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Data validation & its benefits

In the current landscape, when digital transformation is at its peak, data is playing a crucial role in every organization. Businesses across industries generate, collect and merge huge quantities of data to learn about their customers. However, this data collected is raw and does not provide any insights mainly because of inaccuracies and irrelevant entries. Having customer data with inaccurate & inconsistent information can also negatively impact your marketing efforts. Since this unprocessed data cannot be relied upon, this is where Data Validation Services help!

When your customer data or database is not valid, you will be shooting emails to invalid addresses or to people who are not interested in your business. This way, all your efforts, money, and time will be wasted & will be of no use, which you cannot afford to lose. To avoid this, a valid database is a solution that helps you get better insights into your prospective customer and the market.

What is data validation?

Data validation is a process that involves checking the data for accuracy and inconsistencies after it is migrated from different sources. The process can be automated as well as manual to find discrepancies in the data, leaving behind a clean data set for various purposes. In recent years, the importance of data validation has grown increasingly like businesses, governments, and other organizations continuously collect information from various sources. Ensuring the accuracy of this data is a foundation of effective data management and marketing campaigns.

Why does data validation matter for businesses?

To make sure that you are presented with reliable information whenever they need it, organizations are bound to verify and validate their data regularly! No matter how big or small your organization is, data validation is a necessity for all. If you do not have data quality checks in place, inaccuracies and incorrect entries in your data can cause a serious effect that results in missed opportunities and lost revenue.

To make sure that your marketing and sales strategies perform their best, having accurate and quality data about your customers is critical. The marketing team largely depends upon reliable data to create their sales lead lists. With unvalidated data, the sales pipeline can be negatively affected if you’re constantly calling or sending emails to outdated phone numbers and email addresses.

With data validation, all your data is checked against various databases to identify and eradicate various anomalies. However, the overall process is intricate and time-consuming. It involves checking the data for accuracy and inconsistencies after it has been collected from various sources. If not using automated software, you also have to proofread the data manually that not only costs you heavily but also affects your productivity. And so, outsourcing data verification services to a reliable service provider is the ideal way to get fast and cost-effective data validation services.

Benefits of data validation services

  • Improves decision making: Quality data verification & validation service provider helps you to maintain data quality and enables you to get more accurate analytics that aid in the overall decision-making process of your business. Having up-to-date data at your disposal will help you to build a better understanding of your audiences and will enable you to formulate effective strategies for your business.
  • Boosts ROI on marketing: When you have your data verified & validated, it produces better results and greater ROI on marketing and sales campaigns. When you deliver targeted and consistent messages to an appropriate contact list, it can positively impact your marketing results and generate far higher response rates for campaigns, thereby improving your ROI.
  • Save money and reduce waste: Databases with inaccurate records or entries can directly impact your marketing strategies like email marketing. With an up-to-date data list, you can ensure you are contacting the right people that have a genuine interest in your product or services. When you outsource data verification and validation services, it helps you in removing incorrect details that may affect mailing accuracy. This saves money and minimizes the waste of your marketing efforts.
  • Save enormous time and increase productivity: Your team spends many hours calling and sending messages to your customers’ list. Amid this, a lot of time is wasted by professionals on calling and sending emails to expired contacts or people who simply aren’t interested. But when you hire data verification and validation experts, they can help you in maintaining a quality data set that saves your valuable time and boosts productivity.
  • Maintains your brand’s integrity & reputation: What if you send messages & emails to people that have no relevance to them? Also, sending too many emails on old & outdated email ids can bring down your images as a spammer and damage the reputation of your brand! By maintaining accurate data you ensure that your messages only reach the target audience and also maintain your brand integrity and reputation.

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Why should you outsource data validation services?

For continued business growth and building reliable data solutions, it is vital for companies to have easy access to accurate and authentic databases. By outsourcing your data verification and validation services to a reputable data validation company you can enhance your business’s performance with enriched data while saving time and money. Learn how:

  • Instant access to expertise: With offshore data verification and validation services, you can get instant access to a large pool of expert data verification professionals. These professionals have years of experience in serving industries. The team can work exclusively for you just as an extension of your in-house team and can easily handle a large volume of data.
  • Highest standards of quality: Service providers that have been in the industry for a long can deliver the highest standards of quality. Offshore companies with stringent data quality practices ensure that data validation projects go through stringent quality checks before the work is submitted to you.
  • Manual & automated data validation: Data verification and validation companies can provide manual as well as automated data validation services. When you have a large volume of data, manual data validation may lead to human errors, and so, outsourcing companies use automated tools & software that deliver accurate results. On the contrary, outsourcing companies also have a pool of experts who can deftly help you in manual data validation when there is a need to proofread the data manually.
  • Cost-effective solutions: Outsourcing is relatively cheaper than building your own data cleansing & data validation team. While leveraging remote data verification and validation services, you also need not bear the cost of expensive tools & software. Thus, you can get quality data solutions at a reduced cost and reduce your operational cost by up to 60%.

What to look for in your outsourcing partner?

  • Experience: When outsourcing data verification and data validation services, make sure that the company has relevant experience in the industry. This ensures that the company is trusted and also has the expertise to handle your project efficiently.
  • Customer service: Make sure that your outsourcing partner has good customer service in place. There are companies that offer 24*7 support and are available to hear your queries & solve them immediately.
  • Turnaround time: Most outsourcing companies have resources and experts who can deliver projects in a short turnaround time. While handling your data validation needs, the company can allot dedicated resources to your project to ensure that work is delivered quickly, without compromising on the quality.
  • Data security: Look for companies that are ISO-certified to ensure that your precious data is safe and secure. As data concerns have been raised in recent years, make sure that your outsourcing partner has the best data security measures in place.
  • SunTec India: A reliable partner for all your data verification & validation needs

    At SunTec India, we combine our latest automation technologies with skilled and experienced resources to provide you with the most reliable data validation services. Our team is also adept at manually verifying details and delivering the most accurate results. Our experts can verify and validate prospects’ residential/official addresses, postal codes, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. Our modern techniques allow us to validate data quickly without compromising on the quality; providing your business with up-to-date, correct, and complete data whenever required.

    We go the extra mile to help you improve the quality of your data with our data cleansing services. Our experts can deftly identify gaps, redundancies, and inaccuracies in the database and further validate, cleanse, and normalize your database. With 20+ years of experience, we can skillfully improve the quality of your data and cross-check the entries across all the available sources.
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