4 Product Listing Optimization Tips to Boost Your Brand on Amazon


amazon product listing optimization

Amazon is one of the most popular marketplaces for retail businesses. However, with 2.7 million active sellers, Amazon helps diverse businesses across industries to sell their products in the global market.

Becoming a successful seller on Amazon depends on three major factors.

  • Are you selling a product that caters to a user’s need?
  • Are you marketing the product to the right audience?
  • Are you listing your products better than your competitors?

That’s why Amazon store marketing matters!

Being visible to buyers who are highly likely to benefit from your product is one of the core principles of Amazon marketing. Sellers use tools like Amazon advertising services, product listing optimization, PPC, SEO, etc. to reach their target buyers. Every seller is focused on getting the right traffic and converting visitors into paying customers.

Here, we’ll discuss some tips and tricks for Amazon store marketing through appropriate product listing optimization. Additionally, we’ll also look at some of the Amazon marketing/advertising services that can help increase an eStore’s visibility.

Why Do Businesses Need to Promote Their Brand on Amazon

Amazon Has a Firm Grip on the Global eRetail Market
Wall Street expects Amazon to grow to $1.08 trillion in market value by the end of 2020.
Amazon’s annual net revenue reached $280.5 billion in 2019. It gets 213 million unique monthly visitors in the US alone.
Amazon has 8.16 million sellers in total, with over 2.7 million actively listing products.
More Buyers Now Prefer Amazon for Product Search & Purchase
55% of all Americans go to Amazon for product searches. 89% of consumers are highly likely to buy from Amazon than other eCommerce sites.
Amazon has become the second-largest search ad platform in the US, ripping Microsoft of the Title in 2019.
Amazon accounts for 74% of all digital transactions in the US. Amazon’s US search advertising market share could grow to 15.9% by 2021.
Amazon is, slowly but surely, chipping away at Google’s search advertising revenue.
Amazon has 156 million global Prime subscribers. Amazon accounts for 44% of all eCommerce sales worldwide.

For retail businesses moving towards online selling, Amazon offers an intuitive platform.

  • It has an extensive sales channel spanned across the globe that helps your brand reach beyond geographies.
  • Amazon enables customers to connect directly with your business.
  • It provides noteworthy advertising services for sellers to help increasing their business visibility
  • It facilitates easier brand marketing with less effort.

Put it all together, and the conclusion is clear as day-

Amazon offers enormous business opportunities for online sellers. Listing products on Amazon involves adherence to certain guidelines and best practices. That’s why well-optimized Amazon product listings play a critical role in achieving targeted marketing goals on Amazon.

4 Ways to Boost Your Brand on Amazon with Product Listing Optimization

1. Create Persuasive, Concise, and Valuable Product Titles

Amazon title writing services

Titles are usually the first thing a customer notices when looking for products on Amazon. On a list of search results, the title and primary image are the only visible aspects of a product page. Therefore, titles have a direct impact on your listing’s click-through rate (CTR.)

Optimizing titles can help your product listing appear at the top of Amazon search results. Keeping them clear and concise will make it easier for the buyers to understand what the product is/does. It also helps Amazon’s ranking algorithm in examining the relevancy of your search result in response to a user’s query.

A Typical Title Template – Brand Name | Product Type | Model | Size+Color+Quantity | Key Feature

Of course, while the title template is an excellent practice to follow, it is by no means exhaustive or mandatory. It’s there to give you a context.

Other great ways to optimize your Amazon product listing’s title include –

  • Use a primary keyword in the title, if it fits naturally
  • Do not stuff keywords, only use the ones with high volume
  • Keep the character limit in check, for desktops as well as mobile users
  • Include a key product feature or USP in the title
  • Avoid including the price in the title
  • Avoid using subjective terms like ‘good,’ ‘sale,’ ‘best,’ etc.
  • Avoid unnecessary symbols, conjunction, separators, etc.

2. Create Short and Skimmable Descriptions

Write short amazon descriptions

An Amazon product listing with a well-written and optimized description can positively impact sales and conversions.

