5 Copywriting Mistakes That Prevent You From Making The Most Of eBay


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There are a number of product listings on eBay. So, even if you are looking for a specific product, you may encounter thousands of listings for just that one. Looks like it’s safe to say that the competition is intense. Adding to the intensity is a typical customer’s attention span, which is less than or equal to 8 seconds. If they don’t like what they see, they’ll skip that listing without a second thought. How, then, are you supposed to make your listings and product descriptions good enough to entice your customers? The best way is to make them visually appealing. Other than that, form and content are also important.

However, unexpected mistakes committed by sellers often render the whole product copy useless. And that is why, it is always recommended that you approach a product copywriter to get professional help.

Let us look at some of the mistakes that sellers commit:

1. Embarrassing grammatical mistakes

Product descriptions with grammatical mistakes, poor spelling, and punctuation errors are always a turn off for the buyers, and eBay of course is no exception. They do nothing but leave a bad impression on the customers, making them disregard your products completely.

2. Product title with all caps

Aiming for customer attention by coming up with an attractive title is one thing, not to mention an important one, but going overboard with titles having all uppercase characters is another. It’s a big no-no, more so because all caps titles look amateur and usually do the opposite of enticing the customer.

3. Too much text

Some sellers include long form content in their product descriptions with nothing but plain text. No pictures, and no bullet points highlighting the specifications, features or clear benefits of buying the product. Instead of beating around the bush, you must focus on the information that actually matters.

4. Keyword stuffing

Some sellers take SEO and listing optimization a little too seriously, and end up stuffing more than usual keywords in their product descriptions, eventually lowering the quality of the whole copy. It is better to stick to just a couple of keywords and place them 1-2 times in your description, smartly. Hiring an eBay expert who is well-versed with the nuances of SEO is the best way to get this done right.

5. Too much color

While the primary intent of using multiple colors could have been to make the listings alluring, it usually backfires, when not done correctly. Confusing patterns and use of multiple colors distract the buyer and increase the probability of your listing getting skipped. It is better to restrict yourself to a combination of 2 colors and keep it simple and subtle.

Every eBay seller aims to convert a visitor into a buyer. The only way to do that is by coming up with a brilliant product copy that makes the customer go – “I must have that right now”. By avoiding the aforementioned mistakes, you’ll be able to come up with just the right form of product copy that is both informative and enticing. To do it right, you can always hire a professional product copywriter.

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