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Educational Publishing

SunTec India specializes in developing innovative and customized education technology solutions for K-12, Higher Education and Professional segments. With our wide range of educational solutions and services, we aim to provide teachers, instructors and students with tools for effective teaching, efficient administration and richer learning.

Right from planning and designing through to implementation and post-implementation phase – our educational solutions are powered by our experience of over 15 years, in-depth domain expertise and complete understanding of the client’s needs.

Interactive & Ready-to-Go eLearning Content Solutions

SunTec India delivers a gamut of educational solutions and services to Pre-K through 12, together with colleges, universities and academic centers. With an optimum blend of innovation, knowledge and leading-edge technology, we provide educational solutions and services to clients across the globe.

Our range of educational solutions and services, include:

  • Pre K–12: Interactive eLearning can accelerate the overall training and development for learners in early childhood through college. As part of comprehensive and personalized learning solutions, our experts use HTML5 and CSS3 to convert academic content into engaging and interactive Pre K-12 eBooks for multiple platforms, devices and operating systems. We embed visually-appealing images, videos, educational games, puzzles & quizzes, etc., to keep the readers engaged.
  • Higher-Ed: SunTec delivers a complete suite of Higher-Ed educational solutions and services, supporting the global higher education industry in converting titles into eBooks for various subjects like Science, History, Math, Health, Law, Sociology, Political Science, etc. Our experts add interactive elements like drop-down menus, drag and drop, videos, text popup windows, etc.
  • STM: ePublishing processes at SunTec India are designed to addresses the highly specialized production and composition needs of Scientific/ Technical/ Medical (STM) publishers, helping them produce multiple output formats from input data using a single (XML-first) workflow. With its STM solutions, SunTec caters to world-class universities, publishers, research institutions and enterprises across the globe, helping them develop customized digital STM publishing solutions for the target market.
  • ELT: SunTec caters to the English Language Teaching (ELT) publishing industry, building ELT solutions for various levels such as ‎pre-intermediate, intermediate, ‎ elementary and upper-intermediate. Our professionals are adroit at converting academic content, highly-illustrated books and multimedia-rich series in bespoke ELT solutions.
  • Journals: In conjunction with the rich experience of our ePublishing solutions team, SunTec has developed tools and applications to automate numerous stages of journal production, ensuring reduced time to market, and greater efficacy for journal publishers. We can efficiently digitize journals pertaining to complex subjects in accordance with the recommendations for editing and publication of scholarly journals.
  • Learning Management System: SunTec has the experience, the technology and the people to help businesses of all shapes and sizes in creating, managing and administrating eLearning training programs. We provide a complete spectrum of Learning Management System services that include Site Set-up and Security, LMS Customization, Plugins Installation, Server Migration and 24/7 Support.
  • Animation & Simulation Development: SunTec offers animation & simulation development services to support businesses in creating interactive solutions with simulations and 2D & 3D animations to engage the target audience and enable them to learn about practical situations. Further, we use visually-appealing graphics, sound effects, conceptual diagrams and videos to build multimedia-rich eLearning programs.
  • Interactive Assessments Development: With interactive assessments development services, SunTec supports K-12 schools, colleges, universities and corporations in building interactive assessments with exercises like drag and drop, fill in the blanks, short-answer questions, true or false, multiple-choice questions, etc. We build bespoke solutions in accordance with the client’s project specifications.
  • Mobile Learning: SunTec excels at providing a wide gamut of mobile learning services, aimed at supporting businesses and academic institutions in providing education to learners through mobile devices. We are adept at building educational & training apps, interactive assessments, gaming solutions, etc., for a variety of platforms and devices like iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile.
  • Flash to HTML5 Conversion: Offering a broad range of Flash to HTML5 conversion services, SunTec helps global clients in converting flash videos, websites, training and e-learning material, and animations to HTML5 to work seamlessly across all browsers and mobile devices.
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