should come up alluring.
  • Perform basic cleanup of the jewelry photo. Remember, the basic color tone should not get disturbed in the process. Although, any dusty or dark patch should be removed.
  • Maintain the natural texture of the jewelry. Do not add any artificial color to the respective product. The natural texture is authentic and disturbing it might lose its appeal, moreover, customers want to see what they are buying as it is.
  • Exposure enhancement. Jewelry products comprise elements, gems, and design artwork. Work to enhance these details of the jewelry photo. Project the brilliance of your product’s stones and gems by enhancing their exposure.
  • You can also experiment with shadows and hues to project the jewelry details enhancement. Try increasing shine on select sections, which do not disturb the prime jewelry image.

Gems and Stones Retouching Tips

If your jewelry photos consist of precious gems then editing can be a daunting task. Gems become attractive because of the shapes, glare, and cuttings. They tend to reflect flashlights along with other lights present in the shoot.

Steps to edit gems – jewelry images with photoshop:

  • Use brightness and contrast tools to highlight natural colors
  • Adjust and rectify shadows using the levels tool
  • Use Hue saturation to get the desired color in focus
  • Highlight side stones to elements using a smart sharpen tool
  • Adjust background light to refine the look

Why is Pinterest a great place to sell jewelry products

  • In January 2022 advertisement reach of Pinterest was 226 million
  • 86 million of this reach was located in the United States
  • Pinterest’s shopping engagement grew by 20% in 2021
  • Catalog upload rate was getting double each year
  • 75% of users say they are always shopping on the platform
  • 97% of product searches on Pinterest in unbranded

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Benefits of Hiring a Jewelry Photo Editing Company

Analyzing the scope of the Pinterest market, it won’t be smart to experiment yourself with jewelry photo editing tools. Provided you are a skilled image editor, with a small product range to manage. An intelligent move will be to utilize jewelry photo editing services. It will be beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Get professionally edited photos, focussing on the product’s detailed view
  • Get more time to manage other retail duties
  • Get more conversions and reduce lead loss with improved quality
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Increase sales and profits

Let your Pinterest shop photos define elegance.

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Tasks of a Jewelry Photo Retouching Service

1. Background Editing


A good product image should focus on the subject, and every other part should enhance its presence. That is why editing the image’s background is one of the key tasks of jewelry photo retouching services. To bring the subject – product in limelight, a section of the retouching process is dedicated specifically to background works. As per the product, the jewelry photo is given a plain, transparent or contextual background edit.

2. Basic Cleaning, Dust & Scratch Removal

This involves editing your jewelry pictures for blemishes, dust patches, and scratches. Even if you are cautious before jewelry shoot, a good camera will capture certain specks, which may leave the product image unappealing. Jewelry photo editing services work on this basic image cleaning to help the product catch customers’ attention.

3. Shadows & Reflection Edit

Shadows and Reflection Edit

Jewelry photo editing company experts can utilize reflections in your product images to enhance a focused view of the best parts of the ornament. Similarly, shadows can be manipulated to give the jewelry a refined look.

4. Jewelry Photo Recoloring

Product image recoloring is used to give customers a feel of different available variants. Designed jewelry involves making efforts and costs, this editing option saves you from both before you grab the order. By jewelry photo recoloring you get a chance to showcase and add variety to your stock.

5. Shine Enrichment

Shine Enrichment

A crucial aspect of jewelry photo retouching is to create a natural shine effect on the detailed section of the product. This imparts a refined brilliance to the ornament giving it a distinct recognition and brand identity. Shine enhancement gives jewelry products luminosity and a real feel.

6. Surface Smoothening

A jewel’s beauty is set in the detailed artwork it holds. Jewelry image editing services are good in adding those extra effects which give the customers a natural feel of the texture. Smoothening is a part of editing which adds luxury and a superior impression to your ornaments.

