5 Steps to Make the Most Out Of Micro Learning Moments

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The learning industry is abuzz with talks that micro learning or shorter learning experience is impacting the learners in a better way than traditional ways of learning. Numerous companies are adopting this new learning model, which is based on small content nuggets or snippets that allows learners to manage their learning time accordingly.

How to make the most out of micro learning movement?

Google recently addressed the opportunity that brands have at their disposal due to today’s mobile driven population. Brands can effectively connect with customers by taking advantage of numerous micro moments that are an essential part of the mobile powered customer journey. Besides selling services and solutions through mobile apps, it holds equal opportunities for eLearning industry as well. Organizations are devising new learning strategies to engage learners and attract them towards new intent-driven learning modules made of micro learning moments.

The hype surrounding micro learning is truly justified since organizations are now mainly focused on finding ways to replicate formats such as Facebook and YouTube that have gained tremendous success using micro content.

These days, vendors are gearing up to provide more enhanced features to develop, edit, improve, and package such micro content. However, adequate contextualization of learning experience is still missing that is imperative for effective application of micro learning content. For example, delivering short videos for the sake of addressing short attention spans cannot be an effective alternative to traditional online learning courses.

A recent Google powered survey on micro moments revealed that:

  • 62% of smartphone users are inclined towards taking immediate action in order to find solutions for an unexpected problem.
  • Approximately 90% have used their smartphones to achieve a long term goal by taking small steps.
  • 91% said they are open to new ideas to perform routine tasks on mobile.
  • 91% of users are looking for ideas while performing other tasks on their smartphones

These mobile-driven behaviors have been categorized by Google into four micro moments that consumers have to face on a day to day basis. These include:

  • Want-To-Know
  • Want-To-Do
  • Want-To-Go, And
  • Want-To-Buy

Learners today demonstrate the same behavior and it needs to be addressed while implementing a successful micro learning solution.

Let’s explore the five major steps that you must consider while addressing micro learning moments.

This is how you can create micro learning moments:

1. Map learning moments

Identify instances wherein students enrolled in a training program need to attain relevant knowledge that is imperative for the performance of their learning activities. Begin by focusing on the moments that cannot be missed and move forward from thereon.

2. Understand learner’s needs

Understand the requirements of learners in micro moment. Evaluate how to make access to knowledge better, how to improve learning experience, what content would prove useful in a given instance.

3. Contextualize learning experience

Contextualize the learning experience by scrutinizing various factors such as location and time of the micro moment to be able to deliver a customized and effective eLearning experience.

4. Optimize eLearning experience

Optimize, eLearning experience of learners throughout their learning journey across all channels, irrespective of the organization owning the channel.

5. Quantify every moment

Quantify every moment whenever possible and use best estimates in scenarios where exact measurement is not possible. Don’t let measurement gaps deter you from scrutinizing the eLearning journey.

These are just basic steps. Moving towards a learner centric strategy that fits seamlessly into today’s micro moment powered learning environment requires continuous efforts. If you have any queries related to mobile apps development or ePublishing solutions towards eLearning, write to us at info@suntecindia.com, and we will revert back to you shortly.

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