The description, or the detail page, that reflects every piece of vital information about the product. Direct information encourages buyers to complete the purchase. When combined with appropriate keyword placement, such information helps the listing rank high in the ranking algorithm for better positioning.

So, when buyers land on your product description, all their queries are answered. Additionally, you can make your descriptions impactful by:

  • Keeping the text readable
  • Avoiding to stuff the keywords
  • Avoiding using too many long-tail keywords
  • Providing every piece of information about the product
  • Filling every section while setting-up the listing
  • Choosing words, language, and tone that your target customers could relate to
  • Associating every feature of the product with the user’s need
  • Avoiding unnecessary, subjective, or decorative sentences or declarations that you can’t back up

3. Use the Bullets to Highlight Product Features

Amazon product description writing services

Bullets make up a critical part of marketing services on Amazon, albeit indirectly.

When used appropriately, bullets make an Amazon product listing skimmable. It hardly takes a few seconds for a buyer to go through the bulleted points. That’s why copywriters suggest putting key information about the product features in the bullets. Through a glance of valuable information, bullets can turn a casual visitor into a customer. Hence, they can facilitate sales and lead your store to rank higher in searches.

Here’s how you can create compelling content for the bullet-section in an Amazon product listing.

  • Mention the most important feature of the product in the first bullet
  • Follow up with the other less essential features
  • Amazon allows a limited number of bullet points with a character limit for each. Follow them
  • Use keywords, one in each bullet, if possible
  • Avoid including price or promotional deals in this section
  • State advantages and other valuable details
  • Keep it to-the-point, readable, and accurate
  • Address your target buyer group

Also, highlight the benefits of every feature to persuade visitors to buy your product.

4. Use Relevant, High-Quality Images

Amazon allows posting nine images to showcase a product. The lead image shows up on the search results page, along with the product title. Therefore, it directly impacts the visitor’s first impressions, and hence the CTR.

Amazon has predetermined constraints for image size, type, background, color mode, file format, etc. So, of course, businesses have to follow them. But, outside those limitations, Amazon gives sellers the freedom to be creative with the images they put on product-detail pages.

How to Utilize Amazon’s Product Listing Images for Better Conversions
Image 1 Showcase the product, front-view, with a white background in absolute clarity.
Image 2 & 3 Emphasize the product’s quality through different angles or close-ups.
Image 4 Create an infographic to state the product’s features, dimensions, size, scale, accessories, usage instructions, and other details, etc.
Image 5 Create a comparison chart (if applicable) and highlight the reasons why your product stands out.
Image 6 & 7 Show the product in use, either through images or a demo video
Image 8 & 9 Treat them as spare images, to be used for any of the five other image-purposes.

Real product images are more likely to get you better results than a stock picture. Hence, it is recommended to use high-quality images/ videos.

Bonus Tip- Utilize Amazon’s Advertising Services

In addition to the above-mentioned tips to promote your brand with product listing manipulation that could increase your business’s visibility on Amazon, Amazon advertising services have many other aspects for business enhancement.

Amazon offers numerous services for efficient store marketing, including PPC and advertising tools. Amazon Marketing Services, now known as Amazon advertising, is a set of intuitive and simplified advertising solutions. It has three segments:

  • Sponsored Products Ads
  • Sponsored Brands (Earlier known as Headline Search Ads)
  • Product Display Ads

Amazon Marketing Services

Effectively implementing all three advertising services helps businesses meet their marketing goals and boost visibility on Amazon.

Optimize Product Listings to Promote Your Brand on Amazon

Do remember, enhanced brand awareness and increased visibility go hand in hand with a good grasp of target-buyers’ sentiments. Every attempt at marketing an Amazon store aims at generating higher revenue through better sales but, optimized product listings make it easier to design a better approach.

The Way Forward

Professional Amazon marketing services from an eminent service provider can help you breathe easier with your online sales at Amazon. SunTec India is one of the eminent Amazon marketing service companies that help you boost your product listing’s visibility with result-oriented campaigns and quick turnaround. From boosting your organic ratings to helping you navigate Amazon’s ranking algorithms, our experts help you address all concerns about selling on Amazon.

To know more or get a better idea of how we can help your brand, write to us at info@suntecindia.com.

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