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Challenges, Advantages, Types of Data Entry Services

Data is an important resource for every small or big business. According to the recent article on the Age of Analytics and the importance of Data Quality, by Forbes, 16% of the industrialists believe that data helps them to take better strategic initiatives, 49% of them believes data helps them to make better decisions, whereas 10% of them says their relationships with clients and customers are improved because of data. But, to take such advantages you must implement correct automated data entry or manually.

Whether you run a B2B company or B2C, you must create and receive a large number of data every day, which are not initially kept in the correct format and folder for sure. While collecting the data from different sources, you may think the process of data entry, data extraction, data cleansing, and standardization are easy tasks and can be done on your own. Later, you end up implementing wrong and inconsistent data entry that too in slow turnaround time.

So, what do you think is the right procedure to implement data entry? Automated data entry, manual data entry in-house, or outsourcing online data entry services? If you are wondering the same question, then this guide is for you.

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Introduction To Automated and Manual Data Entry Process

There are two ways of implementing data entry: Manual and Automated. Let’s discuss how both the processes are different from each other.

1. Manual Data Entry (Data entry by hand)

Manually copying texts is a centuries-old tradition that is still remarkably popular today. One of the reasons why data entry is not commonly automated is that it is a simple method to implement – manual keying in data takes little effort. Another thing to think about is the confidentiality of company records. Since the organization has an in-house manual keying team, invoices never leave the office to be processed.

A normal employee’s average typing speed is about 40-50 words per minute. Hence, businesses cannot rely on their employees to manually enter data. Even if they do it that way, the process takes longer, and sometimes, outcomes are inconsistent. So, outsourcing data entry services are chosen above all. Manual data entry is fine for businesses that deal with a limited or maximum number of documents.

2. Automated Data Entry

One can implement an automated data entry by using OCR software to extract data from documents. The degree of automation is determined by the consistency of the OCR solution, which can return either raw text captured from a file or pre-selected elements needed for bookkeeping. Of course, the second alternative is preferred because it needs the least amount of manual verification.

Companies that believe errors in data are found due to manual entries prefer automated data entry. One of the good examples is a cloud accounting solution that allows clients to record expense-related files more quickly. Automatic data capture could be a better match for a large volume of documents.

Consequences Of Implementing Data Entry In-House

When you are not an expert and you implement data entry on yourself, it becomes a never-ending process. The world could be ending, the sky could be falling, but the data entry will still be in progress.

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Not just that, non-professionals face a myriad of challenges while implementing data entry. Some of the pressing challenges and consequences are pointed below:

  • Compromising on majorly important tasks such as giving up on meetings, conferences, and other business goals.
  • Hiring unprofessional new bees for manual data capture on a permanent basis at unreasonable prices.
  • No assurance of delivering the data entry sheet within a specific amount of time.
  • Using valuable resources in implementing data entry in-house without turnaround time when you could have utilized the same resource in completing other important tasks.
  • Following an old and rigid structure of data entry implementation. As a result, incorrect and incomplete data values are entered.
  • Spending lots of money on automated data entry software that does not deliver good outcomes.
  • Data entered and stored in unclear folders without correct formatting.
  • High chances of finding errors in the information.
  • No data standardization, cleansing, and enrichment method. Hence, you cannot use the data effectively that you have entered spending months.
  • When incorrect and incomplete data is configured, the interpretation of it is also wrong.

As an industrialist, you must not be concerned with the challenges and consequences faced while implementing data entry in-house and after it entered wrongly; rather you should focus on solving the issues.

One solution to multiple data entry issues is outsourcing manual data entry services to experts. Want to know what things that a data entry services providing company has and you don’t? Read the next section.

Key Highlights Of Online Data Entry Services

An online data entry services providing company has a dedicated team and all the advanced resources. Because of the same, the experts are able to import, implement, and export accurate data entry. Here, we will discuss some of those resources:

1. A team of efficient and dedicated manual data entry experts

Data entry is not a task that can be done under one night. It is a high-volume and pretty tedious job. In such a situation, only experts can implement manual data entry for hours without making any error. Hiring a data entry service providing a company that has sufficient staff can guarantee you consistent data within the required time.

2. Usage of updated and advanced data entry techniques

In today’s time, when you are depending on automated procedures for every other work, data entry is the thing that still needs humans to implement. Experts do not rely on any automated systems to implement your crucial data. They use advanced techniques and their years of experience to make sure that the data you receive is correctly entered.

3. A compatible working ambiance

A professional data entry services company offers its experts a non-toxic work environment that helps them to keep up with good work and productivity. By providing the employees with comfortable furniture, organizing fun activities for them, and appreciating their work, they make sure that experts deliver fruitful outcomes.

4. A specific cycle of Data entry is followed

The diagram shown below portrays the process of implementing manual data entry services by experts. The complete process helps the experts to import, implement, and export accurate data that the clients can use effectively.

