6 Lesser Known Benefits of Choosing OpenCart as a Shopping Cart Solution

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OpenCart, a PHP-based open source e-commerce platform has already powered more than 912,437 websites. And the numbers are still on the rise. And why wouldn’t they be? When a shopping cart solution hits two targets at once, i.e. making your business search-engine friendly plus providing a welcoming user interface, who wouldn’t want to go for it?

Other than helping the customers in completing their shopping tasks easily, OpenCart has a lot of other little-known benefits.

Let’s walk you through some of them:

1. Store Development Is Plain Sailing

If you know MySQL and PHP, customizing OpenCart and developing extensions is really simple. This is because it is entirely based on the Model View Controller or the MVC pattern. In order to create a new extension, all you need to do is create 4 files. A controller, a view, a Model (new or existing), and language file.

2. Making Changes To Your Store Is Easy

With a straightforward administrative dashboard, making changes to your OpenCart store is an easy task. OpenCart 2 has a mobile-friendly interface. Which means you can make changes to your store via a smartphone or a tablet. Companies that provide OpenCart development services have experts who are well versed with PHP and HTML with CSS and they can get this done in the best way possible.

3. You Can Get Help, Anywhere, Anytime – Thanks To The Forums And Documentations

These are a number of articles, forums and documentations available on OpenCart. In addition to this, sites like opencart.com and stackoverflow.com have a lot of information on the same. You can always look for a solution in the official forum whenever you face a problem with your shopping site.

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4. Changes Can Be Made To The Core Without Affecting The Updates

When you make changes to the core of a CMS, it loses the possibility of getting updated. Even if it is updated, changes will be lost anyway. And updates are necessary to get rid of the bugs that often arise. However, making changes to the core is now possible without affecting the updates. This is done via vQmod. You don’t have to worry about the original files since no changes are made to them directly. Instead, a virtual copy is created by vQmod. A vQmod instructions PHP file then overwrites the virtual copies whenever changes are made to the core. Thus, leaving the updated part unaffected.

5. Ready-to-use Templates

You don’t need to spend money and time developing new templates or designs for your e-store. With the inclusion of ready-to-use templates, OpenCart has made things much easier.

6. Integrating SEO Is Quite Straight-forward

It is quite easy to boost the rankings of your e-commerce store. However, you might need to consult an OpenCart development service provider for this since they have the SEO specialists to take care of things at a professional level.

Custom eCommerce Development Services

With a number of shopping cart solutions available for an eCommerce store, it becomes difficult to decide on one. However, OpenCart with its unmatched benefits becomes an obvious choice.

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