Create To Engage: 5 Tips To Make eLearning Courses More Interactive


Reshaping the era of modern education, eLearning has come a long way in making an impact on not only the scholarly world but the business world as well. To some, eLearning might come across as a somewhat new approach to traditional learning in the sense that you can now access the study material online, in the form of powerpoint style formats. However, elearning course designers are now changing this perception by trying to make these online courses more interactive for the learners. Apart from engaging more learners, interactive courses make it easy and interesting for them to grasp things quickly and effectively.

With most of the modern eLearning content solutions moving to interactive content, it’s time you too start taking steps to make your mobile learning courses intriguing and hence, engaging.

Here are 5 tips to create better online courses:

1. Include an engaging story

Weaving and presenting a good story as an attempt to explain something hardly ever fails. At least not when the story is captivating, one with interesting characters, drama, crisis, and of course, a happy ending. Try coming up with a story that has these elements and organizing them all in a way that lets your learners connect with the essence of your course.

2. Let your learners explore

When the learners are given an opportunity to explore, the interactivity factor kind of grows on its own. Here’s how you can allow them to explore through and benefit from your online course:

  • Provide links to additional information for learners who want to learn more about a particular topic
  • Embed visually appealing components to make a topic more interesting
  • Provide hyperlinks to other related modules

These practices won’t only contribute towards engaging your learners more but will also persuade them to keep coming back for knowledge.

3. Include tests/short quizzes after each module

After concluding a particular module or section of your eLearning course, having a short quiz or a quick test is likely to increase user interactivity. In addition to that, it will help the learners to quickly summarize and track their progress. Mobile learning solutions, nowadays, include designing quizzes with audio or video questions, providing the learners with a real-life situation, the solution to which lies in the new technique that they’ve learnt in the preceding module. Such tests not only make learning more engaging but fun too.

4. Make your learners interact in a group

When learners discuss and interact in a group, they’re able to conquer different aspects of a topic while learning. And this works well even for the asynchronous eLearning courses. You can start a group chat on an online forum. You could bring up a problem or a situation wherein the group members are required to interact and come up with a solution. Other than that, you can also leverage social media by integrating it with your eLearning course.

5. Humanize the content

Emotional responses can be helpful if you’re looking to provide an interactive experience to your learners. For example, you can embed a video that triggers an emotional response in the learner. To that end, including images to which your learners can relate to on a personal level, could also help. The key is to find and integrate elements that might intrigue the learners, especially those relating to real life.

Irrespective of the interactive elements you choose to include in your eLearning courses, you must ensure that they don’t shift the focus off of the core content. The graphics, audios, videos, and other visual/multimedia components that you include must be relevant to the course. When all is said and done, the aforementioned tips will help you in coming up with highly engaging course content and thus, expanding your learner base.

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