To Conclude

Jewelry photo editing services are a better option as compared to self-editing. When looking to edit photos for a Pinterest shop, it would be better to keep in mind the competition platform’s huge traffic puts up for you. Unless you are a skilled photo editor with relatively less inventory on sale, self-editing will require time and effort. Better management of these assets focused on core activities can lead to an increase in sales. It is advisable to engage a professional jewelry photo editing company and excel in lead conversions.

An advanced technology-enabled jewelry photo retouching service can assist you with the following goals:

  • Redirected focus on the image’s subject
  • Different creative edits on jewelry photos along with general retouching
  • 360-degree photo enhancement
  • Get photo formats customized for multi-platform usage
  • Create videos through photo stitching

Advantages of SunTec India’s Jewelry Photo Retouching Services

Outsourcing jewelry photo retouching services to Suntec India will give the edge to your Pinterest store. As our jewelry photo editing team professionals are experts in imparting an aesthetically pleasing impression on customers and instigating them to buy. Some primary activities of our jewelry photo editing services include:

1. Color Correction

The primary editing activity is to enhance the jewelry’s color. According to the theme and style, the white balance, tone, exposure, color temperature, and contrast are set in the product’s image.

2. Photo Cropping

The jewelry photo is set in the desired frame, cutting other distractions. Clearing and emitting focus on the subject.

3. Cleaning Spots and Scratches

Next is to get rid of dust patches or scratches from the image. Imparting it a refined elegant look.

4. Removing Glare

Even cautious photography can generate glares on the image output. In the case of jewelry, such reflections are common. As a part of our initial process, all such glares are removed from jewelry photos and backgrounds.

5. Shadow Work

As a part of our jewelry photo retouching services, unwanted shadows are removed from the subject and background. Shadow effects are used to enhance a product’s image, and to give it a premium look.

Case Study

Client Introduction

Our Client is a woman entrepreneur from Florida. The client is a manufacturer and retailer of designer jewelry. The client has launched e-shops across various online platforms including Pinterest.

Client Requirements

The client engaged an independent photographer to catalog the jewelry stock and was editing the images herself. But, as the stock grew and image quality began to affect sales, the client decided to outsource jewelry photo retouching services.

The average raw photoshoot images were required to be converted into HDR product images. The client also wanted a 3D animated image, for a 360-degree view, of her e-store. Delivery time and quality were of utmost importance.


Jewelry photo editing and retouching require precision and for online stores, it’s crucial to make the consumer notice refined beauty engrossed in the ornament through photo editing.

The major challenges we faced while accomplishing this project were:

  • Image quality issues like – low light, low contrast, no sharpness, incorrect white balance, etc.
  • The angle issues for a 360-degree view
  • The project turnaround time was 24 hours
  • Ensuring on-time and error-free photos


SunTec India utilized its many years of experience in creating a process for timely delivery of high-quality jewelry photos for the client’s e-stores.

  • A dedicated team of 5 editors was assigned the task, supervised by a project manager.
  • The quality check, client review, and feedback were all included in the workflow.
  • Latest licensed editing software, data encryption, and VPN servers were engaged to ensure data security.

Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom


Our experience helped us devise a perfect strategy for the project. A positive attitude and excellent work ethic helped us deliver. Our successful collaboration concluded to:

  • Major cost savings for the client, no investment in infrastructure or human resource
  • Better quality jewelry photos resulted in leads and conversions

How can SunTec India’s Jewelry Photo Editing Services help you?

  • Focussed brand building
  • Better marketplace credibility
  • Cost-Effective saving up to 60% to 70%
  • Quick Delivery within 12 to 24 Hours
  • Double your conversion rates
  • Secure data processing and transfer with encryption
  • Experience in working in all image formats
  • All around customer satisfaction
  • Excellent client retention rate
  • Quality control and maintenance
  • Quick uploading time of listings

Post photos that sell. Mesmerize your customers with refined jewelry images.

Instigate people to buy your products by utilizing SunTec India’s jewelry photo retouching service.

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