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Bing Shopping Feed Management Services

More than 93.6 million Internet users search the web daily using Bing making choices about what product to buy online, thus ensuring that any online seller worth his or her salt would be foolish not to submit their products to Bing. It's a great, great way of getting free traffic to your site (for starters), and most sellers experience increased amount of site hits and sales after uploading their product feeds to Bing.

The thing is though, as a small business owner, you are likely pressed for time. At the very least, you will need to set up an account with Bing, read their policies carefully, familiarize yourself with Bing product requirements- and that's just for starters. It might all sound a bit overwhelming- but it really isn't- provided you choose the right company to outsource your Bing product data feed management to. And SunTec fits the bill perfectly.

Our dedicated and experienced team of Bing data feed upload specialists have been providing Bing shopping data feed management services for several years now to our customers in a wide variety of industries, including, but not limited to apparel, luxury watches, jewelry, electronics, musical instruments and supplies, medical supplies, bathroom fittings and many more. From creating a keyword rich product feed, to making sure each feed is optimized, to product submission - our Bing merchant feed management services team will do it all for you!

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Bing Account Creation

We will create an account for you at the Bing Merchant Center, and will monitor this account on a regular basis.

Bing shopping Feed Creation

We will ensure that we create a descriptive, unique and keyword rich product feed for all required fields, including, but not limited to product title, product name, product description, Bing category, unique SKU/MPN, link and image URLs, maximum retail price, shipping cost, stock details and manufacturer's name.

Bing Shopping Feed Optimization

We understand that the majority of your traffic (and thus business) comes from search engines, and we optimize your Bing shopping feeds accordingly. We use the right formatting to make sure your product gets properly listed on Bing.

  • Bing Feed Optimization: We will optimize your product feed titles, descriptions, and other product attributes.
  • Increased Product Visibility: We make sure to increase product visibility on Bing by listing them under relevant Lookup lists.
  • Highlight your product's USP: We will make sure to emphasize your product's unique selling points, as well as special details such as promotional offers, discounts and more!
Bing Product Categorization

Proper categorization of a product in the relevant Bing shopping categories is essential to its success on Bing. Our team has extensive knowledge of the taxonomy used on Bing, and will submit your products to the right Bing categories. We will make sure to provide top level categories for EACH product to make sure shoppers find what they are looking for, easily- even if they do not know the name or title of the product! We will also provide leaf-node categories for all your products.

Bing Submission

We will review, update and submit your product feeds to Bing on a regular basis to ensure that your products are given the importance they deserve by Bing, which in turn results in more traffic for your site!

  • eBay Commerce Network: We are well versed in Bing product upload via submitting a Bing merchant data feed through eBay commerce network. This results in higher visibility throughout Bing Shopping, a quality experience for your users, and efficient feed management.
Bing Local Business Listing

It is important to get the word out about your business in your local community, and we help you do this with Bing. We will help you search for your business at the Bing Business Portal, and will also "claim" it for you via their verification process. We will also periodically edit/update your information on Bing listings, as required.

Discuss Your Project With Us

At SunTec, we realize that it's never easy to choose just the right outsourcing provider to outsource your requirements to, and it is keeping this in mind that we invite you to take a FREE TRIAL of our services before committing to a long term relationship. This would enable you to experience our services FIRSTHAND before committing to a long-term relationship. Contact us today, and let us use Bing to project and market your products more effectively!

“Our association with SunTec has lasted two years and it’s still going strong! This is because we have noticed a continuous growth in our business since we chose to work with them. They have added and optimized my business pages on Bing Maps to grab maximum traffic. My investment in SunTec India’s services has been worth every penny.” Franklin, Maine