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6 Important eCommerce Photo Editing Tips You Must Know

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 eCommerce photo editing tips eCommerce photo editing tips

eCommerce is growing at a rapid rate, at least that’s what Statista suggests. According to another study, eCommerce sales for the United States alone amounted to 504.6 billion dollars in 2018 and are projected to surpass 735 billion dollars by 2023. To be a part of this enormous growth, your eCommerce listings need to be persuasive enough to lead to conversions. The most effective way to do that? Product images! Your product image is the very first thing that attracts a customer, which is why you should work on perfecting every image. Also, the way you present your product matters a lot in grabbing buyers’ attention.

That said, here are some effective eCommerce photo editing tips that will help you in getting the most out of your product pictures:

1. Start with a plan

Start with a plan

Before getting down to editing, you’ll need to come up with a plan. Define the type of images you’ll be needing for your eCommerce store. Make sure that they not only complement the essence of your brand but also go well with what your audience wants and expects. This also calls for deciding on whether you’ll be going for product-only images or lifestyle images, or maybe both. For example, if you’re selling a wrist watch, then a product-only photo would do just fine. On the other hand, say you’re selling a food processor. In this case, a lifestyle photo of the product being used would make it easier to comprehend the very purpose. So, it really depends on your product type, and you must plan accordingly. If you don’t know how to take lifestyle product photos, you can always refer to professional photographers.

2. Go for picture sizing and zooming

 picture sizing and zooming

While capturing or editing a product photo, the frame size must always be taken into consideration. It has to be large enough to cover enough details of the product (as allowed by the eCommerce site). Photo resizing can be done to get the image size of your choice. To provide extra clarity, the zoom feature must also be enabled. Zooming in makes it easy for the customers to gauge the authenticity of your products, which is why this is a must-have feature.

3. Color and shadow fixing is important

A product photograph may or may not always justify the product’s actual color. This may be due to distortion or uneven lighting. But it’s nothing that photo editing can’t fix. By adjusting hue and saturation, colors in the image can be enhanced. Some editors believe that adding shadow effects to the picture can instantly raise its quality. What’s great is that doing so even helps get rid of jagged effects that may have crept in at the time of photo resizing. Color variation can be a tricky process, one that requires expertise. To make sure it’s done right, opt for photo editing services.

4. Preference to the product in the image frame

Let your product occupy 65-70% of the picture frame. If the background space is larger than the product in the photo, customers won’t be able to see the product clearly. You can either take care of frame resizing at the time of the photoshoot or deal with it later while editing. And if need be, you can also opt for image orientation property to make the image fit for your eCommerce website.

5. All images must have a white background

For the resulting picture to be perfect, it is important to remove background from product image at the time of editing. Colorful backgrounds tend to steal the focus away, causing a distraction. Whereas a product image with a white background is way more professional. Not only does it look clean, but unlike a colored background, a white one is less distracting. Plus, all your product details are better visible on a white background as compared to a colored one. This is especially true if you’re selling jewelry. Jewelry photos must be of high-quality and that is exactly what a white background ensures. In this case, you can also go for jewelry photo editing service to give your jewelry pictures a professional edge.

6. Contrast and brightness should be perfect


Your original product image might reflect uneven levels of darkness and brightness. To enhance the quality, it is advisable to use professional image retouching to your advantage. Brightness and contrast level can be adjusted with digital image processing. This will not only fix your photo but also enhance the quality of the image.

Uploading high-quality product images to your eCommerce store will benefit you in the long run. Not only will they enhance the credibility of your store but also help a lot with your conversion rate. With professional editing, you can easily give your product image an edge which will eventually drive more sales.

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