Data entry chart

5. The process of double-checking data

Even a grammar nazi or prolific author will make random mistakes despite having a good command of the language. Hence, there are always chances of errors slipping through the first round of verification of data entry. Experts ensure that the final data they are providing to their clients is correct by double-checking it.

6. Focusing on the incorrect data source

The process of manual data capture and entry is not done blindly. The imported data is also verified and stored only when it is correct. In order to keep the data more consistent and pure, experts try to detect the sources that are responsible for errors in data. This helps them to catch the error in existing data earlier and fix it within a time-bound time.

All of these resources and strategies help experts to do their job better. Even though data is just one aspect of your business yet it is important. If you spend more time on data operations, you will be diverted from other important aspects of your business. Hence, it is advisable to pursue assistance from an online data entry services provider that has enough data knowledge and experience.

Types Of Data Entry Services Can Be Outsourced

There are different types of data an organization receives, sends, or stores. Hence, outsourcing companies implement several types of manual data entry. Here are some of the most common types of offline and online data entry services are discussed:

1. Data entry of legal documents

Data entry experts can draw out all the available information from the different sources of legal documents you provide. Whether you have a law firm or are a legal professional, experts can implement manual data entry and form an online database that is suitable for your business requirement. In legal documents data entry, all of the following documents can be outsourced:

  • Business
  • Foreclosure
  • Housing
  • Employment
  • Wills

2. Data entry of eBooks and hard copies

Data entry experts help in implementing manual data capture from hardcopies and eBooks and enter the data in the most accurate and safest way. By outsourcing book data entry services, you can get all specific information in one place rather than going through the entire book on your own. This will also support your business growth.

3. Data entry of invoices

Whether you are in a B2B or B2C company, running a big organization means you are making many transactions every day. Hence, accessing all the data of transactions from the different sources must be difficult for you. That is outsourcing invoice data entry services come in handy. Experts collect all the offline and online data, categorize them and enter them into an online database. Some of the invoices that you can import for data entry are commercial invoices, purchase order invoices, bank transactions, tax invoices, credit/ debit card transactions, retail invoices, and more.

4. Data entry of images

At times, due to busy schedules, we forget to enter details from a certain source and click a photo of it. As a result, we end up having numerous images that consist of all our important data. Data entry experts can read your scanned or clicked images and enter the information into an online database. Images can import irrespective of their size and format (JPG, PDF, GIF, and more).

5. Data entry of handwritten documents

No matter how digital we are becoming, some of us are still old school and our cupboard is filled with handwritten notes. Difficulties are faced when you have to find one minor detail from an entire diary filled with notes or when you have to export those data to clients. Manual and automated data entry experts can read your handwritten and printed documents, and enter the data into a correct format as per your preference.

Just not these, but the experts also outsource catalog data entry services, text and numeric data entry services, and mailing list data entry for you.

Advantages Of Outsourcing Manual Data Entry Services

Data holds some critical and important information about your business. The task of implementing accurate data entry is simply not easy. Hence, smart companies prefer outsourcing manual data entry services. This not only ensures the accuracy of your results but also lowers your operational costs by 30% to 60%. Let’s discuss some of the top advantages you get by hiring a data entry services company.

1. You get integrated and accurate data

Apart from getting the benefits of value-driven online data entry services at a very affordable price, you get insurance for accurate data. If you are hiring an employee on a permanent basis to implement manual data entry or buy software for automated data entry, it will cost you an arm. But outsourcing the services to an experienced and professional company will make sure that the database does not include any inconsistent or incorrect information. With accurate and high-quality business data, you will be able to make wiser business decisions.

2. Delivery of complete databases with turnaround time

Manually entering the data from different resources on your own is a waste of time. The time you spend on doing so can be spent on making business decisions, expanding business, and focusing on other more important work. But don’t worry! The online data entry services providers work on your project as it’s theirs. Hence, the delivery of databases is done at the mentioned time.

So, by outsourcing the data entry services, you can be tension-free and resume all the work that you have juggled within your team. By the end of the particular time, get accurate and consistent data and complete your rest of the work as well.

3. Data security

Experts know that data is a crucial commodity for your business or you as an individual. Hence, your documents whether handwritten, printed, or documented are safe with them. Right from the procedure of collecting the data from different sources, keeping them in a safe place, entering the data, and exporting them to you, your data is safe.

Experts use FTP that is a File Transfer Protocol and a Virtual Private Network to import and export your business data. Hence, there is no chance of losing data nor any malicious party can hack and access your data.

There are many more advantages of outsourcing manual data entry services, click here to read in detail.


After going through the complete guide on how data entry services, you must be wondering how to find a worthy outsourcing company. Well, we can help you with that as well. Go through one of the recent blogs on how to find the ideal data entry services company for your business. Hire an experienced and well-knowledged company and make more informed business decisions. While going through the key highlights, advantages, and types of data entry services, if you come across any doubt, leave a comment below.

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